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Will Judd Lynn's Downright Crash Be With Power Rangers Ninja Steel?

I admit I still don't like Ninninger and I haven't changed my mind about it. Even after giving the whole series a chance and watched it, it just doesn't click with it. I also don't like Kyoryuger and recently Dino Charge's finale has a lot of holes. Then again, like Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue, Judd Lynn isn't very good with finales either. Right now, it's just safe to say that Lynn is already hitting towards the road to burnout. Assuming he'll even become the head writer then be ready to see a lot of bad outcomes like what happened to other writers.

Writer's burnout is inevitable. Just think about how long Lynn himself was involved. He took over the second half of Power Rangers Turbo. He made his debut as the head writer of Power Rangers in Space. Then he continued on with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force and took over the second half of Power Rangers RPM. Then he's assigned to Power R…

Why Writing Off Magneto's Paternity Towards Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch Is WTF Stupid!

WTF Marvel? Ever since Disney bought Marvel a lot of stupid stuff has been happening. I already hated how Disney ruined Power Rangers (not that Saban's return did anything better either) with giving us some stupid Hannah Montana like characters. Now Disney has done the unthinkable of actually writing off Magneto's paternity towards Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. So really, there's been some hints that they could be Magneto's children. So why drop the bomb or should I say by the power of the pen get rid of Magneto's paternity towards both children after several years of established continuity?

Please, don't give me that stupid reason that, "Well Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch both don't have Magneto's power!" The excuse can be so stupid for several reasons. Just think some mutant humans are born from two normal human parents. The X-Gene is something that's unpredictable so any kind of mutant power could be developed. Did Cable, Nate Grey, S…

Nightcrawler's Supposed Paternity?

Before Nightcrawler's father was written to be Azazel last 2003, I always had a strange feeling that some people in Marvel may have actually wanted Sabertooth to be actually Nightcrawler's father. So here's what I think about that...

I personally thought Sabertooth was Nightcrawler's biological father. In the X-Men cartoon by Haim Saban back in the 90s, there were some subtle hints that Sabertooth could be Nightcrawler's father and not the wealthy man Mystique married. I guess the writers at Saban's company were reading a few hints so they decided to write subtle hints though it's not official. Wolverine sees Nightcrawler but can't help but also think of Sabertooth. There was a resemblance between the two characters. The character looked a lot like a bizarre combination of Sabertooth's beastly appearance and Mystique's blue color. Then again, Beast isn't Wolverine's and Mystique's son.

What's interesting is that I got this possi…

Another Sucky Retcon: Decades Of Magneto's Paternity THROWN OUT?!

I don't really want to know what in the world is Marvel (under Disney) thinking when they decided to retcon the whole truth that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magneto's children to... not being his children?! Okay, resemblance doesn't always mean relation like Suzy Bae is most likely not related to Maaya Uchida. But here's what... I'm getting tired of almost everything Marvel has been doing with its unnecessary changes. From killing Jean Grey to pairing Cyclops with Emma Frost, I recently learned that last year... Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are by the power of the pen... no longer the twin children of Magneto and Magda leaving Polaris as the only daughter he has. 
Okay, here's what. I kinda like the whole Magneto is actually Polaris' father. While earlier on, Iceman somewhat found "evidence" that Polaris wasn't really the daughter of Magneto until a retcon but Mesmero and Magneto may have known the truth. It was revealed Magneto had an…

Remembering Saban's X-Men Cartoon During The 90s

Things can get pretty strange, can they? Marvel is currently owned by Disney (BOO!!!!!!) and right now, I'm really not happy with all the bad storylines popping out with Marvel or what Disney has to offer fans with how it handles Marvel. Before that, remember Disney also had the rights to Power Rangers then we have Saban Entertainment and Toei Ltd. Toei once had a license with Marvel when they produced the Japanese Spiderman and Marvel co-owned Battle Fever J with Toei. Then Saban Entertainment not only had a license with Toei but also with Marvel Comics. Strange? Well I could talk about Saban's involvement with cartoons.
While I'll never consider myself a Power Rangers fan but I'll give credit where credit is due. I think Saban's actually shown Marvel more respect than Disney ever did with its current media. One of them was the X-Men cartoon series during the 90s which lasted for 76 episodes. The story were loosely based from the comics. If you think about it the…

Captain Shunsuke Masaki's One Badass Commander!

Tokusatsu has had a series of mentors now and then. I have my extreme favoritism for Commander Aya Odagiri from Jetman, Commander Naoyuki Miura from Ohranger, Miki Masaki in Gekiranger, Sanjoru Sugata from Maskman. There are also others like Commander Stanton from Lost Galaxy and Captain Mitchel from Lightspeed Rescue who are also worth commending. But I really have one Tokusatsu mentor that I tend to have my current attention on. It's the one and only Captain Shunsuke Masaki.

It's not just about Hiroshi Miyauchi the true legend that kicks Jason David Frank's ass in several levels. It's all about how he's been written and how he's that commander you can't mess with. He's been involved with two teams namely Winspector and Solbrain to help combat sophisticated crime. At the same time, he's the kind of chief who looks at the root case to why these sophisticated crimes happen. That's been the theme of Winspector and Solbrain under his watch.

Was Kamen Rider Black RX Really That Bad?!

I'm a fan of Black RX myself. Maybe it's because well out of bias because, "Kamen Rider Black RX is miles better than Saban's Masked Rider!" Granted, I'd really watch Black RX over Kamen Rider Decade any time which I think Decade is best called as a pseudo-sequel to Saban's Masked Rider. So what's with Black RX? I personally think it's one innovative series though it just wasn't ready or that there were some issues that I could point out. I personally felt that some of the series' plots were just stupid such as Shadow Moon's return wasn't all that well done (he could have allied himself with Crisis or provided a threat to Crisis and RX), Kotaro became too much of a goofball, Tasmader was quickly written off as a host body for Grand Lord Crisis, Crisis Empire's officers are nothing special with their typical stupid plans for world domination,  the 10 other senior Riders didn't get much of an important part during the finale…

I've Just Finished Rewatching Gavan With Japanese Audio

I still have memories of how Gavan was aired as "Sky Ranger Gavan" or just "Sky Ranger" (the Tagalog dub) when in reality, it was really Space Sheriff Gavan. So it only had 44 episodes in contrast to its successors Sharivan and Shaider. Its main character Retsu Ichijouji (the dub used Gavan as his civilian name which may have confused viewers) was played by legendary Kenji Ohba. After watching the subs by Millionfold Curiosity, I feel like I'm getting reeducated with Tokusatsu as I always do. 
The series' main antagonist Don Horror existed as an immobile stone statue that gave orders from Makuu Fortress. The show doesn't even give any background story leaving us to decide what in the world happened to him. I remembered comparing his appearance or situation to Turboranger's Emperor Ragorn. I always found it stupid how he actually had a son named San Dorva (who's a pitiless warlord but later, he ends up as a brat but still... he was the most acti…

I'm Finally Done With Kamen Rider Stronger!

Is it me or am I suffering from a generation gap with super old school Tokusatsu? I find this funny considering I could still sit through some 70s Anime series but I guess all the old hat special effects tend to bore me. Another issue I might be suffering from is that I spent more time watching Heisei era Kamen Rider or that Kamen Rider Black was during the 80s. A four year hiatus happened between Kamen Rider Stronger and its successor Kamen Rider Skyrider. Six years after Skyrider, Kamen Rider Black was born which was supposed to be a franchise reboot... that was until its sequel Black RX came in. So I had a bit of thoughts on what it's like to actually sit through Kamen Rider Stronger some time after I've done watching Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Stronger stars the now deceased Shigeru Araki who died of pneumonia last 2012 at the age of 63. Before that, the actress Kyoko Okada died in 1986 when I was freaking one year old. I find the whole incident when Kyoko died at a…