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Mortal Kombat: Rumors that Became Reality

Mortal Kombat had a couple of rumors that soon became realized.  Now here are they that became real...

From MK1:

The first one was Ermac.  There was a rumor that he was hidden in MK1.  Later he was made a real character in UMK3.  In Shaolin Monks, he is a hidden opponent.  In MK 2011, he was probably also made a contestant during the first tournament to further make a reference to the rumor of the first game.

Reptile was said to be playable in MK1 which was disproved, he was made his own character in MK2 with a new movelist rather than just borrowing abilities from Sub-Zero and Scorpion.  The same went for Shang Tsung and Goro.  Shang Tsung became playable in MK2 as a younger version of himself and other games where he followed and Goro was playable in MK Trilogy Saturn/Playstation, Gamecube version of Deception and MK Armageddon though he was a Game Boy playable.

From MK2:

For MK2, it was said you can fight Blaze.  Blaze was made a playable character in MKDA and MK Unchained sadly wit…

Will Andrew Gray Be the Next Conan? My Iffy Thoughts.

Well I had my thoughts that I would admit that Spanish-American model Andrew Gray might be a good candidate to play any barbarian superhero or Conan. I dunno if another Conan film will be feasible provided that Jason Momoa's version flunked very bad.

You'll have to consider that Andrew Gray has black hair and blue eyes.  Compared to Rick Medina though, I don't think he's a douche so maybe he'll get along with others.  Plus, I don't think is acting his subpar, it can be improved but one thing has to be noted- he's currently signed into a children's show and there's "contractual purity" before he can leap into the world of the adult Conan the Barbarian.

You might want to consider he's just got the right muscle size.  So far, he might do well for a Conan parody though than an actual Conan since for one, I am really disappointed in how Hollywood's productions are so sloppy as of late.  Now only if we can get the right characters and …

Some Things That Affect My Liking of Power Rangers

Sad to say but while I do like some seasons of Power Rangers but here are some factors that can irritate me...

Useless characters.  Okay I would admit I enjoyed Bulk and Skull as a child and I seem not to find Spike horrid BUT I would argue that these characters do nothing at all to contribute plot.  Heh, to be honest Felix Ryan was completely wasted.  I guess these two may have moved to Japan to get real lessons provided Spike's perverted tendencies don't show up.

Really annoying cast.  There are some seasons that really got on my nerves like for example Katrina Devine.  Yup her.  I really am the type to get annoyed easily because for one I'll confess I end up wanting to kill a lot of people that get on my nerves.  I might also add Power Rangers suffered during Disney's season during Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury.  SPD well maybe it's just Syd's character and not the actress herself that got on my nerves.

On the shallow side, it's all about girls.  O…