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Ciara Hanna Should Have Been the Pink Ranger!!!!!

That would have been really far better!!!!!
While looking at Power Rangers Megaforce and being unable to bear Emma's actress Christina Masterson, I thought the role should have been for Ciara Hanna.  Aside from the appearance, Ciara Hanna looks hotter and sexier.  She would have sufficed to become the new Kimberly over Christina Masterson!!!!
Having a season of this is better than Christina Masterson!
I always thought that Ciara, not Christina would have been far better off wearing them short shorts and being Emma.  I mean, Kimberly in MMPR is the hottest girl in school.  Aside from her hot blonde factor, Ciara Hanna can act compared to most of her teammates.  I always thought she should have been the pink ranger instead!
Oh what a shame really, she would have made a stronger Emma Goodall!

Mortal Kombat 2011 and the Mortal Kombat Movie Look alikes

Mortal Kombat 2011 apparently had some visual tributes to the MK films with namely...

Liu Kang and Kitana look like Robin Shou and Talisa Soto.

Sonya and Johnny Cage both look somewhat like Brigitte Wilson and Linden Ashbey

Kano looks like Trevor Goddard.  The look started in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics.

Shang Tsung looks like a bearded version of Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa complete with the phrase, "Your soul is mine!"  Too bad, he wasn't the one who voiced the character. =P

How Megaman X6's Plot Should Have Been Written IMO

I always thought Isoc being a Dr. Wily reference should have been the main villain, not Gate.  Isoc doesn't need to be Dr. Wily, maybe he can just be a robot who has Dr. Wily's brainwaves which makes him think he is Wily.  I would make Gate and Hi-Max the lesser antagonists working under Isoc.  The plan would be to further link Megaman X6 to Megaman X5.  That would mean that Hi-Max would be the first fortress boss, second is Gate and the third boss before Sigma is Isoc.  This of course, I would try to create some hints that Isoc is Wily before dismissing it.

Isoc's scheme would involve Zero and the Nightmare Virus to taking over the world.  With Sigma supposedly out of the way, Isoc will try to take over.  He revives Zero as an evil menace which can only be recovered after Megaman X defeats him.  However recovering Zero will not stop him since he has other plans.  He decides to send Hi-Max and Gate after Megaman X.  He would sound like he had a grudge against Dr. Light, t…

Rito Revolto's Battle with the Ninja Megazord

Rito Revolto in MMPR Season 3 was based on Junior/Gasha Dokuro (acted by Lucio Tan lookalike Kenichi Endo), he had one badass entrance where he not only baited out the Thunderzords but destroyed them.  It was something to consider he revived some Zyu2 monsters (it was getting repetitive) and he destroyed the Thunderzords.  While he was a numbskull but he had a badass entrance.  He showed he was a force to reckon with.

MMPR Season 3 used the footage of Kakuranger episode 31.  What did not make sense was this.  Episode 31 was really the death of Gasha Dokuro.  The least the crew could do is to edit out the part where Gasha Dokuro exploded.  I mean, the whole scene made Rito Revolto look like he freaking died and then he survived?!  It doesn't make sense that he survived even after he exploded.  Again, Zaidos did survive the Heavenly Armor Chi Palace falling on him (which I think was a mistake too).  But still, Rito Revolto supposedly exploded in that scene.

Between him dead and him…

The Robocop/Janperson Cycle of Influence?

Robocop was a 1987 film that later spawned a sequel in June 22, 1990 and in November 5, 1995.  Let's take a look at the possible circle of influence.  The Robocop movie was a popular hit and later, it spawned several series, cartoons and even Japanese inspired heroes.

Toei in January 29, 1989 created a Robocop-like hero in Jiban.  Unlike Robocop, Jiban could revert to his human identity anytime even if he was a dead officer resurrected as a cyborg.  Also, Jiban fought monsters of the week which Robocop didn't do.  Jiban for me was not really much of a Robocop inspired hero.

Janperson was Toei's more or less Robocop type show except that the hero was purely mechanical.  A lot of its elements such as violence, villains and characters were somewhat based on the first two Robocop movies.  I could start to think of the following parallelisms.  The show aired on February 1, 1993 and ended in January 24, 1994.  In between, Robocop 3 was also shown in cinemas.

How Cable Could Have Later Been Dealt With

I always thought it was crazy that Cable would later appear as a man, now twice older than his parents.  He's now old enough to be his father's father... he's like his own grandpa.  I think Cable would be around 50 years old if his adoptive son (and "nephew") was an adult.  If the Askani Timeline got removed thanks to his actions, I was thinking some things could have been prevented as well.  So how would I write it?

Now I thought the Askani Timeline was erased.  Actually, the rules of time travel writing may vary and the conflict between the year 3,999 (Cable's native timeline after he was time displaced) and the 21st Century had happened a lot.  So what if with Apocalypse destroyed, countless "anomalies" would no longer exist.  In short, any events done by Stryfe or any villain would be undone in the process.  I would even remove the Legacy Virus from existence as a "reset button" since if the Askani never existed, Stryfe the clone wou…

Megaman X8: A Game Chock Full of Megaman Legends References!

While playing Megaman X8, I have noticed some things weird about the game. While Megaman Legends 3 got canned by Crapcom, Megaman X8 was really full of Megaman Legends references. Let's start shall we? Although Megaman Legends is non-canon to this game (or is it), still there are references to Megaman Legends.

The beginning. The story of Megaman X8 focuses on the Jakob's Ladder. The whole point was building the new ideal paradise. In Megaman Legends 2, we have the space colony called Elysium which is synonymous to Paradise. The idea of Paradise was being made one way or another.

Megaman X8's bosses sort of have some references to Megaman Legends 2. For example you have Gigavolt Man O War as a reference to the electric jellyfishes in Megaman Legends 2, Bamboo Pandamonium would be a reference to Klaymoor, Dark Mantis would be a reference to Bola, Earthrock Trilobyte's operations would be like digging for Refractors and Burn Rooster might be a reference to Glyde's coc…

Megaman X/Megaman Legends References

Although Megaman X and Megaman Trigger are two different persons, one cannot deny some similarities between the mainline and the spin-off.  For instance, Megaman X and Megaman Trigger were designed to hunt down Aberrant Units and protect the humans.  While Megaman Legends 2 ends the controversy once and for all of Megaman Legends' place in the mainline Megaman Universe, however some post-Megaman Legends games tease us into thinking they are.

For instance, taking a look at Megaman X5.  If you get the bad ending (let Zero go Maverick), Megaman X will mention he wants to create Elysium.  Before that, X's bad ending will also feature a mysterious figure that would resemble Yuna from Megaman Legends 2.  If that's not all, Megaman X5 features a plot that could be compared to the Carbon Reinitialization Program where Sigma seeks to crash something into the city, destroying an entire population.  Also, Alia is a spotter for you.

Megaman X6 has a few references to Megaman Legends…

So Rick Medina Only Killed Out of Self-Defense?

As much as I don't like the actor for turning out to be a douchebag but in due fairness, he killed only out of self-defense.  How he got that sword is unknown but it looked like his life was in danger.  Later on, he was discharged.  What I read is that he called 9/11 after he stabbed the person then turned himself in.  Lately, he was cleared of charges of cold-blooded murder as the incident looked like it was only self-defense.  Hopefully things will be cleared out.