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The End Credits Preview from X-Men: Days of Future Past Reveals Apocalypse?!

Here's a screenshot for the upcoming 2016 movie called "X-Men: Apocalypse"... and from this dress code I am suddenly reminded of...

Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living from Thundercats!  I was wondering how will Apocalypse soon appear as a cinematic villain?  I"m just having my WMG here.. that this version of Apocalypse may be closer to being a darker version of Mumm-Ra than being the comics version of Apocalypse.

Knowing Apocalypse is an ancient menace, I would prefer this version of Apocalypse to remain as an undead mutant who uses both mutant powers and sorcery, making him an ultimate enemy.  However he is bound in servitude to serve the Ancient Spirits of Evil to which he seeks to attain godhood.

My Overly Crazy Shipping: Troy Burrows and Gia Moran!

As I was watching Megaforce to Super Megaforce... I developed the impression that I would want to match up Troy and Gia ever since day one.  Some wanted a Troy/Emma pairing and some may be supporting the Jake/Gia shipping (ugh).  Now I was even thinking of this shipping all along:

Maybe my first reason I want to ship Troy and Gia is because of the fact... I don't like the idea of Jake stalking on Gia.  Now it's not anything racist, I could become a fan of any interracial pairing and being neutral at the least.  In my own way, I thought Emma was too overly cheery while Gia may be the answer to unlock Troy's hidden emotions.

Is Megaforce/Super Megaforce Too Eye Candy Reliant?

The New Creddie/Seddie Fan Wars!!!!
Somehow the keyword of Megaforce is "Pretty" which I can really think about three particular people there who are seemingly there just to be eye candy name Troy, Gia and Emma. Now here's what I just thought of the three characters.
Troy... I could comment while he does look good... but the character is plain flat and boring.  I don't even think any topless performance would actually save the show. The actor Andrew Gray is being robot and is just there to be a pretty boy character. If anybody is more interesting than the pretty boy it's both Jake the Snake and Noah. He's utterly uninteresting if you ask me.
Next is with Gia.  Gia appears to be too much of what you'd call a Mary Sue. Now I would admit I find her attractive and all... to be honest she is hot. The problem is that she's too much of a perfect girl that could steal the show too much then she lacks focus episodes.
For Emma Goodall she is a really failed ver…

The Ultimate Denial of Super Sentai Purists (Who Were 90s Kids) From Their Childhood?!

The meme above speaks a lot. I made that meme with Mako saying the lines because she in some way, reminds me of Kimberly but not totally. So it made me think that there's probably one denial they cannot hide for too long or was too obvious. It would be for those Super Sentai purists that are

It's this one...

Kimberly Hart of MMPR. I would admit during that time, she was really gorgeous. As terrible as I think the series is after watching Zyuranger and Dairanger, I would still dare say it was very hard IMO to out-class her beauty. Well Mei is probably my type of girl to date but appearance-wise, Kimberly wins. In fact, I would say it's hard not to overrate her at all.

I would admit that some Super Sentai purist had ranted something crazy like, "Instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, we were shown that bootleg show called MMPR! Power Rangers is a parasite that will never exist on its own!" Pardon me, Saban and Toei both have a contract with each other! That means Toe…

What if Amy Jo Johnson Never Left Power Rangers Until Turbo?

Here's my hypothesis... what if Amy Jo Johnson didn't decide to leave and I would think what if she simply didn't leave... and Kat never existed.  So I was thinking of three particular seasons she would have stayed were namely MMPR Season 3 (really bad season), Zeo (got worse) and Turbo (UGH never speak of it, Carranger is SO MUCH BETTER)... now let's think about this guilty pleasure.

MMPR Season Three:

So let's think what if Kimberly survived that ordeal after Lord Zedd and Rita nearly killed her?  I would admit that the plan was really effective... her life was really at the risk.  And well the possibilities are Catherine Sutherland would never enter or would have been a guest.  By then, it would be like this... Kimberly would refuse the opportunity for gymnastics because she is a Power Ranger.  That means Zordon would soon assign her a slot near the White Shogunzord... and well you might as well get it for better or for worse... either she continues to be Tommy&…

Kimberly Hart as a Victim of Power Rangers Injustice

There's no doubt that Power Rangers usually has the problem of bad writing and I think Kimberly is one big victim of it. How? While she started out pretty fine, she was able to fight but the problem was later during the second to third season (probably that's why the actress wanted to leave) was because of this... you cannot deny that she was first changed from your average ranger to Tommy's damsel in distress which really gets annoying for the character.

Now this was another case of injustice against the character by the writers. Remember the MMPR/Masked Rider crossover? Getting Kimberly sick is indeed bad, bad and I mean VERY BAD writing. I really thought it was a pathetic treatment towards her. Who knows? Maybe that's why Amy Jo Johnson got sick and tired of all the bad writing she soon requested to make a proper leave. But I guess executives didn't want her to leave so easily. I cannot deny how the scene was really badly written. Sheesh... at least this mista…

Mr. Sinister's Study of the Summers/Grey Line in Action

Mr. Sinister was indeed a mad geneticist obsessed with genetics and bringing up humanity to its next level no matter what the cost.  In a way, he is Darwinian but perhaps lesser or greater than Apocalypse.  Having been centuries old, he had observed the Summers' line to which he would later cause some serious damage to the later parts of the future.  He was the one who threw in the chess pieces that could have destroyed humanity especially when he examined the Summers' brothers, grew an unusual interest in Scott Summers and Jean Grey... and in two different realities, produced Omega Level telepathic beings thanks to his studies.

So how did his studies go?  He developed a fascination over his soon would be archenemy Scott Summers.  When he discovered that Cyclops' optic blasts could harm him at a higher level, he took his as a sign of new discovery.  He grew obsessed with the Summers lineage and decided to play matchmaker one way or another.

It was later discovered that Mr…

Mr. Sinister: 90s Cartoon vs. Comics

Mr. Sinister was among a few characters to get some modifications from the X-Men Cartoon Series.  To be honest, I feel like the cartoon show may be more of an old shame to me.  Now let's focus on Mr. Sinister and how he differed from the comics.  Now I'd like to discuss the cartoon Mr. Sinister first.

Cartoon Mr. Sinister has some elements changed in him.  For instance, in the cartoon he activated his own dormant x-gene (it's highly possible that both versions are born with the x-gene but the gene was yet to be activated) which is unlike in the comics.  In this one, he is portrayed to be able to heal himself but finds himself weak to Cyclops' optic blasts.  His motives behind his obsession behind Cyclops and Jean Grey is never known.  The comics however presents a darker, more different story which makes Sinister far more a threat than he was in the 80s cartoons.

Mr. Sinister's X-Gene was awakened by Apocalypse.  Now I would like to assume that Mr. Sinister was a m…

Power Rangers Injustice: Kimberly Being Sick During "A Friend in Need"!

Well after I have seen how much more polished Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade, I wanted to bring out this major flaw in "A Friend in Need" in MMPR.  Now MMPR started the experiment of actually bringing a Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover from the stage to the TV set.  The stage shows were very mixed... this one tried to narrow down the concept but... the major problem was that Kimberly was sick.  If Amy Jo Johnson saw the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, she's most likely going to comment that bad writing was one reason why she left the series.... and I'd probably do the same in her place!  
What was terribly wrong?  Aside from BAD EDITING, all the terrible cheesy acting and Saban's Masked Rider was terrible, TERRIBLE and TERRIBLE and unfortunately, Decade IMO is just as terrible and neither show deserves to be rewatched IMO.  Now, I'd like to point out the whole Kimberly is sick scenario... which renders her helpless and almost useless.  In short, the cro…

How Tasmader of Kamen Rider Black RX Should Have Been

Kamen Rider Black RX brought in the villain Tasmader who in the finale, turned out to be an extension of Grand Lord Crisis, the same way Psychorror is an extension to Demon King Psycho in Sharivan. I was thinking it was pretty much a waste to how Tasmader was and I thought, at least he could have been given THIS kind of execution...

Make Tasmader more like Sword Saint Bilgenia. I mean, you have freaking Tatsuya Matsui until the end... so why not make him really bigger dickhead. For one, he will have all these types of conversations with the Crisis Empire against the typical convoluted/unbelievable villain schemes you see very often in Tokusatsu. I mean, he was supposedly sent by Grand Lord Crisis to keep the Crisis Empire's invasion on schedule and why not make him like Sword Saint Bilgenia?!

The problem with Tasmader is that no matter how aggressive he was (again he was just an extension of Grand Lord Crisis so it's highly possible they are one person, two different bodies),…

Apocalypse and Stryfe: Social Darwinists in X-Men!

X-Men had two villains who were really notorious Social Darwinists.  For them, they seek to weed out the weak and only the strong will survive.  These are the two examples:

Apocalypse is one of the most powerful foes in X-Men.  Whatever version he was in, cartoon or comics he is pictured to be one who believes that only the strong have the right to survive, that the weak shall perish.  He believes in weeding out humanity, testing new powerful mutants such as he did with Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (he infected him with the T-O Virus), who would later be Cable.  He believes that only the strong has the right to survive, which I believe he infected the infant Nathan to see if he was truly fit or not.  He was always aiming to be the most powerful so he can continue his doctrine of the survival of the fittest.  To further his goals, he even created the stories of "The Twelve" which was his ruse, so he can grab all the power he wants, use Nate Grey's body as his new sh…

Bilgenia Being Written Off from KR Black: What Could Have Caused It?

I would reallys say that Kamen Rider Black was one good season but it had its fair share of problems. Then we have the COOLEST villain in the story ever, Saint Sword Bilgenia. Looking at him, he's a real troll who knows how to menace the hero, he gave me nightmares... and he was really ACTIVE in attacking Kamen Rider Black. Now it made me think why was he written off? The answer may only lie with either contracts or the actor. Now it's even possible that Jun Yoshida wanted to leave the set for personal reasons. After all, as of recent from what I hear, he's now a University professor.

Now I'd like to think - Jun Yoshida was born in 1961 and Kamen Rider Black was shown last 1987. He would be 26 years old at that time. If he were 18 years old in College, took him three years so he would be 23 by that time but that's just my assumption. Maybe he entered College late. I don't know really. So what if Jun Yoshida was pursuing a master's degree that time and dec…

How Did Sigma Meet Dr. Wily?

Megaman X presents another big mystery - how did Sigma the main antagonist of the X series meet the antagonist of the classic series?  Dr. Wily would be too old to live by then.  However the way Sigma talked may just be a figure of speech.  He may have "met" Dr. Wily though not in person but in a way, he did "meet" Dr. Wily figuratively.  First, I would like to say I totally dismiss the idea that Serges is Dr. Wily.  The Manga is non-canon to the series.

However the answer to Sigma meeting Dr. Wily may lie in only one person...  Dr. Wily's "son", ZERO!  Why do I think it's Zero?  Zero during Megaman X2 was the "last of the doctor's creations" which was not fully hinted who created him,.. and Megaman X3 hinted X and Zero were meant to clash.  X4 SOLVES who created Zero... it was Dr. Wily!  So remember Zero hosted the Maverick Virus as revealed in Megaman X5, heck even the Zero Virus was born during that time.  Since Dr. Wily created…

An Attempt to Explain Cyclops' Optic Blasts' Properties

Cyclops' optic blasts for me are a mystery that has been explained in part by the Marvel Universe.  So what kind of beams are they?  Provided that Marvel Comics is fiction, sometimes you have purposely written bad science, there was a description handed over by the 1983 Marvel Handbook that Cyclops' eyes are gateways to some kind of dimension, and that his optic blasts are not of this dimension.

So Cyclops' beams are said to be concussive force with no recoil and almost no heat.  Though they emit light, they apparently possess no heat (or not) but has been seen to be able to weld objects, suggesting that it does contain some heat if narrowed down.  In spite of its power, wearing the ruby-quartz glasses blocks the light from Cyclops' eyes, which causes him not to release the optic blasts.  His combat visor however allows him to control the degree of the optic blasts with varying height and intensity.  He can use it to merely strike a melee blast or it can go as far as…

Kamen Rider Black: My First Kamen Rider!!!!

Back then, I was probably eight or nine when Kamen Rider Black showed on TV which was a classic... but ruined by the loopy broadcast of IBC-13, a network that basically ruined Tokusatsu broadcasts not only with bad dubs but loopy broadcasts. So later, I was glad to have watched this series FULLY SUBBED and it was a total reeducation for me! What I also didn't realize was that Kamen Rider Black had followed the element from the very first Kamen Rider, a hero forcibly given superpowers by an evil organization, only for him to use it against them.

The story starts when the foster brothers Nobuhiko and Kotaro are born on a solar eclipse which would make them candidates to become the next Century King. Gorgom plans to turn the two brothers into the fighting candidates, Black Sun and Shadow Moon. The winner will soon become the next Century King... to which he is granted the power to rule the world as he pleases, a plot later reused in Kamen Rider Ryuki (in the form of a single wish),…

Zero's Rather Interesting History in Megaman X

Zero himself is one interesting character.  While Axl may just be a Bass wannabe, Zero started off as a mystery that unfolded itself.

Megaman X2 and X4 did hint on Dr. Wily even if the latter is already dead for a long time.  Playing Megaman X4, we realize that Dr. Wily created Zero as his successor.  Indeed, Dr. Wily knew he was no longer going to be around, created his "son" Zero to replace the insolent, rebellious Bass and to get rid of Megaman.  If Megaman did become Megaman X (there's no argument going to or against it) then Zero already was supposedly programmed to defeat Megaman X.  In Megaman Zero, it was revealed that Zero couldn't be controlled so Wily shut him down.  However Zero had memories of Dr. Wily in a vague manner... hinting he's Wily's successor.

Sigma was later revealed to Dr. Cain's "perfect" robot who fought Zero while the latter was still a dangerous Maverick.  So we have that ironic role reversal.  Zero was created to s…

My Speculative View of Kimberly Hart's Possible Impact on Popular Culture...

Somehow I can't help but write more about Kimberly Hart from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.  Now I was thinking about her possible impact towards popular culture.

Somehow Kimberly Hart was sort of the team heart.  She had best friends with two non-whites.  She as best friends Trini and later, Aisha comes (remember Thuy Trang had pay disputes with Saban so she was written off).  In her case, she was a white girl whose best friend was an Asian, later her on-screen best friend is an African (Aisha).  With Power Rangers, it was basically a way to introduce America to some of Japan's cultural icons, Super Sentai, which is too culturally different for the American audience.

For some boys, it may be one scene that would make them want to come out of their closet.  It gets annoying whenever there's a fear of the opposite gender but differences between men and women make us unique.  As I said it, she was my ultimate guilt trip in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Perhaps Ki…

Dragon Ball Z: Omega Level Saiyans!

Dragon Ball Z had a series of Omega Level Saiyans.  These are those who are most likely Omega Level Saiyans, a term I invented out of Omega Level Mutant.

Goku the "prophesied one".  Like Cable in X-Men, his birth brought tremendous changes.  He was one who was prophesied to one day take down Frieza, just as Cable was prophesied to take down Apocalypse.  Although he was a common Saiyan at first, the son of Bardock would one day emerge to be Frieza's slayer.  In the Frieza saga, after seeing Krillin die before his eyes (Krillin has died FOUR TIMES in Dragon Ball Z)... his true powers emerged turning him Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza.

Future Trunks- Compared to the modern day Trunks, Future Trunks may be an Omega Level Saiyan.  Now consider this, he easily disposed of BOTH Frieza and King Cold faster than Super Saiyan Goku could ever do.  One may consider that this version of Trunks is just almost unbeatable.  Unfortunately for him, Cell managed to kill him.  Like Cable in…

One HUGE Naming Glitch: King Vegeta and Vegeta!

While watching the Dragon Ball Z OVAs (uncut, uncensored and BLOODY)... I started to think about one huge naming glitch.  Vegeta's father was simply called King Vegeta... shouldn't Vegeta be called as Vegeta Jr.?  It kind of even made me think a hundred years later, Vegeta had a distant descendant known as Vegeta Jr. when that name should have BEEN for him.  While I'm oaky with Vegeta being called Vegeta, but he should have been appropriate called Vegeta Jr.

The Kotaro Minami Era of Kamen Rider: How It May Have Influenced the Heisei Era!

Kamen Rider had the Tetsuo Kurata era or the Kotaro Minami era.  The popularity of Kamen Rider Black created the much less successful Kamen Rider Black RX.  Although Black RX is not so popular but I cannot deny it still had something to contribute.  Both seasons were experimental seasons to see how things can be later carried out.  So I started to figure out what the Kotaro Minami era gave to Heisei Rider:

Black RX may lack popularity but I would say it provided the mold to lighter and softer.  Black was darker and edgier, really serious while Black RX was criticized by Tetsuo Kurata as "excessive humor".  While Kuuga, Agito, Faiz, Ryuki, Hibiki and Blade were serious seasons, you cannot deny how lighthearted Kiva, OOO, Fourze and Wizard are (otherwise the Nicktoonish Riders).

Black RX's arc where he acquired both Robo Rider and Bio Rider forms (that arc was three episodes) felt like another template to how a Kamen Rider in the Heisei era would be written.  Black RX was …

Kimberly's Singing Voice vs. Mako's Singing Voice

One of the things in common Mako has with Kimberly aside from looks and that overly blunt side of theirs, is their singing voice.  Here's a video comparison:

This is Kimberly's singing voice during MMPR Season Two when Guitardo attacked.  I was thinking she could have used htis song to combat the monster... because why not let a nice voice save the day for once?!  I just love her voice quality here.
In Shinkenger OVA, Mako had her song during the concert illusion scene.  She's the only character in Shinkenger who got to sing her character song, why didn't the others get to do so?  I mean Kotoha's character song could have been sung by her in any episode?!  I thought this was another enjoyable performance, unfortunately desecrated by Mr. Krabs' Power Rangers Samurai by his refusal to re-film the whole scene!

Megaman's Rush Armors in the Megaman Games

Megaman 6-7 presented the following armor which Rush could combine with Megaman.  These were:

Megaman 6 had the Power Megaman Mode.  Rush would combine with Megaman to form into Power Megaman.  In this form, while it has a short-range blast, he cannot slide but he can use the charged up attack to break bricks.  It may have inspired the Gaea Armor in Megaman X5 and the Shadow Armor in Megaman X6 but this form was NOT immune to spikes!

The other form was called the Jet Megaman.  Rush combines with Megaman, allowing him to fly for a limited period of time then it automatically refuels itself.  I wish this was used during the Rush levels in Megaman 8 instead of riding the Rush Jet.  May have inspired the Falcon Armor in Megaman X5.

Megaman 7 featured Megaman getting the letters RUSH from the first four stages of the game.  Once completed, Megaman can become Super Megaman with a powerful rocket punch (an upgrade gives it homing capabilities).  It's almost like the template for Megaman …

Kamen Rider Black RX's Shoutout to Metal Hero Series

One of the things I've failed to notice before was how Kamen Rider Black RX had its shout-out to Metal Hero series.  Here are some of them:

The swords of Black RX and Bio Rider.  Black RX in his default form uses a Laser Blade similar to that of the Space Sheriffs.  As Bio Rider, his sword his similar to that of Shaider, the blue color is even a shout-out to it! =P

Grand Lord Crisis would be one you can consider a shout-out to Demon King Psycho and Don Horror.  Like Don Horror, the final battle was only him as a head against Black RX.  Like Demon King Psycho, he also used an extension of himself.  Also Crisis Empire like Makuu, exists in another dimension seeking to attack other dimensions to rule for itself.

Colonel Tasmader is supposedly the Imperial inspector, actually he IS Grand Lord Crisis' other body.  Like Umibozu/Psychorror in Sharivan, Grand Lord Crisis is an extension of Grand Lord Crisis explaining why he survived two fatal life attempts on him.  Grand Lord Crisis …