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Like Father, Like Son- Daibazaal and Sincline

So there's a lot of similarities between Sincline and his father Daibazaal.  What are they?  Here are a few examples:

1.) Cruelty to subordinates- Both could care less about their subordinates as long as they get their way.  They are pretty much users and abusers to other people, even towards each other.  So yeah, I can't blame Sincline for hating his father too.

3.) Types of women- Apparently both of them are addicted to blonde girls though ironically Daibazaal thinks adding Farla into the harem is a no-no.  Come on, Daibazaal force-wed an Altean girl in the past who became Sincline's mom, whom he killed out of anger issues!  So Daibazaal may have not allowed Sincline's decision to blackmail Farla because of one thing- his own Altean consort hated him with a passion and he snapped her neck out of anger issues.

3.) Both are bloodthirstily disgusting and enjoy sporting blood out of other people.


1.) Sincline prefers to finish off the enemy himself.  Daibaz…

Sincline's Crush on Farla vs. Lotor's Crush on Allura

I had my thoughts on two parts of comparing Sincline's crush on Farla vs. Lotor's crush on Allura.  So where's the difference?  While watching Voltron, I just thought it was stupid that Lotor had a crush on Allura for no reason at all, except she's hot but there were hotter girls in his harem than that of her.

On the other hand in Golion, we finally see why Lotor likes blonde girls that much.  While in Voltron, it was just dubbed as Allura's dream but in Golion, that dream was actually a flashback of Sincline's mother from Altea, name unknown.  So some people even assume that Sincline and Farla could be cousins, then again cousin marriage is very common in royalty.  So here's Daibazaal shown that he had actually married an Altean but she never loved him.  Worse, out of his ill temper he killed her.  So probably Sincline was just an infant when Daibazaal killed his wife out of displeasure.  Sheesh, I can't imagine how many late wives Daibazaal has with…

My Overall Thoughts on Power Rangers Samurai

Well as much as I won't write a hate fic against Power Rangers Samurai because horrible hate fics are a huge waste of time and I acknowledge Toei giving Saban the license to adapt Power Rangers, however I'd like to share HOW MUCH I dislike Power Rangers Samurai but relax, I won't write any hate fic against them but I'd just like to express my dislike.

First, I would talk about how lazy Jonathan Tzachor's writing is.  I can have no problem if the red ranger is not Asian, that's not an issue worth fuzzing about and it can be tossed aside. But the writing style is too lazy. It seems all the time he just copies/pastes the samurai story into a cast of non-Japanese rather than create a story that fits well with them.  Plus, I think they are far more wooden no offense!  Plus that Mega Mode is Mega Muck gimmick just to sell more toys.  Stories are so bad, heck it's not worth writing about them!  In short, the more I watch this show the more it numbs my brain that t…

Megaforce Episode Two...

So far, so good for me or am I being shallow minded?  Moving on... pictures taken from

So it's another day of school and there's that pop quiz.  So there's a bit of interesting bits we see... Troy has a meeting with Creepox, Jake HATES pop quizzes (and so do I) and of course their professor Mr. Burley can be unreliable.

A little bit of interaction between Mr. Burly and Jake.  I liked this scene so I guess he might defend him in the future.  A better character than Phenomenus if you ask me.

I could say that footage splicing was done properly.  Well, I guess they have a budget now but I hope they can do better.

It's the premier of the Gosei Megazord.  Not anything special but still good.  Then again, I should give Goseiger a second chance.

And a little bit of a moral lesson that both Super Sentai and Power Rangers enjoy about teamwork.  Now I just had a thought that compared to PR Samurai, I'll probably hang out a bit longer than usual n…

The Rule of Thumb of Some Tokusatsu Heroes: Hiding One's Identity?

I did remember as a child I would somehow ask the issues on why certain superheroes needed to hide their identities.  It was sort of copied from the trends of Spiderman, Batman and Superman.  Now it also applied to Tokusatsu.

The spiritual ancestor of Super Sentai, Gatchaman- these guys hid their real identities from the public so well even the Gallactor didn't know.

I was baffled at to why Kotaro Minami also hid his identity as Kamen Rider Black and later as Black RX, seemed the Kamen Riders followed that rule of thumb on their own whether continuity heavy or self-contained.  Later some Kamen Riders revealed their identities to others who helped them keep the secret.  If I were a Kamen Rider, I'd most likely do the same.  He later revealed his identity to his girlfriend in Black RX.

In Bioman episode 13, I had my thoughts on Shiro telling everyone including Jun to never reveal their identities to other people EVEN if Gear knew of their identities.  Well Dr. Man's estran…

Those Useless Characters in Power Rangers

Here are characters in the Power Rangers franchise that I think that are useless, not all of them annoy me though.

Bulk and Skull- As a child I thought they were funny BUT the gag soon got sour.  For season 1-2 I did tolerate their existence or that stupid plot where they wanted to figure out the identity of the Power Rangers. I did chuckle at them UNTIL I realized they were getting corny.  So yeah from MMPR down to PR in Space they were souring out.

Professor Phenomenus was introduced in Power Rangers in Space.  He was a loony old man that did little or none, he remained in Lost Galaxy.  Overall, just a useless character and I thought that his concept was done well when it came to Santa-Chan in Kamen Rider W.  Just a joke character sad to say but he didn't annoy me.

Cassidy and Devin I REALLY DAMN HATED THESE TWO to death!  Need I say more?

Boom.  Well I'd say at least he is part of the technical crew but still, didn't like SPD for a lot of reasons I keep mentioning to …

Is Andrew Gray the New Cole?

Looking at some of Andrew Gray's pictures, I just had my thoughts looks like there's going to be some fan service for the girls from this guy.  Now looking at it, my opinion is yes he could be the new Cole despite the fact he wasn't raised as a barbarian or so... now for a little laughs... plus the actor is around 5'11 so pretty tall for the role.

I could imagine Andrew Gray right now after Power Rangers Megaforce, he might act as Conan in a series or a movie.  Preferably a series.

Although I just wanted to imagine Rick Medina as Conan after Wild Force.  Sadly it never happened.

My Power Rangers Fandom and Why It's Shaking

I was a fan of Power Rangers much before but lately, I've just thought that many factors aside from Super Sentai had caused my fandom to shake as time passed:

Saban era:

First, the Zordon era.  I would say that this one was well, pretty much what I'd call a victim of overuse and overrecyling.  The problem had to do with the fact that MMPR was supposed to end already after 40 episodes but the popularity caused them request for Zyu2 footage from Toei, even Tommy's return.  As a child, it was a pretty exciting idea but eventually season two came and I thought everything was just gone sour.

Then the second to third season of MMPR got produced.  So yeah, MMPR was long overdue and everything was falling apart.  In season two, I really thought that Lord Zedd while being ferocious and destructive, he wasn't really helping things.  His marriage to Rita was a good romance, made a good villain couple (may have even inspired Bacchus and Hysteria!) but plots were getting more bori…

Gaston as a Villain

For Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, I would say he's the first villain there to think that's he's actually not a villain since he is after all the "town hero" and it looks like most people don't even care if he's such a big jerk, arrogant and conceited to the point man Belle is so right, the people in the town are stupid.  So he's adored by the three bimbettes and he's so arrogant with his manliness to think he could woo Belle over.  But when Belle rejected his proposal for marriage after "teasing him a bit", he shows that's he's not really as stupid as Belle thinks he is.

He's got that incredibly evil plan- force Belle to marry him or he locks up her father.  And he's that lustful after Belle, actually we don't know how old Gaston is so I guess there's no pedophilia in it, just plain lust.  So he wants to marry Belle to show off, really badly because she's that hot then again as if he's really that hand…

Mortal Kombat and Reincarnation

In Mortal Kombat, there's the rule of reincarnation or where the soul migrates to another body or becomes an entirely new form.  Here they are...

Scorpion is the first example of reincarnation.  He was a human in his former life, he currently exists as a specter in his current life, a vengeful ghost to be precise.  His wicked deeds had caused him to land at a certain level at the 18 levels of the Netherrealm.

The original Sub-Zero, Bi Han was killed by Scorpion and due to the ordeal he had for Shinnok's Amulet prior to his death, it caused him to reborn as a Wraith known as Noob Saibot.  For some reason, he is somewhat able to defy his former human nature now he's in the Netherrealm as a member of the Brotherhood of the Shadow.

Onaga was originally killed by Shao Kahn but he was later reincarnated in the body of Reptile when his soul escaped Hell and possessed the latter.  Later, Shinnok restored him to his original body.

Liu Kang had become a vengeful zombie (body form) …

Some Things About Power Rangers Megaforce

First I'll say that I think the first episode of Megaforce does not suck for me despite the stupid fact that Gosei remained asleep despite the number of times aliens landed on their world.  Now here's what I find irritating....  can't Saban find better theme songs than repeating the MMPR theme song?  It does get annoying eventually. Saban was able to create other theme songs so WHY NOT really and seriously consider making a new theme song for Megaforce?  It's just pretty annoying.  If and only if Saban coudl learn a few things from how Toei does Super Sentai music and all, he should really consider changing the Megaforce theme song because rehashing the MMPR theme song is going to bore people sooner or later.  I don't need mouthwash from this compared to horrid Power Rangers seasons like Dino Not-Thunder, Operation Overdork, Power Rangers Samurai, Jungle Juice and Mystic Foul.  He should have learned from the successes of Power Rangers in Space, Lost Galaxy, Light…

First Thoughts on Megaforce

So it's the first episode of Megaforce and here are my thoughts...

We are getting repetitive aren't we?  I don't mind taking a few stuff off from MMPR, heck even Super Sentai does that after MMPR was created (ex. Shinkenger vs. Decade) as well as other original ideas taken from its adaptation Power Rangers but I thought are they running out of creativity?  I'll say I wasn't pissed off nor do I need to gargle mouthwash but tthe whole Gosei thing is a real copy of Zordon and the robot assistant Denzel, well I do hope they give him a facelift soon!  So we discover that Gosei was linked to Zordon but why does he just awake just now?  I mean a LOT of threats hit it in the past so why just now?  Hee hee, then again that kind of mistake existed in Bioman, Changeman, Turboranger, Zyuranger and Dairanger to name a few... but then again Super Sentai tends to create its own independent timeline... then again hey it's a kid's show so don't question why Bio Robo did…