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Kamen Rider Amazon: The Rider That's Ripping Apart Rubber Monsters That Bleed Paint!

With the problem that I feel a generation gap with Tokusatsu every now and then, Kamen Rider Amazon is one of those series I really had that strange feeling because it's a decade older than I am. This is from someone who's seen Kamen Rider Black as his first Kamen Rider series and has been more focused on the Heisei Era Kamen Rider than anything. It's time for me to discuss on Kamen Rider Amazon which is already 40 years old. I've heard Amazon was "pretty violent". But after watching it with all the super old school special effects, the violence ends up laughable for me. It ends up getting summarized as a Kamen Rider that rips apart rubber monsters that bleed... paint? Yes, they bleed paint. I guess it's because the show was so 70s. The very first episode of the very first Kamen Rider had a lot of good action with people bleeding obviously fake blood. Amazon tried to innovate the way monsters are defeated by becoming "more violent". Instead, I …

How I Wish Hera Was Carried Out In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

After watching how Hercules the Legendary Journeys progressed, I wanted to name a few points that annoyed me. Like one was Hera never showed herself so often. It was a deviation from how Hera was usually portrayed in the movies.

In most movies, Hera was always shown in in her human form. So why didn't Hercules: The Legendary Journeys give her the same treatment? I felt it was annoying to keep assuming how Hera looked like beneath those two eyes. I wish Meg Foster already appeared from season one to four or others could have done the job. 
I could have wanted to be closer to the myths than she was in the series. The reason why she hated Hercules even more was because his name means "Hera's Glory". Hercules was already named Alcides but when they found out that Alcmene was deceived by Zeus, his name was changed to Hercules in an attempt to appease Hera's wrath. Instead, it backfired resulting to Hera hating Hercules even more.
Some stuff I wish the show kept true …

A Good Power Rangers Season Is Always More Welcome Than A Bad Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Season

I may not really be a fan of Power Rangers in general but there's a few seasons that still click to me for some reason. Super Sentai and Kamen Rider can get bad seasons depending on how management goes. Which is the case with a few instances that I'd watch a good Power Rangers season OVER a bad Super Sentai or Kamen Rider season.

Power Rangers Time Force can be a better treat for me compared to Kamen Rider Den-O. To a certain extent, I feel like watching this show over Kamen Rider Faiz which I'm starting to have a soft spot on. Time Force did try to expand Jiban's concept of a villain born from a laboratory accident in Ransik. It also addressed the issues of how manipulating life can backfire towards humanity one day... something that was addressed in Flashman and Liveman to a certain extent. Time Force doesn't spin around time as much as Kamen Rider Den-O does.

I'm amazed that ToQGer got that safety rules award while Lightspeed Rescue, GoGoFive or the Rescue P…

I Wished Mortal Kombat (2011) Had The First Two Pits In That Same Game

While playing Mortal Kombat (2011) and yes it's a great game but I felt like a few stuff made it feel "incomplete" for me. I want to talk about The Pit. The Pit itself appeared in Mortal Kombat and the second game had a pit. There was the Pit III but the game may have chosen to omit it because they favored Kahn's Arena instead as the final battle ground. Now I could talk about the two pits.
The Pit I took place in the first Mortal Kombat game. All it took to knock the opponent to the spikes below was an uppercut. A really hard to do secret code was that you could fight Reptile if you get two flawless victories without blocking and end the round with a fatality. Note that the uppercut didn't count as a fatality yet in that game until it reappeared in MK Trilogy. The game had a bad remake in Deception as a square arena while the original bridge was at the background making me wish that Mortal Kombat's later ports should go back to 2D while adding new features!…

Ares In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys As An Ascended Villain

While watching Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Hercules' main enemy was his jealous and angr stepmother Hera who sought to destroy him. I'd just like to wonder why the show left out the whole reason that Hera hates Hercules even more because the latter's name means "Glory of Hera'. So for first two seasons, Ares wasn't all that active but he made some real trouble.
At first, Ares simply acted through disguises like the "Ares Monster" form by dwelling on armor or he possesses Jarton's body to fight his half-brother Hercules. I guess the approach didn't make him too much of a god of war. He had appeared to also possess Jarton's body in one episode and in another disguised himself as a skull during the Festival of Dionysius. But he'd later get more special treatment than his mother Hera.

I'm Taking A Look Back At Street Fighter's Innovative History Before Street Fighter V Came Out

So I haven't played the original Street Fighter game and I may not intend to because some old games just suffer too many issues or age badly. My first Street Fighter game was namely the Street Fighter II series which I played via the first Playstation. Then there was Super Street Fighter II followed up by the upgrade called Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Super Street Fighter II Turbo was more or less the rough draft for Super Combo system in the future. I'll admit that I haven't had the urge to play the Street Fighter II series as much as the later games.