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Junko Fujino: My Undeniable Guilty Pleasure While Watching Winspector!

I admit that while eye candy doesn't stop me (but it does DELAY me from ever bashing a bad show) but it can help me overrate a good show. I couldn't forget how I overpraised Shinkenger over Mako or just any good Tokusatsu series with a hot girl in it. Stupid huh? The same happened during Winspector and I do have an immature reason to say it's better than GoGoFive or any rescue related show.

She's really hot and she's one cool action lady so why didn't they make her another suit? Not that she's useless without it. She's proven herself to be able to fight without the need of enhancements and she's a necessary force in Winspector. I think Reiko in Solbrain's more utilized since she goes out and helps her partner Daiki. Ryoma's just confined with two robots while Junko knows better. Come on, why didn't they give Junko a power suit? She does look qualified to wear that suit. I think she could endure wearing that kind of suit. I guess this ov…

Wishful Cosplaying Anyone?

After I refuse to really give too much of a big comparison between GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue since one are a group of siblings while the other isn't (except for Grandienne and Bansheera because I felt that Grandienne's plot didn't make it due to executive meddling), I just thought what if this happened at Morphicon 2016?

Let Sean CW Johnson dress up as Ryoma Kagawa and let Mike Chaturantabut dress up as the main heroes from Winspector and Solbrain. I guess that would be a better treat than them wearing the Lightspeed Rescue jackets. Neither GoGoFive jackets nor Lightspeed Rescue jackets really look much better than the other. I think trying other Tokusatsu hero costumes would be better. While Super Sentai did birth Power Rangers but there's still other shows that may be better (for some anyway) than certain seasons of Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

That event wouldn't feel complete without Hiroshi Miyauchi going to Power Morphicon. He's the man. He might…

Possible Star Wars References In Megaman X?

After playing the Megaman X all over again (out of boredom), I just want to share these tidbits of possible Star Wars references. Here are they. 
The most obvious one is Vile. Vile's name in Japan is VAVA so I guess like the whole Mike Bison/M. Bison controversy, they decided to rename him as Vile for the American audiences. The design is obvious: Vile is based on Boba Fett of Star Wars. As a character, he can be viewed as an evil version of Protoman or a combined version of Protoman and the Darkman Robot. Like Protoman, he's a defective unit that Sigma recruited as a lapdog.
Sigma may have some similarities with the famous Star Wars villain namely Emperor Palpatine or Darth Sidious. Before the rebellion, he appeared as a respected public figure then he later becomes known as a bloodthirsty tyrant. He wields a lightsaber similar to that of Star Wars (and Zero would later be known for wielding a lightsaber as well). In Megaman X4, he appears as a mysterious cloaked figure like…

So We're Having Another Short Pink Ranger?

As Power Rangers Ninja Steel's cast was verified and we're having a bit of reversal here with white being taller than pink (while in Ninninger, it was the opposite), I'm just reminded that some cast members in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers are pretty short themselves. The pink ranger is played by Chrystiane Lopes. 
Back in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, one can notice that Amy Jo Johnson-Giner was the shortest cast member ever. She was only 5'2. But there's been some short and mighty characters in Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Kimberly's short but she can kick ass. Others we can name are Ako Hayasaka (Blue Swallow), Kotoha Hanaori (Shinken Yellow), Emily (Yellow Samurai Ranger) and Fuuka (Shironinger) who are the shortest in their team but they can really fight.

Remembering The Final Words In Winspector!

The ending of Winspector was sort of everybody's graduation as they move to Paris. In the end, they battled the very first villain they encountered and saved everyone. In the end, Captain Shunsuke Masaki though he doesn't coddle crime, he started to think that some criminals may still be redeemable and not delete approved.

So in a matter of two years (script-wise), Solbrain is established as a new organization. Newer, bigger and better equipment. Solbrain tries to help some people out of their wrong choices since some of the criminals they have dealt with are petty criminals. The new organization was created to replace the Winspector organization. The name is definitely all about saving the soul and the brain of people and not just the life.

How will Solbrain be for me? I can't tell yet. I admit that I really find Winspector to be a fun show. It's too early for me to critique Solbrain based on two episodes. Will I end up saying that Solbrain is better than Winspector?…

What I Thought Of Solbrain's First Episode...

I had finished Winspector and it's time to watch Solbrain (as subbed by Sailor Otaku) but it's still the very first episode. I could give a few thoughts on the episodes. I remembered dropping this show as a toddler but as an adult, I admit that I regret dropping it. The plot follows that one year after the Winspector cast graduates to Paris, the new team called Solbrain enters with newer, better technology.

The new heroes are Daiki Nishio and Reiko Higuchi. During Winspector, only Ryoma Kagawa wore the upgrade suit. In Solbrain, the two work together since crimes have become more rampant. Junko Fujino herself could have used a suit given how badass she was but then again, no other character neither male nor female wore a power suit in Winspector. Ryoma had Accel and Biker to help him. At this point, Daiki has Reiko help him out in the more dangerous missions.

The organization has been upgraded with more personnel. Winspector was pretty much the start. One year later, Captain M…

Power Rangers' Time Force Ransik May Be A Commentary On The Consequences Of Our Actions!

While Mirai Sentai Timeranger existed as a fight against fate itself, Power Rangers Time Force presents a different angle. One could consider that Ransik himself may be a commentary to what's really wrong with society. While Power Rangers didn't have much of the exploration on the science theme in the levels of Bioman, Flashman and Liveman. Power Rangers in Space didn't explore the consequences of the wrong use of science as Megaranger did. Instead, it was more on a space theme like Changeman was as a Super Sentai series. But Time Force somehow explored in some way the consequences of manipulating life. 
In Ransik's origin story, he was born out of a laboratory accident. The story seems to follow from Jiban's main villain Dr. Giba who was actually born from a biological freak accident. It's not really established whether or not everyone was really aware Ransik was a mutant born out of a laboratory accident. Like Dr. Giba, he's filled with hatred for humans…

Parallelism Between The First Three Classic Megaman And Megaman X Games

Just before anything, you may need to remember a few stuff. Not all the Classic Megaman games preceded the Megaman X games. Megaman 7-10 are released as prequel games to the Megaman X series. Megaman 7 was released after Megaman X3 in an attempt to revive the Classic Megaman series. I want to share the similar events that happened in between two games.
Megaman vs. Megaman X

Both games are the start of their respective eras. Megaman X happens to be the first of its own kind but the gameplay is more complicated and innovative. Let's take a look at the similar events.

In the first Megaman game, Dr. Wily led a rebellion by reprogramming Dr. Light's six new industrial robots. In Megaman X, Sigma convinces a good amount of the robots made by Dr. Cain to join his cause. Also Vile, like Protoman has some kind of defect and is among the robots to join. Vile plays the role of a combination of Darkman and Protoman.

Similar bosses are Elecman to Spark Mandrill, Iceman to Chill Penguin, Fi…

Words Of Wisdom From Captain Shunsuke Masaki From Winspector Episode 17

From Winspector Episode 15 which has shades of "The Blob", the blob-like creatures came out as a result of reckless development. I felt like these words by Captain Shunsuke Masaki should ring a bell to everyone. 
Scientific development is good and necessary. But there's one thing that Captain Masaki wants to warn us about...

The problem is when we think "change is necessarily good". No, it's not always good. While I'm for innovation but just accepting it for the sake of it or to believe change equals progress is an unhealthy view. Some technology are environmentally friendly but others exploit the environment. Then nature ends up fighting back in some way.

I'm afraid most people just don't take it to heart these days. The whole episode warns us that while technology can be good but if left unchecked, it can be terrible. A certain group of people need to keep that in mind and that's why I'm selective with change. I must accept change but…

Wishful Thinking: Kimberly's "Foul Play In The Sky" Episode

While watching Zyuranger and the first 40 episodes of Mighty Morphin', I still can't help but comment how Reiko Chiba's acting needed more work while Amy Jo Johnson's experience in the theater helped her out. The episode "Foul Play in the Sky" had several goofs. Like how can Kimberly use a flying mecha but she couldn't even fly a plane? The show doesn't explain that. Here's what I wish really happened.

In Zyuranger, the episode "Fire the Golden Arrow" presented Bandora's back-up plan for her victory. She knew that the Ptera Arrow was the only thing that stood in between her and victory. Mei was poisoned by Bukback leaving the Zyurangers incomplete. In Mighty Morphin', Rita's plan was typically "divide and conquer". I could present some things that could have been included for that episode. I could still put Skull going after her and getting rejected for the nth time.

If I were to write the episode, I think I'd …

What I Thought Of The Next Generation Space Sheriff Movies

The Space Sheriff Trilogy (Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider) took place from 1982 to 1985. All three series had a common theme of heroes wearing some kind of metallic armor. It seems Toei was partly inspired by Iron Man during the Metal Hero saga's Space Sheriffs. Later, there were "spin offs" like Juspion and Spielban which may have not bee direct sequels or operated independently from the Space Sheriff Trilogy. 
After that huge travesty of a TV drama known as Zaidorks, I'm more than glad that Toei decided to release their true successors. Zaido was a terrible joke with its slow pacing, bad acting, bad writing and it's just that stupid. Too many fillers, too many stereotypes of Filipino telebasuras, etc. made it a bad show. It wasn't bad because it was a localization or because Filipinos made it. No, it was horrible because it wasn't done properly. It had the potential but it ended up badly. For a "sequel" it didn't do justice to the legends th…