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The Vegeta-Bulma Relationship

The Vegeta-Bulma relationship is my favorite pairing in Dragon Ball. Why? I for one am a big Vegeta fan. Anyway, I thought of it that Bulma is kind of a crazy girl (and I seem to get attracted to crazy girls myself) who is an only child, spoiled and selfish which kind of matches her with Vegeta. But they didn't have the normal relationship- nope- Vegeta was practically the enemy of the Z warriors when he first arrived and later, he was forced to team up with Goku to defeat Freeza. After his first revival, he ended up on Earth which later resulted to him marrying Bulma even if at first, he found her to be practically cheap. Actually, it could be hard to really understand to why Vegeta would fall for her and so would Bulma when in fact, they didn't meet each other in such good conditions. It's all but accidentally in love!

Toku Influence in Megaman

Megaman (or Rockman in Japan) apparently draws several influence from Tokusatsu. I think these are the series that have inspired Rockman's conception in the first place:

I think Megaman is most likely inspired by Metalder which was inspired by Kikaider. Why? Some of the robot masters in Megaman are almost based on Metalder but not all. Metalder was an android created to combat the evil Emperor Neros. Parallelisms would be Metalder's creator Dr. Ryouichiro Koga would resemble Dr. Light, Springer would resemble Rush and Emperor Neros as Dr. Wily being the scientist rival who seeks to conquer the world but he's WAY more evil. Emperor Neros is a cyborg. Some robot masters in Megaman that would be inspired from Metalder are Yamatoman, Gyroman, Napalmman and Shadowman.  However I do see a Bioman resemblance too with Dr. Wily being a lighter version of Dr. Man.  For Bioman I can't help but do this comparison of inspiration- Juuoh (Darkman Robots), Messerjuu (Tenguman, …

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot... ah yes one of those childish games I used to play. Honestly speaking, I personally and NEVER got to get 100% in any of the games and later quit trying to get the complete score because of the stress plus I had to study or fail. So anyway he was a genetic soldier created by Cortex who was viewed as a failure and eventually rebelled against his creator to save the world.

In the first two games, Crash Bandicoot foils Neo Cortex. However the second game would give a prelude to a much bigger revelation. When the space station crashed, it set free the ultimate enemy of the Crash Bandicoot universe, the evil Uka Uka who is Crash Bandicoot's ultimate enemy and the personal enemy of Aku Aku, revealing that Neo Cortex was receiving orders from a higher power all along. Think of it- so Neo Cortex and Uka Uka have a Wrath-Amon to Set relationship with Crash being Conan the Adventurer which became the plot of the third game which Uka Uka seeks ultimate power to dominate…

The He-Man and She-Ra Series

He-Man, supposedly inspired by Conan in many ways but loosely anyway. So I thought about it that the hero is Prince Adam who transforms into a barbarian-like hero with a giant tiger named Battlecat (in the comics, Conan had a lion named Amra) whenever he used the mystical sword to battle the evil sorcerer Skeletor who is somewhat a parody of the Robert E. Howard version of Thulsa Doom while He-Man somewhat combined aspects of Kull and Conan except that Kull must have inspired the creation of He-Ro instead of He-Man as He-Man may supposedly be Conan. In the Conan comics (not the novels), the skull headed wizard Thulsa Doom was a major enemy too. So I personally thought that only a few characters here were ever inspired by Conan. Most of them were derived from other sources, which prevents He-Man from becoming a Conan rip-off as alleged.

A spin-off series was called She-Ra: Princess of Power revealing that He-Man had a twin sister and an interesting side story of He-Man's archen…