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The Two Kazama Ladies Of Tekken: Jun Kazama And Asuka Kazama!

Having played Tekken as a kid though it wasn't really my favorite at first, I thought about how Jun was sort of my "crush", while Kazuya was my favorite character. Now I could talk about the two Kazama ladies...
Tekken 2 introduced the first Kazama member in Tekken. During the events of Tekken 2, Kazuya had taken over his father's place but had sank the Zaibatsu into what some say as a darker era. She was in charge of wildlife preservation, she went together with Lei Wulong to try and arrest Kazuya. Most likely, she might actually be the host to "Angel" as she is the one who visibly fight over for Kazuya's soul. She seeks to redeem Kazuya from the Devil within.

I Pity Sub-Zero Fans Huh?!

Looking at this meme where you have Ed Boon talk about the idea for the next Mortal Kombat game, you have him ask Scorpion, QUan Chi and Sub-Zero for ideas. Sub-Zero says, "Not killing me in every trailer." then WOOSH. Even if Sub-Zero isn't my favorite character and Liu Kang is my top favorite but... come on...

A Summary Of Some Things I Believe Power Rangers Did Worse Than Super Sentai, IMHO

If I wrote a summary of stuff that Power Rangers did better than Super Sentai, now it's time to write some of the stuff that they did worse. Now this is just a personal bias okay and I may focus mostly on the 90s. Moving on...

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers getting overextended then the Zordon Arc. I felt like that Mighty Morphin' should have just ended in the first season but Toei and Saban both agreed to film the Zyu2 exclusive footage. I dunno what Toei was thinking about allowing Saban to overextend Mighty Morphin' when in fact, they could have just moved with adapting Dairanger in full with an entirely new cast of characters. But again, I think Toei and Saban didn't put that too much into consideration back then until people got bored of recycling.

Is it me or do I really hate Zeo? Based on my own personal feelings, Zeo was a bad season and Ohranger is pretty underrated. Okay, I guess you know how I dropped this show like stupid when that stupid Dear John lette…

So... Toy Sales Saved Power Rangers From Cancellation?!

Did toy sales save Power Rangers in more than one level? I think so considering that if Ohranger didn't have a huge toy sale, if Go-onger didn't have a huge toy sale, I don't think that the show could go on.

Whether this is exaggerated or not but I heard Power Rangers Turbo almost cancelled Power Rangers but I think toy sales were still able to at least, give Saban enough money to continue his operations. So at least, he was able to get the rights to use Power Rangers in Space and at least, created a season that kept Power Rangers going.

Power Rangers Wild Force is another show that tends to get criticized for bad acting. I'll admit that after seeing Gaoranger, this how starts to get me mixed due to the lack of acting quality compared to its predecesor Time Force. With Jonathan Tzachor in charge of this show, the show started to basically have a slump. But I'd believe that at least the merchandise may have helped developed teh show.

The Billgoldy Project In Janperson

Mid-series, Janperson does not only get an android ally in Gun Gibson (something that didn't happen during the Robocop movies) but also, we have an interesting concept of a "New Janperson Model" which makes me think... IS THAT ROBOCOP 2?!
In Janperson episode 31, Ryuzaboro Tatewaki undergoes a rather daring operation (literally) when he attempts to integrate the Janperson model into himself, to become the the sinister Billgoldy. It might be a cross-reference to RoboCain in the second Robocop movie. Remember in the second movie, Cain's brain was removed from its body and placed into the second Robocop. Tatewaki received some kind of cybernetics operation that turned him into the sinister Bio-Cyborg known as Billgoldy which made me think... did the writers and producers have Clarence Boddicker in mind when they wrote this plot? Most likely!