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Hercules' Adaptations for Children

So far one can't deny that any child who grew up with Greek mythology watered down has this in their mindsets about Hercules:

Zeus is his father and Alcmene is his mother.  Hera is NOT the mother of Hercules but his jealous stepmother.  Hades is a neutral god.
Here's what is usually removed from the children's adaptation: Zeus slept with Alcmene in the form of Amphitryon, the husband of Alcmene.Hercules is born the son of Perseus.  Technically speaking, Zeus DI NOT have sexual intercourse with Danae but got her pregnant via a shower of gold so Alcmene is only Zeus' "great-granddaughter" in technical, not biological terms.Hera hated Hercules even more because the name Hercules means "the glory of Hera".Hercules killed his wife and children so he had to perform the labors.  Many variation of the labor happen from accidentally killing his mother 
The Disney one was the most deviant with the following: Changing Hera into his mother from stepmother. What was …

The Most Depraved Disney Villains

While most Disney villains were not really that bad but here are some I'd like to say are exceptionally evil you'll be scared to death...

Frollo does deserve his place as top one.  While he's not portrayed to be like in the novels (as an archdeacon which would have made more sense) and the archdeacon character a bishop, rather as a judge but still he does wield SO MUCH POWER AND EVIL.  Plus he's going after a woman who is just like a daughter in terms of age gap- Esmeralda.  In the novels, Frollo was fueled by celibacy.  He would really burn down all of Paris just to get Esmeralda- what a SOB he really is.  When she refuses him, he decides to execute her taking no remorse.  Plus one can't deny he actually did keep Quasimodo away from the world and repeatedly lied to him either and he's an extreme racist.  Softspoken, dignified yet full of evil within.  What a hypocrite.  A total monster that seemed one dimensional as if he was no longer human.  What makes him un…

Gatchaman Fighter's Count Egobossler

If there was any villain worth mentioning in Gatchaman it would not be the rather comedic (and gender ambiguous) Berg Katse or the redeemed villain Gel Sadora but rather...

His excellency Count Egobossler... or should I say his despicably evilness.  So why is he kind of unique?  Compared to Berg Katse and Gel Sadora, he was no product of Sosai X but rather a dictator who has little or no mercy in every area he occupies and a person who evolves into a complete monster.  His hatred unquenchable, he chose to show no mercy to anyone.  What also made him unique is that he would NEVER allow anybody to come above him, not even Sosai Z (created from Sosai X's remains) who he had a partnership with. He feigned his loyalty from the very start hogging the glory only for himself.  He was so cruel that even in the first episode, he launches an even bigger attack than most of his predecessors have.  He in fact made Gatchaman Fighter very special to me.

However things weren't exactly in his …

Similarities Between Daibazaal and Zanbazil

If there are two characters from Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion that would be worth comparing are the evil monarchs.  Here are some similarities between them:

Both were illegitimate children of the previous emperors of their respective worlds- Zanbazil is the son of the emperor by an extramarital affair, Honerva was most likely the mistress of the previous emperor (or his child bearer) thus bearing Daibazaal since the emperor never referred to Honerva even once as his mother and only called her "Honerva" all throughout and doesn't treat her very well (ex. Daibazaal yells at her). Either way, Zanbazil's mother may have been a lower rank official, possibly a witch in Boazan (that's my assumption).  Daibazaal may have most likely taken over the throne by force with the help of his mother Honerva to occupy the Galran throne and threw it into darkness and turmoil.  Both are also extreme racists.

Both want to rule the Universe- Zanbazil when he became emperor decla…

Dragon Quest 8 Possible Puns

In Dragon Quest 8, it's quite noticeable that there are some puns after all.  Like for example:

Trodain can come from the word "trodden".King Trode sounds like King Troll, as the fact that he's never attractive cursed or not.Pickham is a pun on Peckham.Rhapthorne's curse got Trodain WRAPPED IN THORNS and thorns have been his trademark.Perhaps the biggest pun is on Prince Charmles.  Give one bit of an additonal s, you get Charmless which is the name Yangus RIGHTFULLY calls him.  He's really Prince Charmless more like it.  In fact, he should have died in the end!  Well, the true ending is that he discovers that the Hero is not only his cousin but the rightful groom.