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The MMPR More Popular than Zyuranger in Japan Rumor... BALONEY!

Okay some stupid idiots have said on Rangerboard, "Hey do you know that MMPR is more powerful than Zyuranger in Japan?"  Seriously, some great Tokusatsu experts like Fantasy Leader can easily disprove that silly rumor.  To be honest, there are really some Power Rangers fans who can't accept the reality that Super Sentai is the original, Power Rangers is the adaptation and that both sides fight on the side of justice.  And also, I find most of MMPR's episodes to be really not so well-written, sugar-coated type of work and not to mention quality began to deteriorate.  Sadly, I wanted MMPR to just end with a real final battle, not go to seemingly endless cyles. :(

I just thought it over that even if Kimberly is hotter than Mei (and only extreme favoritism would change sides :P) but I find Mei pretty much more of the personality of the girl I'd like to date.  Yeah seriously I admit while I find Kimberly attractive but it's all face value.  Mei just really catche…

Kimberly as a Victim of Bad Writing in Power Rangers

I'd like to talk about Kimberly who had the potential for betterment becoming a victim of bad writing. Most of the happened after Amy Jo Johnson choose to leave the set then here's what happened... in Power Rangers Zeo she had a "Dear John Letter" which is pretty much out-of-character for her.  Hmmm... OOCs don't only happen in fan fics do they?  I've been there, done that and I don't know but this OOC is way beyond the border.  And also, suddenly pairing her with Jason (which is again intended) is just so random.  And of course, there's that breaking her up with Tommy completely and Kat becomes a forced replacement.  Man that sucks...

So here's the possible worst move...

There was a draft that Skull was going to be married to Kimberly which could mean Kimberly is... SPIKE'S MOTHER?!  Oh my!  However with Spike's age and he was born around the events of Turbo, it's possible Skull got somebody else pregnant.

Lord Zedd's Unnecessary Villain Decay

There have been a few complains I did have about Lord Zedd.  Okay marrying Rita was fine, nothing wrong with it but he and Rita both got decayed in a way they were both getting corny, less scary and comedic.  It was also pretty inconsistent with their longer, much longer list of terrible things they did together than when they were alone.  It could have been MORE sensible if he retained his being scary even after he and Rita Repulsa got married, since it would have been twice as scary.  But sigh... why did he have to turn into a clown?  Well I guess there's always another side of people we can NEVER figure out did exist after all.

Stronger but Easier to Defeat?!

This was the clip of MMPR's first episode for the second season when Lord Zedd returned.  Hmmm Lord Zedd may be fearsome and all but he's NOT very intelligent to create putties that are stronger but then in the long run EASIER to defeat.  Just hit the chest and it goes POOF... which is also evidenced by this video...

Boy it became a lot easier later... hee hee.  Does Lord Zedd ever use his brain for once?!

Most Tragic G1 Transformers Moments

Here's a list of events in Transformers that made me go sad...

Optimus Prime's first death... this scene really made me cry.  However it did encourage me to see the true power in me too.

The second death of Optimus Prime after he was brought back to life.  However at this point, Rodimus Prime was WAY more mature than he was when he started.

The death of Ultra Magnus at the hands of Sixshot.  Compared to Optimus Prime, he didn't turn gray but this is SO SAD.

Dinobot's death at he hands of Beast Wars Megatron.

No video available of Optimus Primals' final sacrifice in Beast Machines.  It does mirror his predecessor's sacrifice in Headmasters.