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Super Bass and Absolute Zero?

Bass being introduced as a villain in Megaman 7 then an anti-hero in Megaman Power Battle and Megaman Power Fighters may have left a legacy on the X series as well.  In Megaman X7, Axl is too obviously based on Bass from Megaman 7 and note both names of Axl and Bass are sound based.  So let's think of another tribute to him.

Absolute Zero from Megaman X Command Mission.  I just thought though that this form SHOULD have been given to Axl instead of Zero since Axl is closer to being a Bass tribute than Zero (who is also created by Dr. Wily) ever is.

Cole's Fate After Wild Force...

For Wild Force, there was the deleted ending where he became a veterinarian.  Apparently the epilogue takes place somewhere after the show.  If Alyssa became a teacher at the end of it and she was a high school student, then again Cole hasn't even gone to school at all!  So what's the possible ending?  So he went to help animals everywhere he went but did he find a job eventually?  It's not easy to think if he became a vet after all that... I mean he is a jungle boy after all!  So what's his fate?  I guess he might be working for some environmental organizations as of right now helping wild life.

Why Belle is My Favorite Disney Princess?

Belle, there's no doubt for me she's Disney's finest but... one can consider beyond her outward appearance.  In fact, what makes her unique is that she doesn't even flaunt over her appearance at all unlike Gaston.  Now for my reasons why I love her as a character:

Belle is more than just a beauty, she is a brain.  Well I'd settle for a plain looking girl with her personality though.  But the fact she reads a lot of stuff, makes her better than most of the villagers or those who want her for her looks.  For one, her personality shines greater than her appearance.

She cares about her father and still believes in being submissive without tolerating bullies.  She gave herself up for her father's freedom and she ended up changing the castle.

Gaston is basically a male chauvinistic pig and nobody should tolerate any form of chauvinism.  While she is definitely not physically stronger but she has the brains to make up for it.  She stands up against Gaston's lustfu…

Liu Kang's Possible Fate After MK 2011?

I was thinking of how the reincarnated Raiden bungled up the reincarnated timeline, where all of Earth's defenders die except Johnny Cage and Sonya.  So here, Liu Kang lost trust in his friend and mentor becasue of one mistake after the other.  Liu Kang foolishly tried to kill Raiden and it resulted to him getting severely electrocuted.  In my theory, he is dead and like the other dead, he may have already become part of Shinnok's phantom warriors for the next game.

My Dream Megaman Game: Megaman the Power Strike

Too bad Capcom really was a jerk and all with how they treated Megaman without giving him a proper farewell.  I mean make Megaman Legends 3, give Megaman a proper farewell and there!  Instead of making new robot masters, Dr. Wily decides to enhance eight of his robot masters namely the following:

Gutsman gains a better version of his Super Arm weapon where he can actually cause earthquakes.  Part of Gutsman's new weaponry is his ability to use a crushing mace as well.Darkman- Well Darkman will become a stage select boss instead.  He will have chest cannons that will inflict massive damage.Splashwoman- Megaman's only female boss gets a reboot with stronger wave powers.Fireman-  He will gain telekinetic powers and a stronger version of the Fire Storm.Tenguman- He will now be able to fire laser beams from his eyes.Pirateman- He has been given a dangerous gattling gun arm in place of his Splash Mine.Shadowman- He will now have the ability to blend into the shadows and fire his let…

Megaman and Bass: That Frustratingly Hard Megaman Game!

Well I only played Megaman and Bass via an emulator.  In Japan, it was known as Rockman and Forte to which the story is side split.  A robot named King supposedly took over Dr. Wily's caste.  You get to play as two characters- one is Megaman for one story, Bass for the other.  Bass unlike in Megaman: The Power Battle 1 and 2, he doesn't use charged shots but rather, he is more or less Axl's supposed spiritual ancestor or maybe even Axl himself.  Bass can double jump and dash but he cannot slide and while he has an easier time with stages, he has a harder time with bosses considering he cannot run and fire while he can actually shoot in different directions.  Megaman has an easier time with bosses.

So what makes this game really overly hard?  Well no energy tanks, WTF?  And the game stages are pretty complex and you don't get refills after finishing a certain stage which makes it suck big time.  In fact, the gameplay can be more difficult than Megaman X6 and Megaman X8…

Stuff I Wish Were Existent in Mortal Kombat 2011 Gameplay Wise

No doubt Mortal Kombat 2011 is a great game, it's a must buy even if you're not a fan of the whole franchise. But here were some stuff I wish existed in the game:

1.) Kombat zones

I wished for the return of the Pit II from MK2 with the classic spikeless pit finish, the Warrior Shrine instead of Shang Tsung's Garden, I also wanted to have the classic Portal stage from MK2/MK Trilogy, the Pit III (complete with fatality) and the Kombat Tomb (complete with fatality). Also I thought for the stages designs, I wanted the Living Forest to look more like the MK2 version in 3D.

2.) Stage fatalities

I wish the Hell fatality were the classic uppercut int the lava rather than the lame "dip the head in lava" fatality. I also wanted to have an Armory Stage fatality due to me playing Shaolin Monks. In the case of the Living Forest, I wish that the trees ate the opponent whole instead.

3.) On the bosses

While I can understand why the bosses aren't playable (it can get annoy…

Raiden's Possible Development Behind the Scenes?

Raiden in Mortal Kombat is the god of thunder.  But here's a bit of behind the scenes that could have happened in creating the character for the game:

The name Raiden is the Shinto god of thunder and not in Taoism or Buddhism.  However when you take a look at Raiden's appearance, he resembles more of a Taoist or Buddhist god in human form.  The costume design was also taken from one of the villains in "Big Trouble in Little China".

Meanwhile the Chinese god of thunder is known as Lei Gong who uses a hammer.  I just thought that Raiden was known as Laoka to Nightwolf so he must also been known as Lei Gong in China.  In fact, I thought Raiden should have been named as Lei Gong instead.  Other than that, Liu Kang was supposed to be Japanese but was made Chinese instead and I wonder why they failed to give their thunder god a Chinese name instead?

Stephen Lang Could Have Been a Good Thoth-Amon!

While watching the Conan 2011 movie, I just thought that perhaps it would have been better IF they kept the whole Snake Cult menace on then cast Stephen Lang not as the original character Khalar Zym but as the malevolent snake sorcerer Thoth-Amon!

I'll just admit Stephen Lang ALMOST looks like the cartoon version of Wrath-Amon.  Personality-wise, Khalar Zym's approach as a warlord is a more brutal version of Wrath-Amon.  He would have looked cool in the serpent armor but still name him "Thoth-Amon".  I mean, Stephen Lang has the kind of charisma that James Earl Jones had as the movie version of Thulsa Doom.  Keep the snake jibe going on while letting Stephen Lang still be the devoted high priest of Set.  Plus, Stephen Lang has the gruff voice that would make the serpent lord a scary force to reckon with.

Meanwhile I was thinking... I wish Stephen Lang will be cast as the villain of the "Legend of Conan".  Well I know the 2011 movie was a flop due to weak …

Why I Think Skipping A Gobusters Adaptation for a Kyoryuger Adaptation Was a Good Idea

I guess one might consider the fact that these days, it seems Super Sentai and its child Power Rangers both are toy focused.  I mean, one could take a look to why in the late 90s, additional combining mecha, more robots, etc. were made and eventually we had multi-gattai.  For Gobusters, it looked like that it had low toy sales, low ratings, etc. which Toei decided to probably tell Saban Brands not to adapt Gobusters and go forward for Kyoryuger instead.

I'll admit Kyoryuger isn't exactly my type of show.  Maybe because it's too silly or my Sentai flame is dying, I don't know.  But one thing is certain- the show has tons of merchandise with it which may have made Toei and Saban see "$ $" on their eyes.  This show had in a way, helped Sentai recover after Gobusters.  Which made me think- dinosaurs and samba might be a combination of old and new stuff. But judging by the toys it will sell in the U.S., I guess Toei is after profits to recover from whatever losse…

My Reaction to Power Rangers Super Megaforce Having Non-Zyu Powers Used!

Well I was hoping Super Megaforce will cut down on the non-Zyuranger footage but looks like Saban's staff is just being lazy or too busy baking cakes.  Now what's my reaction?  Aside from the use of Dairanger (which was NEVER used in Power Rangers) why are they now including pre-Zyuranger?  Calling Maskman as "Blitz" should have been for Changeman, why not call it Martial mode instead?  Hmmm if you ask me, I wonder what's in the brains of Saban's producers?!  Other than that, some of it view it as paying tribute to Power Rangers' parent... Super Sentai!

On the other hand, Ciara Hanna (who's most likely graduated from Nickelodeon now seeing she's now in an adult film) is the only stupid reason why I watch the show.

Any Unfair Bias on Power Rangers Girls by Super Sentai Fantards?

I was reading some unfair posts and biases on Power Rangers girls.  Sure I will admit that Super Sentai has hotter girls most of the time but one might consider the unfair bias.  Unfair bias is when they immediately label them all as bad without proper analysis.

I read some IMDB reviews that say Mei is prettier than Kim, I can respect that but to bash Kimberly as a useless whatever, is uncalled for.  As I said, I have my choice (Kimberly) and they have theirs (Mei) so why fight over it?  It's not a matter of morals here.

One might consider most Super Sentai girls are usually hotter and sexier but there are a few who are not as pretty as their Sentai counterparts for me.  For example I find Kira hotter than Ranru or I find Gia hotter than Moune and Luka but still, it's no reason to bash Power Rangers girls.

I respect people if they like Mihiko Niwa better than Ciara Hanna and I'm the other way around.  However to bash Power Rangers is causing division to Toei's family…

Does Power Rangers Have a Bias for Skinny Rangers?!

I was doing some notices towards Power Rangers.  So far, the Super Sentai counterparts when they get their Power Rangers counterparts get more muscular, "more manly" looking Power Rangers counterparts.  One could consider the first was Riki/Kingranger in Ohranger had a more "manly" looking counterpart in Trey in Zeo. But that wasn't really the end when he could consider these.

Ryou in Dairanger was probably started the trend of muscular rangers. Geki never went shirtless but the actor is pretty built up.  Ryou had gone shirtless in the series during his two battles with Jin Matoba.  However one must admit that the whole "muscle culture" is not really that placed in Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  In fact, the Akibaranger parody of Power Rangers featured the covers with beefed up Powerful Rangers (stupid name).

Now for muscles.  For Ryoma vs. Leo, Leo had more muscles.  In Lightspeed Rescue, its original ranger Ryan had the almost similar plot …

Bass and Axl Comparison in Gameplay

Both Bass and Axl were introduced in the seventh game of their respective series.  Bass was presented as a villain in Megaman 7 as Dr. Wily's new robot to counter Megaman.  In Megaman X7, Axl was introduced as an anti-hero who belonged to Red Alert who is in a difficult alliance with Zero and Megaman X.  Now for the gameplay differences.

Bass- In the game "Megaman and Bass" which was first released as "Rockman and Forte" in Japan (that game is super hard), Bass can double-jump (like Zero), dash and fire his buster shots anywhere.  Unlike Megaman, Bass doesn't use charged shots (in contrast to Megaman Power Battle 1 and 2).  Here Bass uses the Bass Buster which uses rapid shots making it hard to defeat bosses since he has to stand still while he fires.  To be honest, playing as Bass can be very frustrating in fighting against the bosses in Megaman and Bass because of his don't run with a gun trope.

Axl- A Bass-inspired character- cocky, arrogant and wan…

Clash of the Titans Comparison

Well it's time to show how some remakes tend to be terrible when they are not maintained.  Now to compare the two version of Clash of the Titans with these analysis.  I have seen the original version and the remake.  Now for each one:

First I'd like to talk about the role of Perseus.  So far, both Perseuses don't cut down to mythological accuracy which is okay, as long as it's done right.  For me, Sam Worthington does make a good Perseus and so does Harry Hamlin.  However plotwise, the Perseus of the original from 1981 had a much better execution for me.  For 2010 version, I do like the fact he was able to figure out Zeus was his father but the whole event was that, the 1981 version just has the better execution and character development, also with the plot where Perseus stays the grandson of Acrisius rather than stepson, which sticks to the plot of where his mother Danae was thrown into the sea because his maternal grandfather was afraid of the prophecy of him rising …

Voltes V's Possible Plothole: General Bergan

Looking at what Voltes V established was that in Boazan, the hornless were slaves.  So if General Bergan has no horns (if he has, they are possibly undersized or he lost them in battle) is a general for Zanbazil?  There's some possibility to this one... probably as a slave he was kiss-ass to royalty.  I mean Zanbazil did at one point offer La Gour/Dr. Gentaro Gou his position as minister of science back if... the latter would agree to help him invade other planets.  So possibly, Bergan had some talent in science even if he was of lowly birth so he was promoted.