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What I Think Of This Sneak Peak Of Tekken 7's Story Mode

Here's a sneak peak of Tekken 7's upcoming Story Mode. What do I think about it? So far, so good and I'm pretty much impressed by what the game has to offer. It goes beyond the legendary Story Mode that the Mortal Kombat franchise introduced during the PS3 era. Mortal Kombat introduced the mode during MK vs. DC (where you could choose between two sides) and continued the tradition during the Mortal Kombat reboot game.

You can see that there are Real Time events similar to Mortal Kombat X's Story Mode or the interactive endings from Soul Calibur III. The story mode will allow you to relive the events of the past events in Tekken such as play as as a younger Kazuya or get the chance to participate in the opening scene of Tekken 5 fighting a series of Jack-4 robots. These are just a few of the ways that the Story Mode has been innovated such as fighting a series of NPCs aside from the playable characters. I'm wondering whether or not we'll have one character focu…

The Power Rangers Snob Rumor Mill?

It's no secret that Tokusatsu societies can be full of rumor mills. I'll try to speak in a less biased way since people know I usually don't watch Power Rangers except if I have some dumb reasoning behind it (ex. hot girls) but I get a lot more of that from Super Sentai. Now it's time to look at the rumor mill that I've encountered but this isn't even a full list. These aren't even provable and are just circulated for the sake of being a Power Rangers snob.

Rumor mill: Mighty Morphin' is more popular than Zyuranger

I acknowledge the fact that Mighty Morphin' did get dubbed in Japan though I still can't get over why in the world is Reiko Chiba dubbing Kimberly?! I'd actually prefer it if Kimberly were dubbed by Natsuki Takahashi. So what's wrong with this one? There's no real evidence to back that up. Both shows have their pros and cons. I still like Kimberly better than Mei while preferring Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin'.

Rumor mi…

My Thoughts On Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite's Latest Trailer

While Street Fighter V came out as a disappointment, I don't deny I have a love/hate with Marvel Comics now for ruining the childhood of their readers and allowing themselves to get sold to Disney and a lot of bad plots (ex. Suddenly throwing Magneto's paternity out of the window, pairing Cyclops with Emma Frost and randomly killing Jean Grey, making Cyclops no longer the character he was, killing Wolverine) and Capcom for how it treated Megaman. Yes, I've been calling Capcom as Crapcom ever since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which is supposedly a new school game but it looks incredibly ANEMIC making the old school games a better play. But I never thought I'd actually tackle on Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's updates.
The new villain is known as Dark Kahn. It was nice to do some crossover plots like allowing Akuma to become a cyborg thanks to Apocalypse in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. This time, I feel like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (and I personally dislike th…

The Geki/Mei Shipping And The Jason/Kimberly Shipping

The Jason/Kimberly fanshipping might have Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans who may be shipping Geki/Mei. It's just a wild assumption but I wanted to think about what the two possible fan ships are. I want to think about it as forever shipped in the mind but never became official for either which. 
As said NEVER attempt to pair Burai and Mei as the two are just incompatible. Burai's prety much another X-1 Mask character after Gai Yuki. What about Geki and Mei? The two tend to have hints that they could have worked out as a lovey-dovey couple but Zyuranger never made it official.
This music video shows moments that they could have been a couple but in the end they were never established. Geki would have felt just as bad for anyone and not just Mei. The relationship seems to be more on a teammate basis than a real lovely/dovey basis. A lot of time in Zyuranger felt like it tried to establish a chemistry between them but no real romance happened. But it almost looked like that Gek…

Power Rangers Snobs: A Living Example Of American Superiority Mentality's Stupidity

Power Rangers snobs need to face this fact: no Super Sentai means no Power Rangers! They might reply with, "But Saban took Super Sentai which is crap and made it legend!" to my face. But here's one question that I might ask to them, "Did you even bother to watch Super Sentai before you call it crap? Did you bother to do some comparison or are you just bitching out because one's in Japanese and your beloved show is in English?" The whole idea of taking "crap" and making it "legend" is something. If it were crap why did Super Sentai survive in spite of having some bad seasons? If it were crap then why is Super Sentai the longest running Tokusatsu series by Toei? If it were crap then why would it attract both Stan Lee and Haim Saban in two different occasions? That may be a few questions to ask the Power Rangers snobs assuming they can provide a good answer.

Here's what I'm just think about that the whole kingdom of these Power Ran…

Power Rangers Seasons That I Refuse To Compare Too Much With Their Super Sentai Counterparts

Super Sentai and Power Rangers exist due to the cultural differences between Japan and the United States. I don't think Toei Ltd. would have succeeded with Power Rangers if Saban Entertainment wasn't working with them. I'd like to present Power Rangers shows that I refuse to compare too much with their original counterparts and why.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Zyuranger is all about mystical ancient warriors in the present day so stuff like "Mei is a better fighter than Kimberly." can be answered with "Duh, Kimberly's not a warrior princess!" Mighty Morphin' is all about teens becoming heroes like Turboranger and not ancient warriors. Also, trying to compare Bandora with Rita Repulsa gets out of hand. Bandora's a hammy villain who hates children when Rita Repulsa is just a nutjob villain. So why even make the comparison since Mighty Morphin' when both are apples and oranges?

Power Rangers in Space

Yet another apples vs. oranges iss…

How I Evolved As A Tekken Fan

I remembered as a child, I wasn't all too fond of Tekken. The reason was because of the "odd gameplay" where characters used the one button per limb fighting system and the more realistic approach in fighting. I started to like the series for its use of 3D graphics. But one thing I could remember was, "HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO MEMORIZE ALL THESE MOVES?" So I played Tekken like a masher using King without realizing that the game's actually meant to be accessible yet it goes deeper as you play it.

I had confused feelings about Tekken without understanding the full lore that it was always meant to be sci-fi since the beginning. It felt awkward to have non-projectile, a little more realistic fighting gameplay while the game requires you to screw logic every now and then. But that's the beauty of it with Tekken. You didn't really need to think too much. I was in denial that I actually enjoyed Tekken 3 but found the whole long list of moves to be tireso…