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Golion and Its Similarities to Its Predecessors

Golion came later after Voltes, Combattler V and Daimos. Now since it's completely separate from these series, so don't try to connect them. I felt like Golion was created to be a tribute to its predecessors save blowing up the Earth to separate itself from Voltes V and Combattler V which may launch the question, "Where were the Super Robots to defend it from Galran invasion?"

The Role of Yasimina in the Conan Film

For the Conan film, there was the role of the princess.  Instead of a damsel in distress, she is a misguided youth who might most likely be underaged or 18 years old, her age is never specified.  There Thulsa Doom intended to make her his, hinting a marriage was coming between them.  The film didn't explain much of the political issues which was removed when King Osric's death was removed.  All that can be seen is that she was being seduced away into the cult, where she had become Thulsa Doom's lover though the plot of marriage to the cult leader is never explained.  All that is known is that she is to be retrieved back from Thulsa Doom's Mountain of Power where she had been cohabiting with him as his lover.

During the time of her rescue, the princess was taken into captivity and chained to the rock before Conan plans to return her home to her father.  This resulted to the battle of Subotai and Conan against Thulsa Doom leading Rexor and Thorgrim into battle with a co…

The Possible Backstory of Galra

Actually nobody knows what Galra was or if it was always evil.  But I am left to speculate at the midseason revelation to the final revelation. So first we have Daibazaal (Zarkon), Sincline (Lotor) and Honerva (Hagar). For everything else, Voltron fans may have been shocked to learn the startling truth about the interconnection of these three characters.

For Emperor Daibazaal looking at the fact that Honerva is actually the emperor's mother, it is highly possible that the previous emperor of Galra took a mistress. Maybe Daibazaal like Zanbazil has a retarded half-brother. For one, I think that Honerva even without revealing that she was his mother assisted Daibazaal's ascent into the throne. So pretty much, while Honerva was always serving Daibazaal, for some reason she never revealed she was his birth mother. So pretty much, he grabbed the throne by force and turned Galra into a wicked empire which he has no mercy for anybody. He took the throne by illegitimate means and it …

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Adaptational Villainy of Some Characters

Here's some adaptational villainy I thought needs to be addressed:

Hera- First and foremost, while it's certainly true to the myths that Hera hated Hercules but the show just makes her "too evil" where a lot of Zeus' misdeeds like separating Echidna from her husband Typhon or wanting to take fire away from man.  Yup, several times Hera has become more of a villain who throws her anger at the world than a bitter anti-heroine.  In the myths, Hera hated Hercules because the name Hercules means "Glory to Hera".  Pretty much the show makes Hera more cruel and hateful than she is in the myth.  In the myth, Hera's anger towards Hercules was pacified after the twelve labors and after Hercules rescued her from being raped by the titan Portheryon.

Ares- Well Ares is another.  While the myths don't really portray him to be really evil, Hercules the Legendary Journeys pictures him to be much worse to the point he replaced his mother Hera as the show's m…