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Emperor Zanbazil and Emperor Daibazaal Compared

Well here's our two contestants and let's compare them...
Emperor Zanbazir
Series: Voltes V Known relatives: 123rd Emperor of Boazan (father), a retarded half-brother, La Gour/Dr. Kentaro Gou (cousin and adoptive brother), unnamed uncle, unnamed aunt, Prince Heinel (second degree nephew), Kenichi Gou (second degree nephew), Daigorou Gou (second degree nephew), Hiyoshi Gou (second degree nephew), Lozaria (cousin-in-law), Mitsuki Gou (cousin-in-law)

Zanbazil was born between the affair of his father the previous emperor and an unknown woman resulting to this child born out of wedlock.  Maybe, just maybe his father was so upset about him having a retarded older half-brother.  Maybe he grew up as an outcast of sorts and was determined to be Emperor of Boazan. When his father died, he eyed the throne and had to find every dirt he could at La Gour and when he found out of La Gour's being hornless, he immediately was crowned emperor and he began to mistreat La Gour fo…

Voltes V and Golion Compared

Well I'm going to do a comparison to which series did better... just my two cents on everything.

Golion's setting is non-canon to Voltes V evidenced by the beginning when in the year 1999, Earth is hit by a nuclear war to which Galra may have been responsible for.  So that is taking things to far.  In one instance to another, I thought that the Voltes V team had more drama involved especially with the three siblings Kenichi, Daigorou and Hiyoshi especially when in the middle of the series, they are revealed to be half-Boazanian.  Golion's team members are apparently just "too standard".

The obvious similarity is the presence of the Orcus on the throne, Daibazaal and Zanbazil.  Just thinking about it, Daibazaal might be 50 years old (500 in Earth years) but he really acts like a two year old with all his tantrums and the fact he does evil for evil's sake- does this guy even KNOW the meaning of planning?  I mean really, no monarch should throw their scepter at …

Lord Zedd's Impact in MMPR

MMPR well that season was really overextended. Now I thought here's been the surprise twist to everything- Rita Repulsa appeared to be the big bad of MMPR but later, we realize that the former was merely the subordinate of Lord Zedd. So pretty much what impact did it bring? So for me, it was too much a sudden twist in everything then again, surprises do happen. But how did he act as a villain? As a villain, I pretty thought that he pretty much had these problems...

While I was impressed by Lord Zedd being able to create stronger putties but one problem this guy has- he made them with an obvious weak spot which made them easier to defeat which I think is pretty stupid. I mean, really what kind of an evil overlord would value too much of strength to ignore defense? That was what was practically wrong with the putties. He blames Rita Repulsa for all the failures but he really, really has his own set of failures not to mention most of his schemes are just as silly. He was only scary …

Colonel Tasmader's Role in Kamen Rider Black RX

Colonel Tasmader, one of the enigmatic characters in Kamen Rider BLACK RX.  He was introduced as the Crisis Empire's inspector sent by Grand Lord Crisis himself.  In fact, what is so amazing is that he has survived death twice in the series, one when General Jak injured him to save Maribaron or when RX attempted to finish him off.  So something was definitely not right about him.

Of course, he was always at odds with everyone considering he is a real braggart and very cruel to everyone.  General Jak always cared about his subordinates and was more than willing to avenge them but no, not Tasmader.  Tasmader was a real cruel SOB shrouded in mystery to how he survived twice.  Now for the rather strange revelation about him...

In episode 46, we discover that he is actually the host body of Grand Lord Crisis which would be similar to this guy from Sharivan...

That's right, Umibozu/Psychorror.  In Sharivan, Demon King Psycho was using Umibozu/Psychorror to actually move around as a…

Troy as He-Man? Just a Joke!

Well here's probably what was quite a "long awaited" shirtless scene for Troy Burrows in Megaforce.  Then again some Super Sentai in the past before Power Rangers had shirtless males like Ryou in Dairanger, Gaku in Fiveman (but he's not a muscular guy) or Takeru in Maskman which was however not as muscular as most Power Rangers males.

Gaston's Role in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is another character I thought is pretty much complex.  At the film, he appears to display several personalities from being a boorish chauvinist to being a cunning person (considering he is a hunter) to his deadly lust for Belle.  As far as concerned, there hasn't been any mention of how old he is or Belle.  Then again, I am considering the fact Gaston could either be in late 20s or early 30s but that was never specified in film.  Considering he runs a tavern despite his low brain status, it can be assumed he's probably in his late 20s.

So okay Belle is 17 years old in the fic, four years younger than Beast who was 21 which might make Gaston a pedophile then again marriages in the past happen that young and well, Gaston is possibly in his mid-20s so making him even older than Beast.  What I would like to bring up is Gaston's unhealthy lust for Belle even if they are very incompatible to start with.  First, Belle might be smoking hot but she's a conservative stuc…

Jafar's Role in Disney's Aladdin

Disney's Aladdin was of course having a lot of changes for this version.  The most notable change has to be Jafar.  In the novel, the magician held no power whatsoever in authority except he was after the lamp and it was only later he lusted after the princess plus the royal vizier had a son, though in Faerie Tale Theatre, the princess Badroulbadour was set to marry the vizier than the vizier's son.  In Aladdin, the character of the Vizier was merged with the unnamed sorcerer creating the really scary villain Jafar.  So what's the deal with Jafar?  Jafar is probably 42 years old or even older, he lusts for power and later the princess.  Just made me think, he really is a creepy villain and remember Jasmine is only 16 years old!  The reason why he wants the lamp in Aladdin is to get its power so he can have lots of it.

A master manipulator at best, Jafar is obviously the type to want power for himself and of course, he has been manipulating the Sultan behind the scenes.  …

Disney's Aladdin: Changes from the Novel and Most Adaptations

While there's the least obvious that Aladdin here has changed from Chinese to Arabic (as most adaptations did) but now let's see the differences... aside from Abu and Rajah.  In the original, Aladdin's father had died and his mother was shown in the fic.  In the movie, Aladdin was thought to be an orphan at the streets (homeless urchin) until the Aladdin and the King of Thieves movie.  So pretty much, much a difference.  Also Aladdin doesn't meet Jasmine earlier, he was a child at the beginning of the novel.  Jasmine was also shown to have been paraded when Aladdin first saw her.

The first is the Genie.  In the original story, there is the Genie of the Lamp and the Genie of the Ring, two genies.  The Genie of the Lamp in the original story grants unlimited wishes, the Disney's Genie only granted three wishes.  Also, Disney completely removed the genie of the ring and created a sentient magic carpet in its place.

Another great difference is Jafar against the unname…

So Aladdin was Chinese?

As a child, I pretty thought my now missing storybook called "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp" was merely a rewrite of Aladdin which I thought was from the Middle East. So pretty much the names are very Middle Eastern yet amazingly, Aladdin was set in CHINA?! Yup, that's what I discovered and of course, the Disney's Aladdin is a radical adaptation with a lot of changes and most versions of Aladdin that usually stay faithful to most of the book's events are shown in the Middle East but China? It had me baffled. The French translator Antoine Galland added it into the collection. You can read more here to find the information.

Yup I remembered watching Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp in Faerie Tale Theatre which was set in the Middle East. I don't know why only a few people knew of Aladdin being Chinese. In that one, Aladdin had the genies of the ring and the lamp (both James Earl Jones). The princess was originally named Badroulbadour and of course, the royal vi…

The Deleted Wild Force Ending... Why It Didn't Make Sense!

I was getting WTFed when I found this one.  Sure I like the character from all PR reds but still, this doesn't make any freaking sense.  I mean, Cole was a jungle boy and he probably had to learn to read and write behind the scenes.  He did learn to read and write but come on, he has missed practically much of his life in school while being raised as some kind of jungle boy.  Overall, I'm glad the writers decided not to put this ending since it wouldn't make much sense for him.

Zero's Role in the Megaman Series

Zero- not much was known about him until Megaman X4 and Megaman: The Power Battle 2.  In Megaman X, he was just a mysterious red robot that worked with X and had that unusually powerful Z-Buster which he removed in favor of keeping his powerful but short-ranged Z-Saber.  Now for then, Zero's role was Megaman's best friend in the new future where he lived a new life as X.  In Megaman X1, he sacrificed himself to save Megaman from Vile.  In Megaman X2, his body parts were being hunted by Serges (possibly a robot version of Dr. Wily) who was later revived in the process.  In Megaman X3, he was partly playable with a cheesy Z-Buster and if at full charge, he releases a slash beam which made him cheesy but he was merely a back-up. Now here's when Zero really gets truly playable...

Yup that's right in Megaman X4 but he lost that Z-Buster which for me has defined his personality.  While somewhat harder to use, but Zero learns different sword skills along the way and two, tha…