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How I Might Have Written Megaforce's Characterizations

I find Megaforce fine but nothing special but I thought I'll probably write these characters, this way:

Troy may follow Shun from Fourze.  I might make him a football player with an overly controlling father who also runs the school.  Things change when he becomes the red ranger.  His family problems may explain why he became "robotic".

Jake might be the Gentaro of the group, the one who wants to be friends with everyone which kinds of comes in between his ranger duties.  Heck, I might even drop the plot where he has a crush on Gia. Instead he is the "bad boy" of the group.

Noah well, I could still keep him as he is.

Gia may be the "campus queen" like Miu in Kamen Rider Fourze.  Troy dates her because his dad says he must only date a queen which Gia is.  However Troy realizes queen or no queen, he really likes her for who she is.

For Emma, I might avoid her as a Kimberly clone and instead, make her a Tomoko clone.  That is she has the "mysterious…

The Darker Side of Pinocchio: What We Never Knew!

Pinocchio was definitely a classic story adapted by Disney.  However here's what we never knew of Pinocchio that happened.  These were...

Pinocchio really turned into a donkey and was sold to the circus.  When he could not perform, his owner attempted to kill him (as to turn his fur for profit) but he was turned back into a puppet.

The story of Lampwick.  While the Disney film has its moderate amounts of nightmare fuel BUT the book reveals a sadder fate for Lampwick.  Later what happens to him is that he was sold to an abusive farmer.  Pinocchio tries to save him but it's too late.  A really harsh commentary on children's misbehavior.

Conan the Adventurer: Watering Down Robert E. Howard's Stories

Since Conan the Adventurer is a cartoon, they replaced the word "barbarian" with adventurer which effectively cut off the series from the mainline of Conan.  Here they are:

Conan was toned down considerably.  While still badass and bad-tempered, he is not a womanizer, thief, bloody fighter, etc. that he was in the comics but rather, he is morally upright.  That completely separates him from the Conan of the movies, comics and novels.

Violence toned down.  Obviously it's to fit with TV-Y7-FV standards.  If this were a Japanese cartoon, they would have probably added violence.  Wrath-Amon's attack on the village was toned down, Conan's family is merely turned to stone rather than butchered by Wrath-Amon's attack, the star metal merely sends serpent men away than destroy them, etc.

Wrath-Amon is nowhere near as ruthless as Thoth-Amon in the comics/novels or the movie Thulsa Doom (who is closer to Thoth-Amon than the comics Thulsa Doom).  Instead, he is more of a…

How Robert E. Howard May Have Reacted to the Conan Cartoon

Back then I had no idea that the Conan franchise was an adult one.  I just enjoyed the Conan cartoons never mind how silly it was (ex. serpent men just disappearing into the Abyss)... which got me into a culture shock over THIS Conan...

The 1982 Conan which was brutal and bloody... just like the Conan comics and novels.  Considering Conan the Adventurer is a kid's show it had to be sanitized to He-Man levels.  Conan in the cartoon is not an anti-hero, bloody, thief, womanizer, etc. but he is a highly upright character with the flaw of a bad temper.

I just wonder how Robert E. Howard will react to this guy... Wrath-Amon!  Wrath-Amon was pretty much a rehash of Thoth-Amon except he was a serpent man born from a lizard from the previous high priest of Set, Ram-Amon.  Wrath-Amon remains as Set's high priest but he is more or less goofy as the cartoon Serpentor, to the point of absurdity.  He is served by the serpent men, who instead of getting killed are merely vaporized back to…

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily: Inspirations for Creation

In the world of fiction, certain characters are based on real people and mythical people.  I also thought of who may have inspired Dr. Light and Dr. Wily...

Dr. Thomas Light may be a shout-out to the scientist Thomas A. Edison, the inventor of the first light bulb.  However he does not appear like the scientist Thomas Edison, instead you might want to think of this one...

That's right, the mythical character that is Santa Claus.  Okay Dr. Light does not possess any of Santa Claus' powers, he doesn't deliver gifts on December 24 once a year in one night, he doesn't have a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer (though he might create eight mechanical reindeer to DO the job)... but like Santa Claus he is definitely a jolly old fellow.  One may think of it like Santa Claus he also has a workshop though he is far more technologically advanced than Santa Claus and can make better toys for children.  Although I wonder what it would be like if Megaman met Santa Claus.  The Archie C…

Prototype Reploids in the Megaman Series?

In the Megaman series, I was thinking though these are hints towards the Reploids (robots with free will like a human being) for the X series namely...

In Megaman 7, after defeating Dr. Wily, Megaman displays his own free will at a human level albeit at a Maverick level.  Megaman finally decides to break the Asimov's Law of Robotics (which was also applied in Megaman X for Reploids) in an attempt to kill Dr. Wily since no robot was allowed to harm a human.  Assuming Megaman X is the original Megaman rebooted (since no monument of the original Megaman exists in the X series until the Zero series), Dr. Light may have decided to delete Megaman's memories to avoid him from turning Maverick while upgrading him to X.  Compared to Protoman and Roll, he is far more advanced in his decision systems which may have triggered the creation of X, at the same time sealing X until the world was ready.

Bass is another one.  For one, it intrigues me how Bass does not fear Megaman and two, after…

Power Rangers Head Writers and How They Fare for Me

Power Rangers had a group of writers which are...

Douglas Sloan- The overused writer for all MMPR seasons, Zeo and Turbo.  So far, he's no Hirohisa Soda with his writing and he's just plain.  One may consider his worst moves in Power Rangers for me are villain decaying Goldar, not keeping Lord Zedd's scary personality after marrying Rita (which was inconsistent with the fact Lord Zedd became more dangerous at the same time) and the Dear John letter in Zeo.  He was also in the Disney era for the decent season PR Ninja Storm and the overrated PR Dino Thunder.

Judd Lynn is basically the more daring writer who brings new stuff.  He brings character conflict, recycles stuff from Super Sentai series which I believe he is a Hirohisa Soda fan and in extension a Yasuko Kobayashi fan, doesn't copy too much from the source and really just about everything.  I would call him the Toshiki Inoue of Power Rangers considering how many deaths he wrote during PR in Space (highest fatalit…

The Most Odd Villain Pairing in DC Animated Universe?

Remembering the episode "Betrothed" in Teen Titans where Starfire was supposed to marry that awful creature known as Glrgdlskerchhh (wow awful name) a disgusting blob-like creature that kinda freaks me out even when I was already an adult when I first saw this episode!  So yeah, I figured out that Starfire managed to force her sister Blackfire into marrying the monster Glrrgdlskerchhh which led to an even more unusual Teen Titans short:

Not surprisingly, the children of Blackfire are ALL monsters assuming she even gave birth to them or may have been her husband's children from a previous partner.  If they were her children, shouldn't they at least be humanoid in a way?  Actually this is just from Teen Titans Shorts so it's most likely not canon.  But if it were, so good for Blackfire, she got a really good fate to marry that monster!

What if Amy Jo Johnson Didn't Leave Power Rangers Until Later?

Looking back at MMPR and Kimberly leaving, what if Amy Jo Johnson didn't leave the set until later that is Turbo?

I simply just fantasized what if she were Zeo Ranger I and Kat never came into existence. While I'm not a fan of Kat herself BUT I cannot deny that I still think of what if Amy Jo Johnson didn't decide to leave for better career opportunities. So here's what I think could happen for Zeo if Kimberly not Kat were the Pink Zeo Ranger. Chances are also these... knowing Jason returned in Zeo, there would probably the love triangle between Tommy and Jason for Kimberly to manifest which wasn't really in Power Rangers back then she will stay until second half of Turbo.

Is Power Rangers Really Beyond Dead for Me?

I was thinking of why my fandom with Power Rangers is shaking (but not that I hate it but my love goes to like and the lowest is probably dislike) and I feel like I'm no longer a fan, either I've grown up or because the quality has just gone bad:

Disney era entered.  So it wasn't really bad with Ninja Storm (except Mara and Kapri) but Dino Thunder imo was showing signs of decline aside from Tommy getting overly used or two, CASSIDY AND DEVIN! Bruce Kalish wrote Power Rangers SPD which was good for some (and it was dubbed in Japan by the Dekaranger cast) while most of the mistakes were executive meddling.  However Bruce Kalish was basically the Shoji Yonemura of Power Rangers.  Operation Overdrive had potential with the Corona Aurora but bad writing killed it.  Power Rangers got cut too short during the Kalish era.

Power Rangers RPM was a decent Disney season which probably inspired Gobusters.  During this time, it had a two half and half thing for 32 episodes.  Episode 20 …

What's Wrong with Lion Voltron's Plots?

After watching Golion which is well, better than Voltron but a series faced with the issues of writer's burnouts and producers running out of ideas... now for issues in Voltron I thought needed to be addressed:

Character deaths removed.  Okay I CAN understand if Voltron trimmed off all the gory scenes BUT it's NOT an excuse not to include the character deaths.  Many times a character obviously dies but they write the deaths off.  For example, Sven was really obviously dead with Hagar's attack YET they let him live later without explanation?  What's going on?  And the problem goes on and on with character deaths like being transported in some other dimension.  I mean Curan's wife and son can still be killed without showing their death scene!

Many times human characters are replaced with robots which makes the situation utterly stupid.  It makes Zarkon more stupid than the already retarded Daibazaal.  In the finale of Golion, it made more sense why the Golion team w…

The Copy Chip in Megaman Series

The copy chip was first mentioned in Megaman X7 or not?  I was thinking about Megaman series having hints towards the copy chip...

Megaman and Protoman are the first robots to copy the abilities of the robot masters but not their DNA.  Later Bass was revealed that he too like Megaman can copy the abilities of the robot masters.  They can only copy one ability though.

The Doc Robot was introduced in Megaman 3.  After defeating all the eight robot masters, you must fight the Doc Robots located in four accessible stages.  The Doc Robot was able to copy the ability of the Megaman 2 bosses.  Both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light created them, at this point Dr. Wily's fake reformation was not yet revealed until Dr. Wily stole Gamma for his own uses.

In the Megaman X series, Zero was introduced.  In Megaman X4, Zero was revealed to be able to copy the elemental abilities of the bosses rather than a selected weapon.  Somehow he was able to use these abilities into his saber attacks which varied ag…

The Ironic Role Reversal Between Sigma and Zero

In Megaman X4, I do find Zero's storyline pretty weird when his backstory was revealed.  In the beginning, we finally see that Zero was created by Dr. Wily to defeat Megaman and much possibly, to succeed him.  Zero was sealed away but was probably programmed to fully activate when Dr. Wily dies, to continue his "father's work" which he was that "Red Maverick" referred to by Sigma.  As a Maverick, Zero was petty and cruel to which he even nearly killed Sigma, prior to Sigma becoming the big bad.

The irony is also this- Sigma was once the honorable leader of the Maverick Hunters but ends up becoming the Megaman X series' antagonist effectively replacing the late Dr. Wily.  While Zero was supposed to succeed Dr. Wily, he joins the Maverick Hunters.  Since Megaman X has no memories of his past or past existence as the original Megaman, it wasn't hard for Zero and X to work together.  I mean Megaman X was Dr. Light's creation, Zero was Dr. Wily'…

Wily vs. Sigma as Main Antagonists

The Megaman series had Dr. Wily as the main antagonist.  The Megaman X series featured the much deadlier Sigma.  So let's see how these people operated within their time periods:

Dr. Wily was the big bad of the Megaman series who from Megaman 1-3 was basically more of a joke character.  However from Megaman 4 and onwards, he started getting serious and developing real plans to get rid of Megaman even if it means stealing alien technology (which he did in Megaman World V which nearly killed him when he revived the alien robot Sunstar).  In Megaman 4, he kidnaps Calinca, Dr. Cossacks' daughter.  In Megaman 5, he frames Protoman.  In Megaman 6, he creates the robot tournament under the alias of Mr. X hoping to crush Megaman for good.  In Megaman 7 he was well prepared for his arrest, even created his "firstborn son" Bass to get rid of Megaman, though Bass frequently rebels and has dropped from villain to anti-hero.  In Megaman 8, he uses the Evil Energy which continues …

Power Rangers Villains I Thought Were Really Cruel

Power Rangers while most of the villains were pretty standard, some villains are pretty noteworthy for me namely:

Trakeena- If Power Rangers in Space copied Shiima's storyline into Astronema, don't forget this mean bitch who is similar to Queen Ahames of Changeman in how she deals with people around her.  She manipulates both heroes AND villains for her own benefit.  She lies a lot, she causes destruction without remorse, plus she never fails to come up with her cruel schemes to make the lives of the Lost Galaxy Rangers miserable.  She bullies her father's generals with her position, manipulates them to her bidding and does the same to others.  People who were victim of her treachery among villains are Treacheron and Villamax.  Towards the end, she goes crazy and mad with power.  She was determined to destroy Terra Venture in the state of madness, only to be stopped by Leo. She later returned in Lightspeed Rescue and was finally destroyed.  Truly a vile piece of scum!


X-Gene Confusion in X-Men?

There is really no explanation in X-Men whether or not the X-Gene is really dominant or recessive or how it suddenly comes out. Here's some of the mutant/human relationships in a family:

Summers Family

From the Summers' family tree, Cyclops and Havok are mutants while they have both human parents and human grandparents (father side). Even the later third Summers' brother Vulcan (who was turned into a villain thanks to Shiar) was also a mutant. So where did their mutant genes come from? All that is known as that Cyclops' descendants in most timelines are mutants. Cable his son by Madelyne Pryor (the Jean Grey clone) is a mutant, Rachel Summers is a mutant, Stryfe the clone of Cable is a mutant and Tyler his grandson (which is genetically speaking by Stryfe) is a mutant. The Guthries are mostly normal human while having mutant children.

Mutants born from either one parent is normal human:

David Haller is the illegitimate son of Professor Xavier and a human woman. Wolverine…