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The Captain Planet Series

Perhaps another of those series I thought were either an old shame or not is Captain Planet.  The whole show itself was pretty much focused on five youngsters who were selected by Gaia the spirit of the Earth to summon Captain Planet.  Mythologically speaking, Gaia is Mother Earth and the mother of creation in Greek Mythology who continues to rule even after Uranus and Cronus were overthrown.  So I had my thoughts on what's pretty silly about the series too.  The characters are Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from Europe, Gi from Asia (no country specified) and Matti from South America.  So pretty much, Gaia chooses them because of the purity of their intent.

The villains themselves you might want to think how in the world did they get their names?  Did their parents have a poor sense of naming?  So we have the names as puns to what they do:

1.) Duke Nukem (NOT the video game hero) well is nuclear reaction.
2.) Dr. Blight means destruction.
3.) Looten Plunde…

The Wizard of Oz DIC Series

I remembered watching the 1939 Wizard of Oz film which the ending seemed to suggest that, "It was just a dream." scenario. Yet, I wonder why I still liked that movie as a child in spite of the whole implication that it was just a head-induced delirium. Then the 90s came where DiC produced a "sequel" where it doesn't look like it was just a dream. The Wicked Witch of the West gets resurrected in a new body (but she's still allergic to water) and the cast must return to defend Oz once more.

The show lasted for only 14 episodes. I could remember how there was the episode of the Clock Master or the Upside-Down Town. I remembered how it was aired repeatedly even after the 14th episode which made me wonder as a child saying, "Why aren't there new episodes?" Then I realized one thing -- it only had 14 episodes! The show itself ended with the hot air balloon contest where the Wicked Witch of the West was last seen flying off because it was raining. It…

The Super Mario Cartoon Series

Well there was the Super Mario Bros. Super Show which I remembered watching as a child back when the NES was still popular, too bad I didn't have a Super Nintendo back then or is it good?  Anyway this was one of the shows I thought was pretty popular.  It follows loosely from the computer games but it is a way better trip than that damn awful Super Mario movie (avert thine eyes from it).

Well it's not your trip to Mushroom Land all the time but it features King Bowser (called King Koopa here) with Super Mario Bros. 2 villains namely Mouser, Triclide the three headed snake, Birdos, Shy Guys and some of the standard villains like Koopa troopers and Goombas in their quest to take over various realities.  Which King Koopa here becomes various story book characters and the Super Mario Bros. must stop him from rewriting history with the Princess Peach and Toad while of course, King Koopa does still have his on/off crush on the Princess Peach.  In short, it was really a combination…

Why I Still Choose Tekken Series Over Virtua Fighter Series

Back then I only played Virtua Fighter at the arcade and at some friend's house while I played Tekken 1-3 on the Playstation 1 back then.  So my impressions were simple on both games- Virtua Fighter can be fun but Tekken for me had a more interesting gameplay and storyline.  Both games feature mostly realistic moveset while having a sci-fi story.  
But I'll just probably think of what I really thought why I think Tekken beats Virtua Fighter.  Tekken aside from its great fighting game also has for me, has more reasons why you should finish the game.  Okay Tekken 1 was pretty bare back then, well you can't blame it, it was more or less a gamble.  But you get to really unlock cool character endings which Virtua Fighter doesn't have which annoys me.  I thought that Virtua Fighter had harder controls compared to even the first Tekken game.   Tekken usually gets itself more bursting with cool content than Virtua Fighter for me. Virtua Fighter is pretty bare including its st…

Why Mortal Kombat 2011 Kicked Ass!

Mortal Kombat really well literally got reincarnated last 2011 into an otherwise really solid game that will make you stare in disbelief.  So here's what I thought of Mortal Kombat 2011 and why it kicked ass:

1.) A bit more masher friendly gameplay- The reincarnated Mortal Kombat's battle system has become a little more masher friendly.  In what way?  You have a button for each limb like the Tekken franchise, cheesy combos and you might consider the whole return to 2D gameplay.  Again, even today some fighting games in general use 3D graphics on a 2D plane like Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Here, you have Mortal Kombat returning to a 2D fighting plane which makes it somewhat more masher friendly and doesn't nerf the pros and becomes more accessible to beginners while you can figure out how to do some really wacky combos to troll your opponents.  Though Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 imo are still more masher friendly and more accessible than this aweso…

Shame Netherrealm Studios Didn't Get Hold of the Rights to Killer Instinct!

In the past, Killer Instinct was a popular game for the Arcade and Super Nintendo which spawned what I might call a not-so-well sequel called Killer Instinct 2.  I was thinking if anybody could have handled Killer Instinct better it would have been Netherrealm Studios.  I know Midway went bad but Netherrealm Studios for me could have been better.  In fact if they did the game, here's what we might find:

1.) More than ten characters.  Netherrealm Studios may soon revive Cinder, Riptor and other fan favorites.  The might even now transport Maya, Kim Wu, Tusk and Gargos into the present to compete in a third tournament.  Sadira and maybe more new characters will be born.  Midway learned from its mistakes with the previous MK games and decided to adapt to change.  Too bad that Killer Instinct as a game now hasn't adapted much to change.

2.) Bloodier fatalities.  Shame that Killer Instinct for the X Box One has none of the No Mercies which were loved by the fans.  They might really…

Other Problems with MMPR Season Two and Three

As said, it was better for MMPR to end as it should.  And now I'd like to list my problems with the series aside from the overextension and no proper finale:

Lord Zedd- Though he initially had a cool introduction and everything, cool theme song and I just seldom imagined myself as him (at first) but I thought that he was actually just threatening for the first few arcs but you can see he had become a terrible joke, even before his marriage to Rita.  I thought that after he created his advanced Z-Putties, he was too focused on brawn than anything.  The Z-Putties were more powerful but the Power Rangers could beat them so easily after that, making them more useless.  And after draining the Green Ranger powers after a couple of otherwise "standard schemes", he was just getting useless.  And probably his worst plan was to turn Kimberly into his evil queen which was probably lame brain but I seemed to take a guilty pleasure in writing villainous crushes.  Well the only time h…

The Three Big Bads of the Space Sheriff Trilogy

We are introduced to three big bads who were the main enemies of Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider.  They have different methods in their quest to take over the Universe.  It's unknown whether or not they battled for some time but here they are those stuck in the wall villains:

Don Horror is the leader of the Crime Syndicate Makuu.  For one, I thought I just enjoyed the value of the show with him being the imposing big bad who was served by his agent Hunter Killer and Horror Girl who never spoke.  Things got pretty exciting for me during the second half of Gavan when his son San Dorva and his wife Kiba arrived to make things worse for Gavan.  So he banished Hunter Killer into outer space.  I thought that it's something that he never got mobile throughout the whole series.  While the final battle of Gavan with San Dorva was awesome, it was disappointing to see how Gavan finished off so quickly since I expected more from the big bad.  His head was cut, it floats and then wah!  But Gav…

The Space Sheriff Trilogy: Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider

There was the Space Sheriff Trilogy of the Metal Heroes genre. Although I'm not fully familiar with other Metal Heroes but I am pretty familiar with the three space sheriffs. Sad to day Dai Sawamura is dead together with his actor Hiroshi Tsubaraya. They had three things in common- they had some combat robot used to battle the enemy forces and battled enemies that were bound to walls. And here's what I thought about them!

Gavan was played by legendary Toku actor Kenji Ohba who also had a role in Battle Fever J and Denziman as two different characters. For me Gavan is pretty cool series, probably the most popular Space Sheriff considering that much later, Kenji Ohba returned to resume his role as Retsu Ichijouji in Gokaiger vs. Gavan and in the Gavan movie when another Gavan came in. Not to mention, he also reappeared in Super Hero Taisen Z another non-canon movie aside from Gokaiger vs. Gavan. The story of Gavan was that he was the half-Earth son of Voicer and a human woman. …

Was There a Planned Jason/Tommy/Kimberly Love Triangle?

In MMPR I was thinking of this possible sub-plot that might have been planned but discarded by the writers namely a Jason/Tommy/Kimberly love triangle.  I was assuming before Tommy and Kimberly were paired, probably there was the possibility of Jason/Kimberly attraction to which I think there was a chemistry.  I had a thought also of other wild speculations that happened after MMPR was the "Dear John letter" which was really, bad writing and just bad writing and OOC for Kimberly.  And also in Turbo, it was planned that there would be a Jason/Kimberly relationship which again, is bad writing.  I was thinking was there really a plan for a love triangle for the three of them?

My thoughts on how it could have been carried out.  So maybe Tommy is the new guy in school, crush on Kimberly and Jason also has a crush on her which can lead to a typical teenager love triangle.  Or one might consider it coming later considering U.S. TV standards back then.  My only hypothetical view to…

Killer Instinct on the XBox One

Killer Instinct was a pretty popular game back then, which had two major games namely Killer Instinct I and II.  KI 2 was released as Killer Instinct Gold for the Nintendo 64 and that time, Rare was having a deal with Microsoft.  A third game soon got into developmental hell or oblivion, because of Rare.  So what I was thinking was that Killer Instinct may have become a game so left behind and so a third game, came out but here's the reality that I was thinking.  So okay I don't buy more than one video game system to avoid having too much to choose from, I do have my PS3 and won't buy a PS4 all so soon, this is for XBox One.  During the release the new Mortal Kombat reboot game which is infamous for its brutality and famous for its really new fresh system, I was hoping that Killer Instinct will become a property of Netherrealm Studios, instead it fell under Microsoft.  Microsoft may be good with its office software and the like but I really am no patron of its video game s…

The Green with Evil Arc in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Although I'll admit I still like Zyuranger's version better (and Burai really knows how to do an evil laugh compared to Jason David Frank), I just wanted to write about it:

In the five part "Green with Evil" mini-series of MMPR, I was thinking of how some spliced footage of Zyuranger was used during the series.  Other than that, I can commend the writers for actually not writing Burai's plot piece by piece into Tommy, instead they chose to do the standard "brainwashed and evil".  The rangers just didn't realize that the new ranger they were facing was Rita's own creation against them.  Tommy unlike Burai wasn't aware of his actions until he was freed from them, unlike Burai who willingly turned over which was probably first done in Sentai.  Brainwashed and crazy seems to be the more normal thing in Toku in the 80s.

The idea to create an evil ranger to defeat the good ones is kind of from 80s Sentai.  In Bioman episodes 35-36, Gear used Shota…

Just My Poison Ivy Fantasy

Well after I have re-imagined Poison Ivy, I have begun to write about her origins.  Here's what I was thinking about her origins- I pretty much toned her down.  So here goes:

Earlier years

Pamela Isley started off as a daughter of well-to-do parents who were friends with the Wayne family.  Here, she was an infatuation of Bruce Wayne in their later years, becoming frenemies with him considering their on/off relationship.  During her College years, she and Bruce Wayne had a love/hate relationship that would continue as Batman and Poison Ivy, something they considered as tensions towards each other especially she had an unfortunate encounter with him, which nearly got her pregnant.

Power Revealed

My approach here is different and darker.  After Bruce had gone pretty bad, really bad... he had actually molested her.  However during that time, she discovered she had some superhuman abilities that were awakened in her distress.  She used some of the flowers that Bruce gave to her to creat…

Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series

While most incarnations of Poison Ivy are basically disappointing, even later ones just make her more ugly than gorgeous, season one of BTAS.  Just what you needed a really hot redhead that makes you really see a seductively dangerous villain.  I'll just be honest I'm pretty much a Batman/Poison Ivy fan shipper or should I call it crack pairing because a relationship can never work between them.

So her premiere was in "Pretty Poison" where she seduced Harvey Dent and had the intention to murder him, which later developed an enmity with Two Face who used to be Harvey Dent.  I just thought her relationship to Batman there was something when she flirted with him.  I guess she really had a crush on him but too bad it wasn't explored quite well.  I thought she was really attractive but deadly.

In "Eternal Youth" I thought it was another of her schemes that was pretty much having noble intentions but done in an extreme way.  The episode presented her more a…

Viktor Adler/Second Master Org in Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers usually had some villains that stood out... and I think Master Org is among them.  While Zedd initially appeared as scary but this guy had some some things that weren't originally allowed in Power Rangers.  Which of course, this second Master Org was actually a pretty much vengeful human which added a dark touch to Wild Force, a show that otherwise got criticized for its inadequate acting.  What we slowly discover is the fact that he is really human who had cast away his humanity, in exchange for revenge and Cole had a huge part of it.

Looking at him, he's not your average Power Rangers villain and just a few more tweaks he could have also been a threat to the Gaorangers as well.  I mean, I'm glad he isn't all that sissified for U.S. media.  Nope, after he was overshadowed by Cole's father, he even fell outmatched when he was once in love with Cole's mother... well instead of being just an ordinary sore loser he isn't.  In the jungle, he got …

Game Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

So yeah I bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at discount since I'm pretty much a budget buyer.  Now for the game review.

Now to talk about an introduction of the game, it pretty much is an upgraded version of Tekken Tag Tournament from the PS1 with much better graphics, sound while I do hate having to download characters.  Grrrr.  I was thinking of that I'm glad this game doesn't require you to play through the freaking Scenario Campaign to get the endings.  Tekken 6 was a fun game but that feature made it bad imo.  For this one, I can't blame the producers at Namco for removing Story Mode, Tekken Tag series don't fit the canon at all. And I'm glad you didn't have to play online to get the Fighter Status upgrade.

The character roster itself is almost having all that I want except I wish Devil and Kazuya were separate characters (but it was cool to have Kazuya transform into Devil but that move leaves you so vulnerable).  I was also thinking I'm glad that …

What's the Deal with King Sphinx Anyway?!

I remembered the 90s toyline that actually featured King Sphinx as a toy.  Man, I even thought he was the show's main antagonist because of the "king" there until I saw the show.  Now I had my thoughts on why King Sphinx had an action figure from the deluxe action figures (above) missing out Finster in the process:

Well remember this toy commercial which has a stock footage of Chodenshi Bioman (the releasing of a Mecha Giant into battle).  We have this scene included...
The battle of the Dino Megazord against Goldar and King Sphinx.  Perhaps for commercial purposes, King Sphinx was given an action figure since he was the first monster to be destroyed by the Dino Megazord.  In Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Dora Sphinx (his counterpart there) was the first to be destroyed by Daizyujin.
In the Home Along Da Riles parody "Powder Rangers" one can see that Cita (Rita's parody) was served by a parody of Goldar and King Sphinx.

What Could Have Happened Between Kazuya and Jun in Tekken 2?

Tekken presents a rather ambiguous background between Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama which gives birth to their only son, Jin Kazama who looks a lot like Kazuya Mishima. So what we know based on canon is that they met in Tekken 2 and in Tekken 3 which happens 15 years later after the second game. Jin steps in revealing himself as Kazuya's son therefore Heihachi Mishima's grandson.

The only possible thing I can imagine is rape rather than consent because I doubt it Jun will ever fall for Kazuya in a million years. Namco hasn't really released an official word on that but with its T rating, a rape plot can always be added without making it obvious or detailed. I wouldn't think that Jun Kazama a WWWC officer would even consent to Kazuya so I thought, maybe in the middle of the second tournament or whatever, Kazuya may have banged her against her will (and I don't think her ending is canon either). She could love Jin, I mean some women who became single mothers becaus…

Who I think Should Be in the Legend of Conan

Now who do I think should be in the Legend of Conan?  Here's my other picks:

The obvious is Jason Momoa should be Prince Conn, Conan's son and heir of the throne of Aquilonia.  We can also have Ron Perlman maybe as Conan's adviser.  Hmmmm Conan's voice and two Conan actors in one film would be nice.

Maybe Stephen Lang can be cast as the villain Ascalante or maybe merge Thoth-Amon and Ascalante into one character.  I was thinking that Stephen Lang himself could put on a huge fight for the movie.  Hmmm and maybe he can go head to head against Arnold and Jason in the film.

Some Gods in Mortal Kombat and Possible Inspirations

The Elder Gods are the highest pantheon.  No other Elder God was known except Shinnok the ruler of Hell.  If we are to follow Chinese pantheon, the Elder Gods is headed by the Jade Emperor.  The Jade Emperor presides all and he is flanked by the other Elder Gods.

Raiden god of thunder and lighting took his name from the Shinto god of thunder but would have been appropriately named Lei Gong the Chinese god of thunder.  Raiden's appearance looks closer to a Taoist god than a Shinto one.  Raiden came in human form so nobody really knows what's Raiden's true form but I assume he looks like Lei Gong, the Chinese thunder god or that of Raiden, the Japanese thunder god.

The four gods that protect the Himalayas.  Lesser gods namely the god of fire, the god of earth, the god of water and the god of wind.  Fujin the god of wind appeared in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold as a lesser god.  Raiden is above them.

Shinnok the ruler of the Netherrealm.  He was once an Elder God but was banished i…

The Elder Gods' Role in Mortal Kombat

The role of the Elder Gods is usually unclear, but mostly it was to maintain the balance in the Universe to which they also created the Mortal Kombat tournament to balance the harmony and cosmos between realms, requiring ten consecutive wins before another realm can merge another.  So far, they have the sacred rule of not interfering with mortal affairs unless it threatened the very existence of the Universe (like Onaga's return) or two, violated the rules of Mortal Kombat.  In Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, they refused to intervene because it was not yet time to intervene since Quan Chi and Shang Tsung have not yet done anything that would destroy the Universe.

In Mortal Kombat 3/Ultimate/Trilogy, one might question why they didn't intervene if Shao Kahn had begun merging Earthrealm with Outworld.  It could be a simple as this- Shao Kahn had yet to fully merge the realms without Mortal Kombat so they didn't intervene.  Plus, it wasn't a threat to the overall balance…

My Re-imagination of Poison Ivy

I am pretty disappointed with Poison Ivy's later characterizations or even designs.  For how do I redesign her story?

For my reimagining of the character, what if she actually knew Bruce Wayne and was his frequent infatuation instead of Selina Kyle who becomes Catwoman?  I had my thoughts that I'm a guilty Batman/Poison Ivy fan shipper even if it's just totally crack and incompatible.  But I could tone down some of her personalities making her more of a misguided vigilante, an anti-heroine and has a hard time getting along other villains except Harley for some time out of real, genuine sympathy.  And in the whole duration of her character, I just imagining her as an anti hero.

Which in my fic, Poison Ivy doesn't join any of the Injustice Gang or related ones, she rather works alone with her crusade to bring nature back to its course as well as "save humanity".  She has become a vigilante that actually has taken care of those who recklessly destroy nature but …

Passing Kimberly's Crown as "Hotter than Any Super Sentai or Power Rangers Girl" To...

So here's Kimberly Hart who I think is hotter than any Super Sentai and Power Rangers girl which I think the crown was passed last 2009.  Amy Jo Johnson well would age pass her prime and as said, time comes to step down for everyone doesn't it?

The crown is passed to Mako Shiraishi who some may consider her hotter and sexier version of Amy Jo Johnson.  So yeah.  No questions asked.

Why Power Rangers CANNOT Be Used in Toei's Crossover Specials!

One may ask why Power Rangers can't be used in specials.  Some stupid reasoning from Sentards is that it's because it's fake, blah bootleg and putting Power Rangers into the mix will be bad, like putting a Metavirus into henshin devices.  But here's a better answer:

It's all to avoid confusion.  I mean, Power Rangers as a LEGITIMATE localization, adaptation, remake or WHATEVER, you have to consider the fact that the suit designs will confuse which team is which.  I mean, you'll probably have to turn every last Power Ranger into a "Powerful Ranger" just to avoid the confusion or two, you can consider language barriers too.

Mortal Kombat 2011's Tag System vs. Tekken Tag 2's Tag System

First I'll discuss on Mortal Kombat's inclusion of Tag Team mode.  Unlike the 2 vs. 2 in Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Mortal Kombat 4 where only if you lose one opponent can the second one come in, here you can tag them in and out like in Tekken Tag Tournament.  But unlike in Tekken Tag games, you must defeat both opponents in order to win the round or lose two players to lose the round.  The opponent usually falls out of the arena when defeated rather than the explode into pieces in MK Trilogy/4.  The gameplay involves the use of dial-in plus mash in Tag Combos and Tag Assists (which take one level of the Super Bar).  In here, you can try to figure out what team will make one powerful team like my favorite is Liu Kang/Kung Lao, Baraka/Mileena, Cyrax/Sektor and Kabal/Stryker.  Too bad though the intro/outro doesn't follow Tekken Tag 2's style.

Tekken Tag 2 follows the Tekken Tag 1 system where if you lose one character, you forfeit the match or defeat one character, you …