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The Megatron and Starscream Relationships in the G.I.Joe Cartoon Series

The first set: Cobra Commander vs. Destro

The relationship between Cobra Commander and Destro is obviously a stormy leader vs. second-in-command which can be evident that Destro's desire to take over Cobra is loud and clear.  Destro like Starscream has no real loyalty but to himself and having scientific abilities.  Despite Destro's betrayals, Cobra Commander still keeps him around while both of them still fight.

Cobra Commander's role as Megatron is where he is a hot-headed commander who is always in conflict with his deputy Destro over many issues - even Destro is not afraid to physically hurt Cobra Commander like Starscream is not afraid to physically hurt Megatron.  His role started of as a ruthless, evil dictator with a Megatron-like personality (which was the comics version) until later, he was also portrayed with silly plots, even to senseless that his subordinate Destro spat at his plans far more openly.

The second set: Serpentor vs. Cobra Commander

When Destro te…

Who Could Have Died In-Between Dragonfire and G.I.Joe the Movie

In G.I.Joe's third season by DIC, the series opened with a mini-series called Operation Dragonfire.  Apparently while some Joes may have been transferred somewhere (in the case of Duke returned in the second DIC season, technically G.I.Joe's fourth season).  However for Cobra, it seems some of the members perished.  During the opening, Serpentor is seen operating with Destro, Baroness, Copperhead and Night Viper and a new recruit named Gnawgahyde in the quest to harness Dragonfire.

Here's my analysis of who could have died:

The three major figures of Cobra-La namely Golobulus, Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer.  Remember the final event?  Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer (whose wings got weakened) fell into the abyss and the Cobra-La dome fell on them.  Golobulus may have perished in the explosion.  Larry Hama wrote his fate as dead in an avalanche. Strange isn't it that Cobra Commander as a snake got recovered?The Crimson Twins, Dr. Mindbender and Zartan may have died themselv…

The SUCKY Super Mario Film

I remembered seeing the Super Mario movie as a child and liked it, only because I was a fan of Mario.  However later on, I realized how SUCKY the film really was.  So why do I say it was sucky?  Here are some reasons:

Super Mario is aimed for kids so try to make it cartoony and cute!

Since when did the princess (here is a fusion of Toadstool and Daisy) is a reptile? It was interesting to pair her with Luigi though.

Another, Toad is not a mushroom man but a punk.  I hated how he became the film's version of the Goomba.

Yoshi's purpose is just an extra character.  He's too small to carry Mario or Luigi.  I wish they just used a cartoonish version instead.

It was cool to think of the Mushroom Kingdom until you realize that the whole Mushroom Kingdom isn't a cute place but a desolate place.

Also, King Koopa being humanoid isn't as intimidating as the game.  To be honest, Dennis Cooper counted it as his worst role.  King Koopa in the whole film was just overly bland.  A…

The Baraka-Mileena Pairing

I guess here's one couple where chemistry meets chemistry and perhaps, they're luckier than Liu Kang and Kitana namely Baraka ad Mileena.  How?  Well Baraka did grow up with Mileena under the rule of Shao Kahn and both are implied to be attracted to another.  In fact, in both of their endings (non-canon), they end up ruling Outworld as emperor and empress.  So much for Shao Kahn's "never turn against him" plot for Mileena.  Actually, their relationship seems to flourish with the fact that they're both ugly inside out and vicious.  Also it's implied that Baraka also keeps the secret of Mileena's true origin as a clone of Kitana with Tarkatan features throughout the games.
But it was placed in a sour note though in Mortal Kombat Deception/Unchained because unlike the previous games where they seem to be falling in love.  Baraka did rescue her but she was having her own motives- to replace Kitana where as long as she wore her veil, people thought she was …

Saban's Mashed Rider- FAILED!

Although Saban did succeed with adapting Super Sentai as Power Rangers (and the term is now coined even for Super Sentai by Filipinos and Koreans who call Sentai as "the original Power Rangers" and Power Rangers as "the adaptation of the original"), there was the notoriously sucky Mashed Rider.  It was adapted from Black RX which was for some Kamen Rider fans, not so great as its predecessor Masked Rider Black but for me was an awesome show.  The adaptation is TRASH.  Why?  Here are some reasons: bad humor to the point that Tokusatsu's humor rocks, bad acting and not to Ferbus is nowhere near the pet alien in Jaspion, he was useless.  And oh yeah, it was really a poor adaptation.

Differences with Black RX to see why Mashed Rider sucks:
Black RX is the continuation of Kamen Rider Black while Black RX is somewhat linked to Power Rangers.The archenemy of Black RX is the Grand Lord Crisis.  In Black RX, Grand Lord Crisis was demoted in the form of "Lavasect&q…

Mortal Kombat's Oddest Couple: Liu Kang and Kitana

In Mortal Kombat, it was something that Liu Kang a mortal would actually fall for the Edenian princess Kitana.  Whether or not Kitana is really a goddess remains a mystery but knowing that from Rain's bio, the Edenians were descended from gods.  What do I think of this odd relationship?  It's almost like in Chinese myths of the Lotus Lantern (San Sheng Mu and LIU Yan Chang) and the myth of the Tanabata that involves an immortal woman and a mortal man.  In fact, I think Liu Kang's name was derived from the name LIU YAN CHANG for some reason.  In the Tanabata, it's another goddess tale that where in the end, the mortal could only meet his wife once in a year.  Sad.

So how did they fall in love?  It was during the events of Mortal Kombat II where Kitana who is 10,000 years old in Earth years (but maybe 20 in Edenian standards) had met him when she learned of her true past that her father wasn't the Outworld titan Shao Kahn who merged Edenia and Outworld.  Perhaps Liu …

Serpentor's Leadership in the Cartoon

Compared to the comics where Serpentor was a superior leader over his predecessor Cobra Commander, the cartoon Serpentor was just an extreme, braver version of Cobra Commander but a poor leader overall.  So where does he fall?  Here are some instances: Serpentor lacks patience since Dr. Mindbender placed the DNA of Sgt. Slaughter instead of Mao Zedongs's.  The first evidence of this is that he gave in to Sgt. Slaughter's challenge and didn't allow the Cobra personnel to assist him.  The show continues to show he doesn't give time allowances, something that Mao Zedong doesn't do.He has a very dry sense of humor.  Dr. Mindbender admits that he should be cloned with a sense of humor.  If he had Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sgt. Slaughter's, he would have probably taken a good laugh.His temper is always ill-driven.  He gets mad at the slightest provocation and beats people up for it.He's always in a rush which caused the Washington D.C. takeover to fail.  In…

He-Man, Kull and Conan

Is He-Man based on Conan or Kull?  So it's time to do some analysis of both Conan and Kull:

Kull- Born from Atlantis.  He was the forerunner of Conan and he established a great kingdom after fighting the forces of the wicked sorcerer Thulsa Doom (the literary one).  He fights the snakemen of old.  Most likely, He-Man's precedessor He-Ro was based on him.  He also fought the wizard Ram-Amon who was later adopted into the Conan cartoon.

Conan- He is a Cimmerian, descendant of Kull.  He didn't fight Thulsa Doom in the novels by Robert E. Howard but he did in the comics adaptation.  His archenemy was the snake lord Thoth-Amon (who Wrath-Amon was most likely based from) and he later became king by his own hand after killing the King of Aquilonia.

Apparently, He-Man is mostly Conan and his forerunner/ancestor is based on Kull.  However the fact that his archenemy was Skeletor and not King Hiss, makes a little more of Kull reference but He-Man like Conan descended from a great a…

Mortal Kombat II's Outworld Tournament: Legitimate or Not?

There has been some debate for some time among the Mortal Kombat fans' community whether or not the Mortal Kombat tournament in MK2 was legitimate or not.  Now let's examine the rules of the tournament:
No realm can conquer and merge itself with another without Mortal Kombat for at least every generation.Mortal Kombat once declared cannot be refused.Special powers can be used.Any violation of the rules above will result to the judgment of the Elder Gods.
So far, Shao Kahn did declare Mortal Kombat after the first tournament in an attempt to crush them.  The warriors had no choice but to compete.  So in short, it was still a legitimate tournament but with Shao Kahn's intentions to actually cheat.
However it can be considered illegitimate for the following reasons: Shao Kahn used the tournament as a diversion against the Earth warriors so he can begin invasion.They had tried to cheat their way to victory to win against the Earthrealm.Shao Kahn wasn't playing fair so only t…

Did Raiden Vaporize Kintaro?

According to the Mortal Kombat Ultimate Guide CD, he was vaporized to dust by Raiden.  The possibility however is more existent in the invasion than the second tournament.  If Raiden challenged Kintaro, he would be violating the rules of Mortal Kombat and he was not the type to do so.  Why?  Although Shao Kahn intended the Outworld tournament to be a fake one, however it wasn't in violation as the rules state that if Mortal Kombat is declared by either which realm, none can refuse the offer of a second tournament even if Shao Kahn used it as a distraction for his intrusion of Earth without winning ten victories.  So the real point is, there is a possibility that he did vaporize Kintaro but maybe during the beginning of the invasion before he lost his powers during the merger process.  But definitely not in the Mortal Kombat Outworld tournament.  So if Kintaro did get vaporized most likely in the battlefield, it would be his second physical death knowing that Liu Kang defeated him …

The Moai Kun NES Game By Konami

Moai Kun is probably one game not everyone heard of. It's a puzzle game that involves the protagonist Moai who must fight the evil Skull Empire. I remembered calling the enemies as "Purploids" because of their purple color. But according to the manual, they are the minions of the Skull Empire and the Skull King rules over them. The plot involves saving the Pucchis who are inhabitants of Easter Island. What the Skull Empire is planning to do with the Pucchis isn't known but I think they're being enslaved by what it seems. I even thought about it that the inhabitants of the Skull Empire wanted them for food. The game doesn't really elaborate on it. 
The gameplay goes from simple to being complex. Your aim is to rescue all the Puchis in the stage in order to progress to the next level. Enemies start appearing here and there and it goes from outer environments until it goes to the castle itself. It has 56 levels so thankfully there's a password system for th…