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The Quintessons in the Transformers Cartoon

Among the villains in Transformers, perhaps what I found find scarier are the Quintessons.  There are the five faced Judges and the xenomorph-resembling prosecutors.  They were first featured in Transformers: The Movie and their origins would be expanded in the third season.  They had their mockery of justice that whether the person was innocent or guilty, they would feed them to the Sharkticons.  later, they would show just how cruel and twisted they are. They're pretty much Cobra-La in the sense that they want to reclaim their former territory that they were rightfully ousted from.  Despite having names, somehow they weren't given some virtual distinctions from each other like Scourge and his Sweeps.  For me, they were incredibly nightmare fuel material.

They were also the creators of the Transformers Race: The Autobots were for industrial use and the Decepticons for combat use.  Their frequently cruel treatments towards their creations caused a revolt to rise up from the T…

Secret of the Hunchback: Perhaps The Most Awkward Adaptation

Secret of the Hunchback was perhaps the most awkward adaptation of the novel.  So the movie begins where a baby is set at the Cathedral's door, Claude Frollo a young priest finds the baby but hey he's not the antagonist here!  Claude the kindly priest and his right hand man raise the baby out of pity and years later, Quasimodo grows up in Claude's care like the novel Claude but this one doesn't lust after Esmeralda.  Who does?  Well Claude's wayward brother Jehan is now the High Sheriff of Paris (who is a bearded version of Gaston!) and has his own version of Lefou.  Claude prays for Jehan's conversion.

In the way, Quasimodo joins the festival of fools but not much drama- he meets Esmeralda (who looks like Belle) who falls for the poet Pierre Gringoire.  So pretty much, Jehan wants Esmeralda like Gaston wants Belle- while he's a town hero like Gaston, nobody knows he plans to get the gold that his brother Claude stored for the poor for himself.  I would re…

Galvatron's Insanity in the Transformers Cartoon

Galvatron, pretty much of a decay from his former personality as Megatron.  Now what happened?  Here's what...

While in the movie, Galvatron retained much of the Megatron personality though he killed Starscream (at last!) once and for all, he however got tossed by Rodimus Prime out of Unicron and he landed on Thrull where he fell into a plasma bath.  It's not defined how long he was there but the fact he's metallic allowed him to survive.

When Scourge pulled him out after his location was discovered, the found out that Galvatron had lost every last trace of his past personality though he still retains memories of his life as Megatron.  Sadly, he was no longer the same.  He quickly went from competent military leader to one insane genocidal maniac who is both feared and laughed at by both of his comrades (except for Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps but they eventually betrayed him for Scorponok) as well as the Autobots.  He also destroyed Thrull for no reason at all except…

Mortal Kombat and Karmic Circles

Mortal Kombat seems to have the notion of the consequences of karma to like the following examples...

One of the greatest karmic cycles are the wars between the Lin Kuei and the Shirai Ryu, a never ceasing ending cycle of hatred.  So Bi Han kills Hanzo Hasashi who is later reborn in the Netherrealm as Scorpion  and later, Bi Han is killed by Scorpion who is later reborn from being the first Sub-Zero into becoming Noob Saibot which is a revenge cycle.  However the cycle seemed not to continue between the two undead for some reason.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao in Shaolin Monks later realized they were acquiring negative karma when they were killing one person after the other, despite their vow of not killing their opponents.  Because of that, they were allowed to enter into the Netherrealm in itself to fight Scorpion.

Shao Kahn's lust for power in the reboot of Mortal Kombat caused him to be judged by the Elder Gods when he sought to take over Earthrealm without winning the necessary tou…

Two Reasons to Give Megaforce a Chance?

Just playing stupid really, but it's always pretty stupid to give a show a chance due to hot girls.  Same goes with Power Rangers fans who suddenly decide to watch Super Sentai for the girls. =P

The Mets in Megaman

There was this mysterious enemy called the Mets in Megaman.  They had been there since the first Megaman game and there are different versions which I can recall fighting against such as:

In Megaman 1, the Mets were merely hiding on the ground and can't walk.  Apparently the designers didn't know yet what to do with them until...

Various Mets in Megaman were created.  They were now walking heads that hid under their hats.  So far, one of the biggest glitches before was that, you can't really destroy them no matter how hard you shoot if they are under their hats which may have created the joke that only if Dr. Wily made his robots' armor that strong, he would have won.  Here were other Mettaurs I found interesting:  Some of them even had propellers in Megaman 3.  In Megaman 4 there were underwater Mets and Dancing Mets, in Megaman 5 some Mets were even sent in space or...  the flying Mettaurs were later found in Megaman X in Storm Eagle's stage.  Slighter variations…

If I Were to Create Serpentor, Whose DNA Would I Use?

In order to create a far more superior leader than Cobra Commander than an extremely stupid leader with little or no leadership skills, only temper problems, here are my ideal candidates to make him better:

Napoleon Bonaparte
Karl Marx (in place of Ivan the Terrible)
Mao Zedong (now only if Dr. Mindbender doesn't lose his DNA!)
Rameses II
Benito Mussolini
Adolph Hitler
Francisco Franco
Shaka Zulu
Kublai Khan
Grigori Rasputin
Vlad Tepes
Ivan the Terrible
Atilla the Hun
Alexander the Great

Mao Zedong's DNA would be the vital essence, without which Serpentor would be haywire.  Dr. Mindbender did foolish to replace Sun Tzu's DNA with that of Sgt. Slaughter's, would have been better if he used Mao Zedong's DNA instead.

Wishful Thinking: Only if Rick Medina Became Conan!

It was too bad that there was no Conan movie last 2003.  I always had my idea that a Conan movie on 2011 was very past due.  Remember that after Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer in the 80s and the hit Conan cartoon in the 90s (which may not please Robert E. Howard), I thought about it if a Conan movie were made in 2003.  So what's my take?

I just thought from all the actors who bore a strong resemblance to Conan, it's Ricardo Medina (Rick) before all the tattoos.  When I was watching Wild Force and started seeing Cole's huge muscles, I thought the actor himself would be very fit to play the role of the titular protagonist Conan.  I just thought have the actor strip down to his underwear, wear the furry underwear and carry the Sword of Atlantis and he would have made a realistic looking Conan.