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Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Ah Belle, I could still remember her in my fantasies and her impression as a character.  Unlike the novel where Gaston was absent, that of course was really her name.  Belle is Beauty in French.  Now for what she was... I thought she is my ideal girl inside out.  She's pretty, sexy, smart and kind which makes her a hard catch but at the same time is she just a fantasy?  So for me, she is Disney's most gorgeous drawn fictional woman to which she is easily attention catching.

What makes her stand out is that as a heroine, she's no damsel in distress and she's pretty witty especially in dealing with her really bad suitor Gaston who lusts after her beauty.  Instead of being portrayed as a defenseless woman, she can stand out to Gaston with her wits.  For Gaston, she is nothing more than a lust object and to be the mother of his sons, which is going to result to an abusive marriage.  So far, she really knows how to outsmart an otherwise not-so-smart but still cunning suitor…

Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe

Here's my fantasy game called Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe.  Now here's some details of the game.


Unlike Mortal Kombat vs. DC that will focus on a non-canon story against Shao Kahn, I would try to make a non-canon sequel for Mortal Kombat 2011 with Shinnok and Quan Chi attempting to take over the Universe.  Here, Loki and Pluto also enter.  Liu Kang and Kung Lao are freed by Raiden from their state as Shinnok's soldiers but the rest still need to be rescued.  Thor and Raiden join forces gathering heroes from Marvel and Mortal Kombat to combat Shinnok's menace.  Meanwhile Shinnok teams up with Loki and villains from both Marvel and Mortal Kombat team up.  The battle is now being fought once again, only this time it can be won by mortals.


The gameplay will follow some of MK 2011's basic system but not entirely.  In fact, here's some modifications that could be done for the fighting system:
The "flip stance" is removed and charact…

Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe: My Fantasy Game!

After playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, I lament to think that Disney bought Marvel which has toned down Marvel to sissy levels.  I just thought that here's some of my ideas of how the game should be and the story.  The story is that after the events of Mortal Kombat 2011 when Shao Kahn was judged by the Elder Gods, Shinnok's decision to attack Earthrealm and Outworld had caused a colliding of two universes namely Mortal Kombat and the Marvel Universe.  During the events of MK9, Liu Kang had died along with Kung Lao, Kitana, Jade, Sindel, Jax, Smoke, Nightwolf, Stryker, Kabal and Cyber Sub-Zero.  Liu Kang had become part of Shinnok's phantom warriors army and on the other hand, heroes from the Marvel universe arrive to the threat.  Raiden and Thor join forces to release the heroes of Mortal Kombat to which Liu Kang and Kung Lao are the first to be set freed but leaving the others still under Shinnok's control.

So who are the possible characters?  We have these:


What the Megaman X Series Should Have Done to Dr. Wily?

Since it's widely possible that Dr. Wily came back as a cyborg of sorts (but no less half-brained) in Megaman X, so here's what I thought should have been done.

In Megaman X2 as Serges, Dr. Wily could actually be the second to the last boss to Sigma.  So maybe he tries to take over Sigma's organization as Serges being the leader of the X Hunters.  So make him the second to the last boss who has Zero's parts.  So he finally admits to Megaman X something like, "Don't you remember me?" type of talk.  Instead, we had Agile as the second to the last boss (if Zero's body parts were found).  Then maybe in Megaman X5, he attempts to use a new version of Gamma only for Sigma to get the new body.

In Megaman X6 he should return as the main antagonist of X6 instead of Gate.  I just thought why not make the fortress bosses as first final fight with Hi-Max then Gate then Isoc (who should reveal himself to be a fully mechanized Dr. Wily).  Isoc could pilot another …

Trying to Get My Troy/Gia Shipping

Well what can I say?  I'm a Troy/Gia shipper and I thought that for the Megaforce episodes, I was thinking Troy and Gia had some things in common.  Both are martial artists, both are tough and have good leadership skills. Also while I find the whole Jake/Gia shipping weird, I prefer her and Troy together due to things they have in common.  But other than that, it's wishful thinking. =P

If Mao Zedong Was in the List of Required DNA to Complete Serpentor

In the G.I.Joe cartoons, Dr. Mindender had listed China and had chosen to get the DNA of Sun Tzu over Mao Zedong instead. I thought it was a bad idea to even try and get Sun Tzu's DNA from the barrel mound. Dr. Mindbender could have chosen Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sun Tzu for better listing.

Chairman Mao Zedong was a master of Sun Tzu's manual called the Art of War. I mean, it would have been interesting if the cartoon series had Dr. Mindbender actually go to Tiananmen Square to get Mao Zedong's DNA to complete his ideal Cobra Emperor instead of Sun Tzu's since the latter wasn't a dictator. Mao Zedong through various cunning had won many military victories and even overthrew the corrupt Chiang Kai Shek from power. So such traits would have contained the ancient Chinese military knowledge that could have allowed Serpentor to be the best leader for Cobra. But even if Mao Zedong's plot got inserted, I guess the writers of the five part series "Arise S…

Dr. Wily's Revival in the X Series?

Although Sigma had become the ultimate big bad in Megaman X (and got a very karmic end in Megaman X8 as Lumine betrays him), Dr. Wily seems to be still around in Megaman X or not?  Now we see these possible characters:

Well it's been 100 years after the original Megaman which would say Dr. Wily had died.  In fact, Megaman X despite what Reploid Lavatory says is another character over Megaman, it's mostly possible that Megaman X is Megaman "reborn" into a completely new character with no memories of the past.  Now what's the connection to Dr. Wily?  Remembering Megaman X2, we are introduced to this character known as Serges.  Serges looks like a mechanical Dr. Wily and if you fight him in the Sigma Fortress second stage, he pilots a machine.  Also he is interested with Zero which will later emerge itself in X4, revealing WHO created Zero.  Unlike Dr. Light who made an AI version of himself to serve X's purpose, Dr. Wily seems to be still alive somewhere as a r…