Mileena's Altered Face in Mortal Kombat X!

So in both her previous life and her next life, Mileena was born as the clone of Kitana laced with Tarkatan blood.

In her MK2 semi-canonical ending, it's revealed that Shang Tsung created her as a clone of Kitana but she was passed as Kitana's "twin".  So she reveals she has monstrous fangs and I sort of liked her design where her mouth was filled with all the sharp fangs, making me want to avoid her lest I be bitten by her sharp teeth... which made her and Baraka an ideal couple.

Several times, Mileena's hideous face got revealed whenever she did a fatality that involved her mouth like her man-eater, her nail spit fatality, her MK Deception fatality where she chews the opponent's head off, her MK9 fatality where she feasts on the opponent's now severed head... it always showed she was a hideous woman.  But then...

Somehow without an explanation, we get Mileena with lips which for me, some people praised it but I personally don't.  Maybe I'm too used to seeing one of my favorite villains having a Tarkatan-like mouth and plus, she doesn't need lips if she's with Baraka.  However the new design has had some weird design that she has lips yet she has exposed sharp molars... perhaps trying to convey the idea of an Edenian/Tarkatan flesh pit hybrid of Shang Tsung.  In my case, I always preferred her more sinister mouth full of sharp fangs appearance.


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