The Biggest Split in PR History

It's just shameful how Rita and Lord Zedd could end up together while PR's most famous couple Tommy and Kimberly were soon broken up. I mean I watched the whole show for these two lovebirds, their wonderful chemistry that was really broken. I read somewhere that Amy Jo Johnson was promised a better career by some production so she arranged for her graceful exit with Saban (in contrast to Thuy Trang who had payroll issues like Yuki Yajima had with Japan Action Club) and did it. I believe that's why Catherine Sutherland was introduced into the show as Catherine to replace her.

So okay, I thought Catherine was just temporary but it wasn't. In fact, Amy Jo Johnson never showed up so the writers really had to shift her character too fast from a likable one to an unlikable one- that is dump Tommy just like that. WTF? In fact, a later episode had Tommy and Catherine a married couple (in the future) which really made me throw away the whole Zordon arc out of that outrage. It was a big jump the shark event.

In fact, watching Sentai doesn't help either. Whenever I see Mako and Takeru in Shinkenger get close, they almost remind me of the chemistry of Tommy and Kimberly.


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