Disney's Beast: Someone I Could Relate To

I just don't find it strange how I could easily relate to Beast in Disney. Why? Well I did grow up with a bad temper tantrum that can't be resolved by normal means. Okay so let's say that I can easily get irritated over trivial matters, can really roar so loud and argue over a prolonged period of time. And somehow, some people think I still have some gold within me.

So I think the last thing I'd like to hear is, "You have to control your temper." And indeed it's true. And I kind of thought though maybe I've met my future Belle but she's not yet ready. I kind of figured out that my type of women would be like Belle, some beauty, more brains and character that exceeds the outer while the outer gives a preview. What if that woman I met nine years younger is the Belle I'm searching? I certainly wouldn't bet that only child I met would be Belle due to her tough attitude much like Sakura Nishihori in Boukenger.


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