Lady Tremaine in Cinderella

If there was any wicked witch that really intrigued me was the wicked stepmother of Cinderella namely Lady Tremaine. Unlike other witches, she appeared with so much poise and dignity it wasn't easy to tell she's evil except if you know a few facial expressions to know something's fishy about this woman.

This is an example of how you can know she's really full of wicked hate just with that expression shown above you. Of course, she always appears kindly with other people around and she's a serious backstabber. Man I really hated her. She does everything to make Cinderella's life miserable while not anybody outside notices because she's such a good actress- nobody knows she's really full of evil.

And the thing is she's also overly demanding probably an explanation why her own biological daughters are very wicked. She may have damaged them badly too. And her wickedness doesn't end in the first movie- she is shown to look down at the commoners, she only thinks about money especially when she objects to Anastasia's relationship to the baker. That really makes her more wicked than Maleficent whose problem was more on not being invited than her who just wants to grab everything for herself.

And with magic in the third film, she shows how much more evil she can do and how much of a scheming witch she really was. Honestly speaking, I wish she'd just die. Sigh only if Disney's Power Rangers made their villains as means as she was!


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