Poison Ivy and Batman in My Imagination

I kind of thought about it that because I met some girl who's really hot and a nature lover, well I kind of thought of this crazy idea of what ifs between them:
  • What if Batman and Poison Ivy knew each other in College?
  • What if Poison Ivy knew Batman's secret identity but won't reveal it to anybody out of love for him?
  • What if Batman had a crush on Poison Ivy in College and later figures out he's in a love/hate relationship with her?
  • What if Batman was jealous of Dr. Woodroe and later Poison Ivy falls for him but they're always in a conflict?
  • What if Poison Ivy becomes good for real and settles down with him eventually having a family she never expected?
Just weird really. Just love the Poison Ivy and Batman shipping.


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