Super Mario

I remembered those Super Nintendo days and honestly speaking, Mario was a popular game that many people had a fuzz about or I have to mention that my mother had to belt me for spending too much time with Super Mario back then. Ever since then, the game had a good-bad memory. Today, I seem not to think about the franchise anymore.

There were at least four Super Mario games I had completed. They were Super Mario 1, 2, 3 and World. Super Mario 2 was the hardest game of all while it featured the ability to use Toad and Princess Peach. Super Mario 3 goes back to the old routine of saving the princess while our heroes dress up in new power-ups. Super Mario World was a fun game with all the secrets but the saving the princess routine is getting old. Yoshi was a fun character but sigh, some fans just didn't take him too well.

However later on, I ended up getting our first Playstation and so I never played Super Mario 64. On the other hand, a cousin of mine owned a Gamecube but discovering how Mario got lately with just "save the princess" plot, sigh I'm glad I'm not much of a Nintendo fan anymore although I'd still bother to rewatch the cartoon series I grew up with. Again, the cartoon series was another reason why my mother had to spank me. XP


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