Wrath-Amon in Conan the Adventurer

Conan the Adventurer's most frequently seen villain Wrath-Amon the leader of the Snake Cult and high priest to the snake god Set was one of the childhood villains I found scary but not as scary as Set himself though. So what's the point? Actually his original name is Thoth-Amon and while I thought he was just some cannibal (due to his filed teeth), actually a sudden twist was made in the story showing that he was a creation of the previous Snake Cult leader known as Ram-Amon, who was a Stygian wizard who in the novels was the predecessor of Thoth-Amon who was NOT a gilla monster.

What are his common points with Thoth-Amon? Kings fear him, he leads people astray and without the Black Ring, he is nothing without it. Comparing him to the movie version of Thulsa Doom, he has a meaner temper but he is definitely less bloody because it's a children's cartoon. He was even more known than Ram-Amon and his loyalty to Set is without question.

I kind of hated how he wasn't killed off in the final battle, rather he was just turned back into a lizard. :-( Also too bad though, James Earl Jones didn't voice him too!


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