The Conan Live TV Series

During the late 90s, Conan was produced into a live-action TV with a much different theme. How? It deviates from Robert E. Howard while maintaining a certain level of violence, but Conan here was a little more like the cartoon counterpart. In fact, he was more of He-Man type. The villains here were kind of different- instead of facing the Snake Cult, he faces a tyrannical wizard who rules Aquilonia named Hizar Zul, who is the self-proclaimed master of sorcery. He is destined to kill this villain and one day rule as King.

So it was kind of campy but action-filled. The evil empire attacks whatever land they can, oppress and one village after the other is helpless. I even felt like that the villains here would be like the Evil Horde of She-Ra, with Hizar Zul being the "Horde Prime" of the series. Nope- a little more like a serious Hordak. He was mean, plain mean but not as imposing as the movie version of Thulsa Doom or as frightening as Wrath-Amon. They had the vulture insignia, suggesting he may have once led a vulture cult himself.

So he joins forces with Zeppen (a mute guy), Bayou (based on Zula of both cartoon and comics), Octley (sounds like Orko) and Cornelia, who is a rip-off Valeria. With this, I felt that the whole series should have had the comics version of Thulsa Doom as the villain since it felt a little more like He-Man. So the whole series only lasted for 22 episodes, probably the popularity wasn't so great and that it ended with Conan cutting off the head of Hizar Zul and becoming king. That was it. Sigh.


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