The Literary Version of Thulsa Doom: Perhaps Underrated By Media?

The thing is I was kind of surprised to find out that the literary version of Thulsa Doom served as the nuisance to both Kull and later Conan who is Kull's descendant. This guy had some interesting backstory that rather as a smooth-talking villain, he was a cruel despot who relied on brute force, was obsessed with revenge to the point that after Kull defeated him, he later returned to even haunt Kull's descendant Conan. Others may mistaken his action figures to be Skeletor which again may bring the Conan-He-Man controversy. In his confrontation with Conan, he frequently mentioned of his immortality because he was an undead sorcerer. Later on, he just kept coming back to life to haunt Conan as well.

So why do I consider him underrated? The Conan movie didn't use the name Thoth-Amon for the Snake Cult's leader, rather they used the name Thulsa Doom although the character was widely different, perhaps they thought the name Thulsa Doom was more fitting for a villain who carries a doomsday cult. Oh yeah, even the first draft of James Earl Jones' helmet was a skull but sadly, it wasn't even used. There was a vague skull-shape but that was it. Sigh. I wonder why they never used the Thulsa Doom look from the comics.

So there was also Skeletor who was an undead wizard like Thulsa Doom in the comics. Unlike Thulsa Doom, he was however a numbskull as it was a younger child's cartoon and NOT a bloody one. Skeletor was He-Man's archenemy and he dwelt in Snake Mountain, which may remind some of the Mountain of Power in Conan, which was later revealed to be the home of King Hiss in the later comics who had an uneasy alliance with Skeletor just as how Thulsa Doom and Thoth-Amon tried to join forces to destroy Conan. In the He-Man non-canon movie, its version of Skeletor was closer to the literary Thulsa Doom in personality but that just wasn't Conan.

Mattel created the He-Man toyline which I believe was really inspired by the Conan comics but of course, they didn't like to use Conan due to its bloody nature so He-Man was used instead. It was also rumored that Filmation wanted to create a Conan cartoon but seeing the bloody nature of the movie and all, Filmation made He-Man from a toyline to a cartoon instead but putting some Conan elements at the start. The He-Man and later She-Ra cartoon featured snakemen in them but as dimwitted idiots rather than cunning adversaries.

Somehow not even his character was even made for Conan the Adventurer, maybe in fear of confusion between He-Man and Conan.


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