Dragon Ball's Most Controversial Character

Dragon Ball's controversial character has to be... none other than Mr. Satan who because the name Satan is really evil (check out most Anime, Satan is always a bad name) who was dubbed as Hercule in America and Master Handsome in the Philippines. The controversy was that why would a good guy be given a bad character. I agree it's also pretty disturbing that the original dub, the people were chanting "Satan", something that in Zyuranger, Bandora would take advantage of to summon Dai Satan or any evil character would be glad about it. That's why I prefer to watch the English dub.

So here's what I think- whatever his real name was (later revealed to be Mark), he started off as an unpopular wrestler. Why? I wouldn't want to support anybody who uses the name Mr. Satan, especially with all the use of Satan even in Japan directly suggests EVIL like in tokusatsu, some villains use the name Satan to sound more frightening and suggest evil. So to gain an edge, he goes to the Cell Games despite the fact that it's just too stupid. By claiming the victory to be his, he gained his popularity thus saving his business from bankruptcy. However, he's just another total loser who can easily be defeated by other really skilled martial arts. Even a low level Z warrior like Yamcha can beat him in less than a second.

So I really suggest Toei should just re-dub Mr. Satan's name as "Handsome" or "Kawaii" if they expect to receive less complains. Never mind about using Devil or Satan for villains though. :-P


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