Ah Gatchaman! Though this is not sentai, I feel like this series deserves to be placed in my blog. This was an animated series that featured four teenagers and one kid (the same formula that would inspire Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion) against the evil Gallactor Empire and its mysterious leader Sosai X. The series lasted for three seasons which was a very long lasting series since shows in the 1970s were undoubtedly VERY LONG.

Honestly I really can only remember Ken as the leader, Joe the second-in-command, Jun the woman, Jinpei the kid and Ryu the fat guy. Actually the name Ryu wasn't always given to a leader figure at first.

This was their first flying fortress known as God Phoenix. When it got destroyed, it was rebuilt into...

New God Phoenix which is even more powerful than the last one for Gatchaman II.  It has a real bird motif in it, perhaps the inspiration for the Ikarus Haken.

Eventually the odd-looking Gatchaspartan was a result of combining five machinery into one powerful battheship.

Sosai X was the leader of the Gallactor. He is a mysterious lifeform that seeks to devour worlds to gain ultimate power. Towards the third season, he was finally defeated by the Gatchamen with their Gatchaspartan which combined all five vehicles to one mothership leaving no trace of him to revive him again.

The series itself did not yet feature human-sized monsters but at occasion, there were giant robot beasts that the Gallactor deployed their highest commanders from each season. They are:
Berg Katse who was the first common enemy. He was what I'd call a comedic tyrant who was somewhat crazy but not so as he made me laugh more than scared me. Later it is discovered he is also a she, being a fusion of fraternal twins created by Sosai X. He committed suicide out of insanity. So far Super Sentai only had one hermaphrodite villain which was later in Gaoranger namely Rasetsu the Prince/Princess of Destruction.

This was Gel-Sadora who was forced grown. In the end, she ended up attacking her master for killing her mother. She was killed by Sosai X. She somewhat became the inspiration for Jetman's Maria.

And this is Count Egobossler, certainly the most evil and sadistic of all the commanders who took over the nation by force and empowered by Sosai. He was given tremendous power. He however planned to take over the throne of Sosai and gain power for himself, in which in the end he died. His facial characteristics seemingly inspired Radiguet of Jetman as well as his personality although he's far less insane and more cunning than his expy.


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