The Unnamed Lizard-Like Species in Dragon Ball

If there was one unnamed race that sparked my interest, it was Freeza's race. Here are the known ones in the Anime:

The self-proclaimed emperor of the universe, Freeza. He appeared after the Saiyan saga, revealing that he was running an organization that enslaved planets and sold them to the highest bidder. Despite his puny size, he was small but terrible. He frequently gave an appearance of weakness to deceive his opponents but showed how terrible he really was.

Freeza revealed his first transformed state which was a giant version of himself. He was beaten by Piccolo but...

He revealed a second transformation which he had an unusually shaped skull. This was pretty frightening.

Freeza revealed his third transformed state, which is said to be his true form. He although was sleeker and back to his normal size but this form is no joke. This is where he gets really mean. Goku only met Freeza in this form. He was hit by the Spirit Bomb using Namek's energy but it didn't finish him off. When he killed Krillin, Goku went Super Saiyan and batted him around.

In desperation, Freeza showed a fourth transformed state which was more powerful. He managed to tire the Super Saiyan Goku but with his injuries, he couldn't fight longer. It was in this form that he became a victim of his own skills. His slicer discs cut him into two. Begging Goku to kill him, he was however ignored. Goku shared some energy hoping Freeza will learn of his mistakes. Unfortunately, choosing death over life, he tried to kill Goku in hopes he would die among the strong.

We are later introduced to Freeza's father King Cold. He is quite a bulky guy. Presumably stronger than Freeza, however Future Trunks finished him off after finishing off his son Freeza.

King Cold and his minions found Freeza in space. For some reason, Freeza could survive extensive injuries even an explosion of a planet. He was rebuilt into a cyborg but Future Trunks made toothpicks out of him in an instant.

In the Dragon Ball Z movie "Cooler's Revenge" we see Freeza's older brother Cooler. He is seen having Freeza's third transformed state but much taller. He is said to be more powerful than Freeza which is probably due to the fact he can gather energy faster. Although he revealed his alternately different final form which was...

Taller and more bulky than his father King Cold and having some fancy face mask. He could gather energy faster than Freeza which gave him an advantage. However when Goku went Super Saiyan, his fancy form was no longer impressive and made a joke out of it. He was launched into the sun afterward when his death ball backfired at him with a Super Kamehameha. In Dragon Ball GT, this was the form Cooler had in the cameo out from Hell.

However it wasn't the end of Cooler yet. Somehow his head made it into the Big Gete Star which rebuilt him into a metallic form. He launched copies of himself, each one as lethal under his mind. It was revealed he was inside the system, the brain of the Big Gete Star. He however was destroyed from within as his organic head was destroyed. Vegeta crushed the chip, making sure he wouldn't return. This form made a joke out of the Super Saiyan forms and he didn't need to transform to get even.

Thinking about it, there is NO name for this species. Fans called them changelings and other names. Apparently, they dwell in a cold planet looking at their names Cold, Freeza and Cooler. So far, they are known to survive massive injures even if the body is separated from the head. In Cooler's case, he only had his head left and he survived which was worse than Freeza's being separated from his lower body.

I would also like to think about the possible method of reproduction these guys have. Since Freeza mentioned of parents and not a single parent (as opposed to Piccolo's race which could be officially a hermaphrodite), they may have a female mate. Lizards are not hermaphrodite so we see the possibility of King Cold having a wife who was never seen, I assume her name must be Queen Chill and bore two sons Coola and Freeza. Since they are reptilian, it's most likely these guys were born from eggs. Then again chameleons as reptiles have a live birth so perhaps, they were born of live birth than having to pass through being eggs.

With the fact that Cooler is Freeza's older brother, Cooler may be older only by minutes before Freeza was hatched from his egg. It's also possible that they had some other siblings who probably perished when King Cold tested their might, knowing how cold-blooded these guys are... literally, in order to determine if they were fit to bully other races. If it were by live birth, Cooler may just be a year older than Freeza.


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