The Darkstalkers Series

If there was any fighting game in Capcom that was pretty "creepy", it was Darkstalkers. It was focused on the supernatural, yep you got it with an array of popular horror movie creatures like vampires (Demitri Maximov and Morrigan Aensland, in extension Lilith, Donovan is half a vampire), werewolf (J. Talbain), a merman (Rikuo), the undead (L. Rapter, Victor, Anakaris, Bishamon, Hsien Ko), other animal based creatures (Q-Bee, Felicia), a sasquatch (Sasquatch, duh) and to the devilish ones (Pyron, Jedah). B.B. Hood may be fully human herself.

What I thought kept Darkstalkers going was this- the flirty rivalry between Demitri Maximov and Morrigan Aensland. As vampires, it could go on for a LOOONG time. Why? Well Demitri Maximov thought of conquering Makai, only to have his castle absorbed by Jedah. So they are the main characters and were unjustly portrayed as evil in the cartoon series. Since they're both vampires, he can't control her. She seems to have feelings for him, but at times, she turns him down also and at times, she accepts him.

I also thought of it that Jedah and Pyron were also menacing demonic figures that make the whole series go round.


  1. I think you made a mistake here
    you see both Morrigan and Lilith are succubi not vampires


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