A More Frightening View of Skeletor

I remembered watching the He-Man movie when I was still a naughty child, yes... naughty and TV obsessed. Anyway, I have noticed that the movie version of Skeletor had greatly deviated from the cartoons. Instead of being comical, he is portrayed to be more mature and not only that, far more menacing to the point he does succeed in entering Castle Grayskull and nearly defeated He-Man.

 His personality was almost like the comics version of Thulsa Doom. Also, he was able to use the powers of the Universe for himself, which was NEVER done in the cartoons. I sort of later compared this scene to Conan fighting the comic version of Thulsa Doom (where his inspiration is apparently from), much more epic than Conan beheading the movie version of Thulsa Doom. I personally thought however, maybe James Earl Jones should have voiced him. :-P


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