How I Would Have Handled the PR-Samurai Story

Okay so a LOT of revisions did happen to the character casting thanks to uncontrollable circumstances.  I figured out that they could have at least gotten creative with the storyline for Power Rangers Samurai rather than try to replicate the Shinkenger storyline in whole because one, these guys are them, not the Shinkengers.  So how would I handle it?  Well... given that there's a Japanese mentor over non-Japanese guys, so I personally thought the characters could have been given their uniqueness.  

The story: Well it would start out where the last of the Samurai heads for America and finds five worthy new pupils to defend the world from the invasion of the underground kingdom of Lord Xandred, an evil monster that has already corrupted the underground.  Now with five new people learning the ancient and most secret art of the samurai and having no samurai blood of their own, will they succeed?

Here's how I would have handled these characters:

Jayden- A white guy who is fascinated with Asian martial arts movies and gets his dream to come true when Sensei gets him first and trains him one on one.  Karate kid complex really.  I really say they just lack flexibility with how Jayden got handled considering he's not even Asian.  Flexibility in writing is the real issue behind Jayden's lack of appeal, not race.  

Kevin- Since he's into water so I thought he could at least be a marine biologist.  Get it?

Mike- Basically the youngest in the group who's got a lot to learn.

Mia- Well I think casting her as an American-Chinese can work.  I'd cast her as the yellow ranger instead.

Emily- Basically we could just get rid of that older sister part really but I think she's better off as the pink ranger.

Jii- The last samurai and he's an American-Japanese.  He finds the five youths he could train to carry on the legacy of the PR Samurai.


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