Remembering The Transformers Series

Transformers... more than meets the eye. It started all with Hasbro and Sunbow productions in the U.S. which was one of the 80s series that had caught the eyes of children. Yup. And who couldn't forget how the jump the shark moments, the joy and pain of the Autobots vs. Decepticons and here's how it went:

Season 1-2- The plot was basically Optimus Prime leading in battle against the evil Decepticon warlord Megatron. It was basically where Megatron frequently got into a fight with his scheming deputy Starscream (who I disliked) because of power issues. Starscream was a traitor at best. Also, it was probably more violent than G.I.Joe was.

The Movie- Well I have to say but I hated the fact that Optimus Prime was killed and he was replaced by Hot Rod who was simply introduced as a newbie.  

Season 3- Hot Rod's transformation to Rodimus Prime was pretty boring for some but he did a good job maturing as the series went. Galvatron deserved a better opponent. It was worth the thrill though as Optimus Prime was returned but only for a short while.

Headmasters- After Takara bought Transformers for some reason, things started to get more serious and violent. In fact, Optimus Prime was killed a second time but in here, Rodimus Prime managed to become wiser after the experience. He left to find a new world for the Autobots as Cybertron was destroyed. Galvatron's death- well it was lame. Fortress Maximus was the best thing in the series- he was in fact, BETTER than Rodimus Prime and he was the better replacement. Galvatron's successor Scorponok was really evil.

Masterforce- This was an interesting twist as humans get merged with Transformers and how Optimus Prime's spark went into a human named Ginrai (renaming him Ginrai also later, funny) and that it was a pretty nice twist. I personally found the character Devil Z to be far more threatening than the Quintessons as he was responsible for the merging of Transformer sparks with human hosts. It was a pretty decent series.  However this concept could be used for a completely different series rather than being part of the Transformers continuity.

Victory- Perhaps a fan favorite by many and the introduction of Star Saber but not for Optimus Prime fans. Well it's crazy how Optimus Prime was killed at least three times- in the movie, in Headmasters and HERE! Well after Optimus Prime gets killed, he's reborn as Victory Leo (with a cooler design) but he loses his leadership to Star Saber in the process. The villain Deszaras was somewhat like Starscream in a way but much more courageous. Sadly it only had 37 episodes.

Zone- NEVER MIND actually.

Beast Wars- I personally didn't like the Beast Wars series because of the lack of civilian involvement but then in real life, I'd rather let the Autobots and Decepticons fight somewhere else!  

Later there was the Unicron Trilogy which was NOT canon to the G1 Continuity. The Unicron Trilogy was divided into:

The Armada Series- It was focused on finding the Mini-cons and there were some major changes in the script. Megatron is portrayed to be less rash but no less cruel. Starscream as an usurper was less cowardly. Well, it also had Unicron as the main antagonist.

The Energon Series- Well, it did bring back the whole battle and everything was based on Energon.

The Cyberton Series- The final part of the LONG series. It was focused that after the destruction of Unicron, they were to find the four planetary keys.


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