Kamen Rider Black RX Some Plotholes

Okay I did enjoy Kamen Rider Black RX better than Kamen Rider Black because it was not so serious and well, that's just me.  Hee hee.  However there were some plotholes (and well, plotholes do exist in any tokusatsu even in a good series like Jetman and Timeranger) in the series like:

I've always wondered how the Crisis Empire were aware of the existence of Kamen Rider Black.  Theoretically speaking, they do some research or was it the Great Leader himself who told them to get rid of Kamen Rider Black?

The return of Shadow Moon in Kamen Rider Black RX.  I personally thought that it was crazy that he survived the whole incident in Kamen Rider Black so how did he remain alive without moving?  Again, the kingstone may have revived him but it was never explained in-show.

The Crisis Empire perhaps presented their mystery.  Like Gorgom, well they did have their plot holes.  In the first episode, it was hinted they came from a planet that was slowly being swallowed by a black hole but later, it was hinted that they were the ones that cursed their own planet by the tyranny of Great Leader.  Later, it was shown that some of the citizens of the empire can't survive the Earth air without strengthened cells, which some may have naturally developed while others needed it.  Presumably, it's the younger ones who need to be accelerated.  Their base was the Strange Demon World (which wasn't its original name I suppose) which was later revealed to be a "mirror world" on Earth in which Tasmadder revealed that evil of human hearts and that human pollution nearly killed their world, which was contradictory to what Professor Walter said was caused by Grand Lord Crisis' dictatorship.  


  1. Yeah, these plot holes... don't remind me. lol xD


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