The Lost Galaxy Rumor in Japan

There was the rumor of Lost Galaxy being better than Gingaman in Japan.  So why the rumor?  Actually while it doesn't have much of a source, however it can be easily believed and it sounds quite realistic.  Why do I think so?  Lost Galaxy is really perhaps the most complex season of Power Rangers, it had an entire fusion of ideas and Sentai tributes such as:

  • The idea of a lost galaxy kept occurring in both Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  It was never done in Super Sentai as a main theme.  Gingaman was far more mystical which was a good series.
  • Lost Galaxy may have a lot of Gingaman in it but it integrated Changeman and Denziman themes into the story.  For instance, Trakeena is like Queen Hedrian of Denziman being a hater of beauty and all.
  • Lost Galaxy flew farther than most PR and Sentai ever did.  Hee hee.  Plus, it was really done in such a way that it's not disappointing compared to how some seasons have cooler themes but fail. XP


  1. Sean. It's not easily believable. And it's not realistic at all. Lost Galaxy was nowhere near popular in Japan. The rumor was started by stuck up Power Rangers fans on Rangerboard who hate sentai. Look, I know you love Lost Galaxy. But this isn't a rumor. It's a big lie. Seriously, don't try to use lies to promote shows you like. That's not cool at all.


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