Examining Cobra Commander's Role in the G.I.Joe Movie

Ever since the Cobra Commander was replaced by Serpentor, the role of Megatron and Starscream was transferred from Cobra Commander and Destro to Serpentor and Cobra Commander.  Cobra Commander was an example of a huge villain decay since season two where he is gradually changed from an Osama bin Ladin type of character to a Yosemite Sam villain. 

So what's the big deal in the movie?  So at first he's leading the mission but accepting a bomb like a suicide bomber would probably to show himself better.  After the failed mission, he calls for retreat.  At the Terrordrome, he and his usurper Serpentor are having what I'd call a face off against each other.  But it gets rather silly when he calls Destro, Baroness, Tomax, Xamot and Dr. Mindbender as his "loyal subordinates" when they all conspired to replace him with the synthetic leader Serpentor.  So it just gets stupid.  He does however try to be subtle in trying to get rid of Serpentor not realizing Pythona had arrived.

What had perplexed me is that although he still is the second-in-command, apparently he is chief accountant which may imply that everybody got demoted.  Let's consider the fact that in the jeep without a Cobra sign, he is beside Destro and Dr. Mindbender is behind him.  So he actually still retains power over Cobra but loses it to Serpentor.  He just wants his old job back.  He actually purposely had Serpentor arrested so he can regain power but going into Cobra-La is utterly ridiculous.

Here's another instance of his unstable mind- the Cobra Commander later declares himself free of Cobra-La then later, he reminds Golobulus he is a citizen when he is about to be punished.  His role of being sent to retrieve the world for Cobra-La just doesn't fit in with Cobra being an organization that uses inorganic technology in contrast to Cobra-La's inorganic technology.  Again, it gets dumber when Cobra Commander's replacement is made from some of humanity's most evil dictators in contrast to what Cobra-La says they HATE humans.

Actually his being changed into a snake was probably a part of a plot of his fall and eventually, his return in Operation Dragonfire which has made him a better leader than he was after his decay.


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