Did Raiden Vaporize Kintaro?

According to the Mortal Kombat Ultimate Guide CD, he was vaporized to dust by Raiden.  The possibility however is more existent in the invasion than the second tournament.  If Raiden challenged Kintaro, he would be violating the rules of Mortal Kombat and he was not the type to do so.  Why?  Although Shao Kahn intended the Outworld tournament to be a fake one, however it wasn't in violation as the rules state that if Mortal Kombat is declared by either which realm, none can refuse the offer of a second tournament even if Shao Kahn used it as a distraction for his intrusion of Earth without winning ten victories.  So the real point is, there is a possibility that he did vaporize Kintaro but maybe during the beginning of the invasion before he lost his powers during the merger process.  But definitely not in the Mortal Kombat Outworld tournament.  So if Kintaro did get vaporized most likely in the battlefield, it would be his second physical death knowing that Liu Kang defeated him in the Mortal Kombat tournament in Outworld or his first, if Liu Kang didn't kill him in the tournament.


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