He-Man, Kull and Conan

Is He-Man based on Conan or Kull?  So it's time to do some analysis of both Conan and Kull:

Kull- Born from Atlantis.  He was the forerunner of Conan and he established a great kingdom after fighting the forces of the wicked sorcerer Thulsa Doom (the literary one).  He fights the snakemen of old.  Most likely, He-Man's precedessor He-Ro was based on him.  He also fought the wizard Ram-Amon who was later adopted into the Conan cartoon.

Conan- He is a Cimmerian, descendant of Kull.  He didn't fight Thulsa Doom in the novels by Robert E. Howard but he did in the comics adaptation.  His archenemy was the snake lord Thoth-Amon (who Wrath-Amon was most likely based from) and he later became king by his own hand after killing the King of Aquilonia.

Apparently, He-Man is mostly Conan and his forerunner/ancestor is based on Kull.  However the fact that his archenemy was Skeletor and not King Hiss, makes a little more of Kull reference but He-Man like Conan descended from a great and mighty warrior.  Thulsa Doom did fight Conan a lot in the comics too.


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