The SUCKY Super Mario Film

I remembered seeing the Super Mario movie as a child and liked it, only because I was a fan of Mario.  However later on, I realized how SUCKY the film really was.  So why do I say it was sucky?  Here are some reasons:

Super Mario is aimed for kids so try to make it cartoony and cute!

Since when did the princess (here is a fusion of Toadstool and Daisy) is a reptile? It was interesting to pair her with Luigi though.

Another, Toad is not a mushroom man but a punk.  I hated how he became the film's version of the Goomba.

Yoshi's purpose is just an extra character.  He's too small to carry Mario or Luigi.  I wish they just used a cartoonish version instead.

It was cool to think of the Mushroom Kingdom until you realize that the whole Mushroom Kingdom isn't a cute place but a desolate place.

Also, King Koopa being humanoid isn't as intimidating as the game.  To be honest, Dennis Cooper counted it as his worst role.  King Koopa in the whole film was just overly bland.  At least the cartoon Koopa was scarier!

And well, in whole, it's too deviant from the Super Mario games in nature.

Blah... this movie stinks!


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