Chinese Adaptations for Japanese Anime

If there's one trend that seems to delight me is when Japanese anime does not only go live in Japan but also if it gets a Chinese adaptation. Yeah.

Here are just a few of the Anime series that have been given a live Chinese adaptation and what I think:

Hana Yori Dango- It became the basis for Meteor Garden 1.  However the ending was pretty different for the Anime vs. the Taiwanese version by F4.  Kaede Doumyoji was way scarier in the live version or maybe it's because the actress Zhen Xiu Zhen is really an awesome actress (I wish the actress were my mom and she'd teach me a thing or two about acting!).  It had a second season which wasn't as good while being original, it did deserve some praise.

Marmalade Boy- Ken Zhu and Stella Huang do their parts as Miki and Yuu rather well.

The Poor Prince- Vic Zhou manages to get his first main part here.  However there was a casting error making Ken Zhu the father of Vic Zhou, it's as stupid as Ti Lung being Jacky Chan's father in Drunken Master II.  But considering it's a comedy, casting errors are seldom done on  purpose.

Peach Girl- Vanness Wu as the sideline, not so good if you're an F4 fan.  Not a fan of Peach Girl at all either.  Jerry Yan should have been the main guy!

Combat Butler Hayate- Seeing bad-ass comedy live is 50x better than seeing it in animation.  Well I don't see a reason why Detective Conan shouldn't go Chinese.

Prince of Tennis- The Chinese cast does better than the Sentai alumni IMO in doing the live version.


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