Palpatine in Star Wars

If there's any villain in Star Wars that's really bad-ass and deserves a tribute, it's the Sith lord Darth Sidious otherwise known as Palpatine.  Though he was a total mystery, all that was known was that he was a human raised by Darth Plagueis whom he killed after learning the secret to manipulate the Force to create life, hence he may have been Anakin Skywalker's "father".  So there hasn't been any clue of whether or not Shmi Skywalker was his slave but there is a possibility.

Maybe during time time he raised a Zabrak to his apprentice he dubbed as Darth Maul, he was a successful senator but known also for his lasciviousness.  He had some relationships possibly with slave girls and he fathered Triclops by some concubine.  So perhaps during that time, he may have also sired Anakin Skywalker either by the Force or natural conception but that's just my speculation.  So that may make Triclops the half-brother of Anakin Skywalker since Ken, Triclops' son mirrored Luke Skywalker and many members of the Skywalker family tend to fall into the dark side.  Either way, both children ended up as slaves somewhere until they grew powerful enough.

He was indeed a talented actor.  So how?  Well nobody would suspect he started the whole Separatist threat in the first place.  As said, he orchestrated the greatest drama with Nute Gunray (who he later betrayed) in order to rise from Senator to Chancellor and to eventually become Emperor.  He of course had all his evil force rallied behind the scenes as to allow him to declare martial law when declared.  He eventually kept an eye on Anakin Skywalker, who is most likely his illegitimate child by sorcery or natural conception to become his new apprentice when the time is right.

During the events of Attack of the Clones, he would prepare an army that he would eventually use to create an army to eventually terminate the Jedi.  Through the engineering of a greater crisis, he was able to get all the emergency powers to allow him absolute power.  And in time, Anakin Skywalker was about to become his new apprentice by Revenge of the Sith- through the use of one factor- his archenemy in the Senate, Padme Amidala who has always been against his views ever since he became Supreme Chancellor.  By offering Anakin Skywalker so great power, he was able to have a new apprentice that he would soon fear as the way of the Sith was always murderous and treacherous.

Eventually through a scam by saying that the Jedi are taking over (when in reality, he was), he became the first Emperor to declare himself as Chancellor for life.  Well as said, he orchestrated the events and nobody realized how obvious his acting was.  I mean nobody really acts that brave being kidnapped no matter how calm they may be.  It was also most likely he took advantage of Padme's marriage to Anakin Skywalker (which he knew through Panaka) was to use it as a killing factor so nobody will oppose him again.  Either way, he had a huge grip of the Galaxy while taking Wilhuff Tarkin has his personal adviser.  He also through manipulations killed Padme by her grief and turning Anakin Skywalker as his personal enforcer, Darth Vader.

His rule was exactly this- brutal and unforgiving while keeping his secret identity as a Sith lord secret.  So nobody knew he was a Force user, except for his trusted elites living a double standard life.  So while the Force was but fiction to the public, he controlled its secrets while his physical state deteriorated beyond imagination.  Fearing that his own apprentice Darth Vader would turn against him, he made sure that the cybernetics of Darth Vader kept his apprentice from doing so.  On the other hand, he may have considered turning Triclops into his new apprentice but failed to do so.  So he kept Darth Vader but then learning of the existence of Luke Skywalker (probably his "grandson" or biological grandson), he knew he had another chance to keep himself in power but only death kept creeping because of his physical deterioration.

Eventually during the events of Return of the Jedi to where he has become reliant on projectiles than physical movements due to his age (and deterioration), he grew frustrated at Luke Skywalker's decision not to join him.  So talk about how the dark side may have caused him to hate his own family and attempted to kill Luke Skywalker with Force lightning but Darth Vader killed him, bringing balance (for now).

However that was not the end.  Learning the secrets of Plagueis, he cheated death and he was conceived in a younger body that freakishly resembled a young Anakin Skywalker (in some way).  So he did manage to get Luke Skywalker to be his new apprentice (and possibly arranged Luke Skywalker with Mara Jade) but Luke Skywalker eventually turned against him, as Leia Organa Solo managed to revert him back to who he truly was.  However in the final hours, Palpatine would later try to possess Anakin Solo's body (again Anakin Solo really resembled his maternal grandpa Anakin Skywalker) but eventually perished for good.


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