Gatchaman Fighter's Count Egobossler

If there was any villain worth mentioning in Gatchaman it would not be the rather comedic (and gender ambiguous) Berg Katse or the redeemed villain Gel Sadora but rather...

His excellency Count Egobossler... or should I say his despicably evilness.  So why is he kind of unique?  Compared to Berg Katse and Gel Sadora, he was no product of Sosai X but rather a dictator who has little or no mercy in every area he occupies and a person who evolves into a complete monster.  His hatred unquenchable, he chose to show no mercy to anyone.  What also made him unique is that he would NEVER allow anybody to come above him, not even Sosai Z (created from Sosai X's remains) who he had a partnership with. He feigned his loyalty from the very start hogging the glory only for himself.  He was so cruel that even in the first episode, he launches an even bigger attack than most of his predecessors have.  He in fact made Gatchaman Fighter very special to me.

However things weren't exactly in his favor.  Just as he was about to declare himself supreme ruler and the big bad of Gatchaman Fighter, the old enemy Sosai X's fragment was turned into Sosai Z.  So he did survive after all the events in Gatchaman II.  However Egobossler was NEVER going to let this guy rule over him for long. But he would wait for the right opportunity while sadistically killing people whenever he pleases.  Both of them considered the rest of humanity as "utterly disgusting".  He had his own agenda to get rid of Sosai Z.

It was never beyond him to torture people and leave them alive to enjoy their pain.  As a Gallactor officer, he had been quite rapid in expanding his personal empire.  That wasn't as much cruelty as a rather incompetent and comedic Berg Katse would do for his rather long tenure of 105 episodes.  He was so evil that the Gatchamen were more disgusted with him than any villain.  They even fear him more than Sosai Z.

It may not be surprising that he enjoys putting women to suffering too.  He does like defiance in a woman.  Instead of killing them directly, he does play around with his victims.  For example in conquering the kingdom of Parlon Nation, he actually does try to charm the queen as his trophy- not out of love but because he finds her attractive.  Whether he had any lustful urge on her is quite possible knowing he's one extremely depraved man.  He may have had his own share of mistreating women, possibly out of hatred.

Eventually we do discover he's the illegitimate son of a cruel count and his maid.  So he does get the blame that his half-brother Kasel broke his arm.  The act of cruelty and being mistreated has been so great that it may have driven him to become a COMPLETE MONSTER.  He wasn't exactly a monster before that.  He was merely a servant in the Egobossler household.  So he was a nobody to nightmare then he became a complete monster.

Maybe he wasn't exactly always a complete monster but perhaps vengeful.  He and his mother were outcasts.  His mother was quite different- she never told him to hate his father.  But he did after he saw his mother die before his very eyes.  So in order to show he had become a complete monster he dyes his own skin blue and dyes his hair white.  He was from nobody to nightmare.

It's really sure that his father was a SOB but he was worse- by killing his own father.  As said, no matter how you invert the world he's still your father.  But instead, he chose to let his own personal vendetta come in the way and did a very horrible crime.  Killing his father in cold blood was but step number one to becoming a COMPLETE MONSTER!

Thus the man Erun was no longer around- he was now a complete monster for a time being.  He was a man who soon devoted himself to total depravity going against his late mother's final wishes to be reasonable.  Angry, he first kills his own father in cold blood despite his mother's word against it not to hate his father.  He promised to his mom he would be reasonable yet he became a total monster all in the name of revenge.  He soon earned his sadistic laugh of evil that he did every time somebody was in pain especially at his hands while believing himself to be more righteous than everyone to justify his atrocities against the world.

His half-brother Kasel who was much different from his cruel despotic father was locked into the dungeon under his despotic rule which was far worse than his father.  Instead of killing him, he says it's an "act of mercy" but rather, it was to satisfy his own sadistic thoughts.  He took the place not meant for him.  Also he put what little hope the nation has to regain its sanity into constant torture just so he could have his revenge.  He was marked with a scar by his half-brother and later by Ken with the Gatcha Fencer.  He later killed his half-brother Kasel when he was already getting bored.

Actually it does go for the worse.  He eventually did kill Dr. Nambu in cold blood and took the satisfaction of doing it- but not without Ken scarring his face spilling his unholy blood of evil.  He of course was only personal with Ken.  After killing Dr. Nambu, he sends a hologram of himself in the funeral, danced at the grave and blew it up.  He of course is never satisfied with just one act of evil, so depraved he blew off an entire city to desecrate the memory of Dr. Nambu.  He also made sure nobody opposed him by later having Kempler die by firing squad so nobody questions him ever- NEVER!  Kempler's offense was an attempt to free Kasel who he later executed.  He also destroyed the Gatchaman's base himself hoping to kill them all!

However for him, his alliance with Sosai Z wasn't getting any better when he discovered that Sosai Z was going to destroy the Earth.  He later led his men in an attempt to show Sosai Z who was the more sadistic, total monster of the two.  However he died in the attempt to preserve his own intended empire but not without leaving the legacy of really brutal sadism.  Despite him being a monster, he however showed that total monsters have their mileage may vary because he played some concern over Mekandal.

Apparently Egobossler may have inspired Jetman writer Toshiki Inoue (who may have been a huge Gatchaman fan) to create Radiguet, perhaps Sentai's best most well portrayed sadist.


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