Bowser's Lusting for Princess Peach

I simply want to tackle on one of the biggest "the evil villain wants to marry the hot chick who hates them the most in the Universe" namely Bowser.  Why?  It seems that every game, it has Bowser wanting to marry Peach.  So the fact is that Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom so maybe it's a reason of conquest.  Whatever, the obsession was becoming more and more creepy by the minute, by the second... oh wow Bowser needs to get a life from just wanting to marry Princess Peach!

Well here's how it goes:

First game- Bowser kidnaps Peach wanting to marry her.  He makes several false Bowsers to fool Mario but he fails as Mario rescues the princess.

Third game- While the main plot was where he turned several kings across the world into various creatures, he for a final scheme kidnaps Peach.

Super Mario World- Well he kidnaps Peach at the beginning.  Not really surprising.

Super Mario Sunshine- His eighth son Bowser Jr. is introduced.  Bowser lies to Bowser Jr. that Peach is his mother.  Wow talk about getting that far!  Who Bowser Jr.s mother is remains unknown.

Super Mario Galaxy- He decides to have Peach be his queen as he takes over the Universe.  Well it's cliche but it seems to get along with the plot.  Well again, his lust for Peach causes him to be defeated.  But then again, he's always destined to be defeated in the end.

All I can say is Bowser is probably just one twisted pervert who goes after Princess Peach.  Of course, you've got to admit that he's a big bad monster with a sick sense of humor.  All I can say is Bowser's lust for Peach is just getting ugly.


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