Is Power Rangers In My Old Shame List?

I have to admit before I knew the world of Super Sentai, there was the introduction of Power Rangers.  I really thought that it was inspired by Tokusatsu while wondering WHY Japanese toys of Zyurangers lined up.  So here's what...

I started off with MMPR when I was an eight year old child in the 90s.  Okay please DO NOT make a comment that Zack and Trini were meant to be racist because they're NOT portrayed negatively.  However I remembered how many of my friends looked down at me for watching it.  However I was a bigger fan of Tokusatsu.  However too many running gags got boring like Kimberly being pursued by Skull, Bulk and Skull's wacky antics and all.  It was actually based on three Sentai seasons- Zyuranger, Dairanger and Kakuranger which really has superior writing.  Damn US censors!

So I did spend a bit of these old shames like...

Having my crush on Kimberly Hart back then.  I have to think it's just crazy.  Man what am I thinking back then?  Ha ha ha!

Trini was one of my favorite females.  She was bad-ass, tough, lively and somewhat pretty independent minded at times.  I used to compare her to Mika Koizumi in Bioman and Haruka in Maskman for being a tough girl.  I wonder if the actress Thuy Trang before she died ever considered the show as an old shame.  I mean after all she did LEAVE out of pay issues like Yuki Yajima did with Japan Action Club.

The second season came which soon wrote off Jason, Zack and Trini (boo hoo) because of some issues of the actors Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Thuy Trang.  Well I have to admit I was sticking around as if there was nothing else to watch but it was getting corny for me.

After MMPR season three and tbh I really say that Zeo was getting boring.  I guess the only positive of this show for me was that Ohranger would look better.  Or am I being too biased?

Here are my favorite seasons that I may not consider my old shame:

Lost Galaxy- Judd Lynn may not exactly get everything right BUT Lost Galaxy seems to have elements of Changeman, Flashman and the Space Sheriff Trilogy directly or indirectly.  Trakeena has to be the best Power Rangers villain ever.  If Trakeena fought the Gingamen, she'd stand a chance against them.  She was scary at best but not as scary as other Sentai evil female villains like Ahames though.

Time Force- Despite the being "too close" to the theme, however the issue of racism seems to be addressed when mutants and humans at at war.  Ransik is just so original and he was fighting not for power but for the safety of mutants.  Though it started off pretty dark but it was nice to tone it a bit as to avoid it from becoming an overall depressing season.

Wild Force- The show in itself wasn't exactly a carbon copy of Gaoranger.  Well Cole Evans is still my favorite red ranger of all time (but I have my issues with his actor Rick Medina).  However Gaoranger still stands out. Despite the acting, it was still a good show for me.

I just have to admit the show for me is what I'd call a love it or hate it because I like Super Sentai better.  But writing a hate fic is something just not right.  Comparison is always better than bashing through hate fics.  Eventually it got better BUT I still feel like Super Sentai is still better for me most of the time.

Then again, one cannot deny Power Rangers did have a few ideas that were also added into Super Sentai as well.

However with Power Rangers Samurai, it's one show I'm throwing into the garbage bin for its really just copy/paste of Shinkenger of POORER QUALITY.  Come on Mr. Tzachor can't you see these guys need a MUCH DIFFERENT SCRIPT?  Yeah right- I mean I don't have to keep repeating that Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury handled the Asian themed scripts WAY better than you did!


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