Frieza in Dragon Ball Z

If there was any other villain in Dragon Ball Z that intrigued me it wasn't Cell who was born into the world by artificial biology or the feral Super Buu, it would be Frieza.  That's right- the name that would strike fear TOO MUCH.  So what's the big deal?  He was known to be the son of King Cold yet for some reason, this prince of evil is far more feared than his supposedly more powerful father or his older brother Cooler who sadly only appeared for a short flick only.  So what's the big deal? So he's the one to propagate the idea of survival of the fittest- the strong survive and the weak will perish.  Ah that makes him a real monster quite like Apocalypse of Marvel Comics yet his was at an even BIGGER scale.  Not much is known except he's a spoiled brat to his father and perhaps that's what turned him into a complete monster.  

So what activities has he done?  He normally gets a good planet, orders his subordinates to kill its inhabitants and if that's not all, he sells the planets to the highest bidder.  Talk about crooked.  So the main issue is this- he was the one who sent Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta to Earth.  Before that, he was also the one who blew off the rest of the Saiyans out of fear of the emerging Super Saiyan.  As said he is an extreme paranoid who will do anything to keep himself in power for eternity.  So he does keep a few only if they benefit him and later kills them.  After all, when he destroyed the Planet Vegeta, he cared less about his employees because he held more than their payrolls, he literally could KILL THEM if he wanted to.  Later Vegeta would learn of the truth of why his planet was destroyed.

His actions in the cartoon series were willfully done.  He had no remorse for killings, one after the other just to prove that "I am the lord of destruction".  He wanted to go to Namek to get the Dragon Balls to become immortal so he can bully the whole universe without opposition.  While he was able to kill Vegeta in cold blood (who was resurrected by Shenron), Goku became his newest opponent.  Not willing to be defeated after he was nearly killed by a Spirit Bomb, he blew off Krillin just to show he's a sore loser.  It triggered Goku's Super Saiyan powers to which he again shows how much of a sore loser he really can be.

Not willing that a "mere monkey" would one day overpower him, he threw a Death Ball into the crater and eventually accelerated to his fifth form from the fourth to get even.  After he was ultimately defeated, he just didn't want to give up.  He later was cut by his own slicer discs yet he managed to survive despite not having his lower body.  However he wanted "mercy" which may have meant for Goku to kill him so he can die at the hands of the strong.  Goku instead chose to give him life energy (a miscommunication perhaps?) which he felt insulted. But he got what he wanted, the opportunity to "die with the strong" when Goku fought back.

So he did float in space but barely alive for some reason.  His father King Cold had him cybernized so he could live.  Vengeful, he called for his course in Planet Earth only to be finally killed by Future Trunks, which eventually led to his first demise.  Later he would come back occasionally from Hell to cause trouble only to be sent there AGAIN.


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