Who Really Screwed Up Big Time with Power Rangers?

There are two who I'd consider to have screwed up Power Rangers big time.  They are...

Bruce Kalish

Although he started Power Rangers quite fine for most PR fans (with Power Rangers SPD) but I have to say SPD is plain bad IMO.  Okay SPD did good otherwise it wouldn't be dubbed in Japan now but the whole problem can be this- his succeeding shows were bad to worse. Mystic Force, Jungle Fury and Operation Overdrive were what many PR fans call as bad seasons.  Operation Overdrive happened to be the worst and what Fantasy Leader calls "a cast that's so painful to watch".  Bad acting, unlikable characters and all caused Kalish to be berated afterward.

Jonathan Tzachor

I have to admit Tzachor did good with Wild Force despite the lack of acting.  It's always better to underact than to overact.  Wild Force had some originality in it.  However when he was hired to write for PR Samurai, he screwed up big time with the lack of originality for his cast (oh boy, can't you notice Jayden is a white guy?) and another, you've got to complain about Mega Mode and all. Yeah, Bulk and Spike are so totally unnecessary.  Make Kimberly the mom of Spike and he's proven he's screwed up even worst!

Who did it?  You decide!


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