My Overall Rambling on MMPR as a Child

Well I may be 27 now but somehow, I want to express some disappointments in childhood.  So here's a little bit of how things were... I was watching Sentai as a child and all, but all missed post-Jetman thanks to the stupidity of Filipino TV stations.  So here we go...

It was the time of my rather stupid childhood.  I was engrossed into Kamen Rider Black, Maskman, Bioman, Fiveman and later Jetman came while MMPR was airing.  Hic.  So I definitely thought that the show was an entirely AMERICAN show but here were a few things.  So I didn't mind about Zack and Trini, and I'll always say it's NOT RACISM because they're not portrayed negatively.  If you say Zack being the Black Ranger is racist, you might as well call Battle Fever J racist!  So where was I?  So okay there I was adding one different show to another to my kiddie library which is now but mostly old shames.  So here's what I began to do- I began to compare them to Sentai characters.  Okay so I considered Jason as just the standard leader- in fact I kinda compared him to Shiro Gou in Bioman.

Okay now the two rangers particularly caught my attention where Trini and Kimberly.  I always wondered where was Trini's skirt while Kimberly had one before I knew of Zyuranger.  Okay I had a major crush on Kimberly but Trini was just quite interesting.  Although she was hesitant to fight, she was a skilled martial artist to which I compared her to Mika Koizumi (who I just knew as Casey in Bioman) A LOT.  I was also intrigued to how Kimberly got Hikaru's dubbed name.

Or perhaps was this- Rita looked too JAPANESE plus her lips never matched the audio until a different actress came. I began to wonder why suddenly a change of actress happened or why all the blur footage, or where was Scorpina?

Eventually Lord Zedd came... he was somewhat scary but not as scary as most Sentai villains.  Hic, I don't find him as scary as Zehba, Ragorn or Radiguet.  Though darker, he was more of a crazy creature.  The only time he really got more dangerous was only when he got his "decay" and married Rita.  Yes he got silly but it made him think clearer!

Eventually the whole show was becoming more boring as time went by.  Want to rewatch it?  Maybe not... but blame the TV networks, not the characters!


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